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Noa James – Speak It f. Thr33zy McFly, Curtiss King & Javonte

blame it on Meka May 2, 2011

Noa’s Intelligent Elegant Elephant: Humble Power drops tomorrow (May 3rd).

DOWNLOAD: Noa James – Speak It f. Thr33zy McFly, Curtiss King & Javonte | Mediafire

  • fredo.

    damn.. this song is fucking tight. 2dbz needs more of this stuff.

  • Oxy team hunger force


    GIVE IT TO US MEKA!!!!!!

  • universe

    JaVonte’s voice…. omg

  • Anti-Drug

    whoever dislikes this song thinks lil b is better than 2pac.

  • queen of the nile

    curtiss kills that last verse

  • Lucy Busey

    Great song, they actually talking about something. Noa killed it at Paid Dues this year, Language Artz got a strong team & yes Jovante’s voice is amazing

  • kite

    this hook makes me cry

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  • This is an amazing song. Truly inspirational music from these dope Artists. Can’t wait for the EP.

  • Curtiss King and Noa James are my labelmates and brothers. I’m proud to see them get this shine on a popular online hip hop media outlet. Javonte killed the hooked. And shout out to Thr33zy as well, he did he thing on the verse. On some fan shit…this song is straight motivational music. I’m currently in grad school and this song is definitely going to get me through my 2 final papers. “Speak it into Existence”


    looked that Noa James nigga up, he’s so obese lol. This song is actually not bad. But I don’t like how he yells on the other tracks I found of his

  • KaliBR

    the beat is chill! yall came off dope & i like the chorus too!! much luv to the Black Cloud fam!

  • this is dope, that flute on the beat is raw. everyone’s flow goes good with this beat. keep doin ya thang!

  • JaysonKnocks

    super dope…shoutout to Black Cloud!

  • valence

    shouldn’t the mixtape be out by now…