Freddie Gibbs Speaks on Lil B Beef (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas May 3, 2011

Freddie Gibbs is not one to bite his tongue. In the first part of our three part interview, the newly CTE signee sits down with’s the Juice to set the record straight on his feelings towards Lil B and the rapper’s album title, “I’m Gay.” – Billboard.

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  • chipz

    LiL B dont wanna fight, lol….We all recall when he caught that vicious two piece with a biscuit all on tape at that party, lol. Now granted it was a blind side cheap shot but it was still pure comedy.. I still go on youtube and watch that shit, makes me laugh hysterically everytime….You a bitch ass nigga basegod!!!

  • I was unaware saying something about someone’s album title counted as beef.

  • Roc

    Freddie WHO??? unknown rapper still lives with his mom broke no record deal no buzz, thats who, BAsed God all day, he aint stopping till he get a million, 100k nigga, freddie gibs anobody

  • The Big Red Dog

    I was unaware that he gave any indication that he was even talking about the album title.

  • Cmonson

    “I aint got no issues with no rappers.”

    So it’s not beef. You fail 2dopeboyz.

  • This Dude

    “Roc” is clearly retarded. By the way, moron, Lil B doesnt have a deal. Freddie Gibbs does.

  • chipz

    now we all know beef is when you roll no less than 30 deep. Does freddie gibbs make lil b start his jeep? no. they aint got no beef.

  • based follower

    Please spare his life based god

  • james r

    Roc , freddie gibbs has alot of buz & has been on carson daliy. also freddis gibbs is with cte . no one in the midwest has an idea who lil b is . everybody in midwest knows who freddie gibbs is but not lil b . so lil b is no base god or anything special. freddis gibbs is 100X better then lil b, bitch ass

  • dumbass

    people in the midwest know who lil b is ^^^ smh.

  • Person in the midwest

    Who’s Lil B?

  • hahahahaha “no one in the midwest knows who lil b is” hahahahaha…is he really serious?


    James R lives in Pawnee Indiana with Tom Haverford

  • Person in the midwest


  • Rome7

    Lil b is the worst rapper in the history of rap if u hate soulja boy in shit on the lines of tht your gonna hate this dude nice beats but the rest of the skill set in 0%

    “Bitches on my dick because i look like they brother”
    “I look like Bill Gates Mixed with Obama”
    “Bitches on my dick because i’ma pretty bitch”

    those are 3 stand out linez from lil b the based god someone make it illegalfor him to eneterthe booth

  • Forgive them Based God, for they know not what they do.

  • basick

    why do lil b fans feel like profits and they think lil b is the bible? WTF I DO NOT KNOW.

  • Thunder

    Gibbs, J. Cole, Big KRIT, & TiRon > The rest of the newcomers

  • Oak

    Kendrick Lamar & Fashawn…?

  • Folabi

    And what does fighting prove again?

  • thom

    Based God > Based God

  • Bob Costas

    Nice chipz^^^^^ that’s the true shit.

  • DaeDae

    lil b is fucking gay, musically. hes fucking hip hop in the ass, literally. what type of dumb shit cares about a dude that dont care about music, he dropped a mixtape with 600 somethin songs. dude dont give a FUCK. fuck lil b and his faggot ass.

  • yodaddy

    Freddie Gibbs basically doesn’t give a fuck. That was some real nigga shit

    @Folabi ask the US Government what fighting proves

  • Being frank…Sinatra!

    Frank Sinatra says j.cole might be releasing something for you guys tonight…Frank

  • 206FRE$H


  • 206FRE$H

    btw gibs is the nigga tho..

  • based#1fandealwithitfaggots

    Spare him BASED GOD spare him

    BASED GOD > Freddie Gibbs

    Based god music is magnificent! Lil b and Tyler the Creator are the Jay z and nas of this generation. Very exciting stuff


    Lil B is like Weird AL to me, a parody of hip hop.

    Freddie, on the other hand, is a TRUE emcee, one of the few new schoolers I can vouch for..

    do the math..
    Gibbs >>>>>>>>> “Basedgod”

  • lonestar playa

    Youngins today are so brainwashed in dis bullshit music nowadays dat dere to ignorant to appreciate sum’n real when they hear it. Aint a true classic dropped from these new gen rappers yet. Only one I can see doin it is Krit and possibly Jay Elect (if he can stop playin & put out sum music).

  • Marc Gasol

    I honestly don’t know how someone can listen to Lil B and become a fan. None of his music is remotely pleasing to the ear, in any way. Now, the whole concept of based god, whatever, can attract some attention, but any “fan” of his “music” is a complete retard.

  • JaySpaceE
  • marty mcfly

    Lil b is gay first of all and he is not doing no project with Jay electronica cause no way hes stopping the making of his own album to do a ep with the lil gay boy. If B does get a verse then its a throwaway verse that Jay didnt wanna use , end if story. I wish the hip hop culture was taking more serious by these so called artists in the game cause really aint that much art in they artistry.

  • smokezmadbluntz

    Dude didn’t say shit. He’s preaching all this BS hypocritical go out and get bread, as long as your not flamboyant or gay and as long as you stick with the guidelines for hip hop. Fuck freddie gibbs, at least lil b did something different even if its bullshit, I’d rather have originality then generic wanna-be mid 90’s cornball rap.

    The lil b backlash just proves how pathetically immature and homophobic this genre still is. If you really want lil b to go away, stop crying about him and just ignore him like you do all the good artists.

  • Ben

    All the comments about Lil B being good make a lot more sense when you automatically assume that they’re sarcastic.

  • h

    Gibbs is coming off mad ignorant and homophobic. Fail.

  • JH

    ^^ how is he homophobic? Lil B is disrespectful as fuck to the homosexual community for titling his album Im Gay. Gibbs got a point.

  • yellowflesh


    Your coming off mad retarded. Fail.

  • Ghetto BLASTER

    Lil b doing tapes with lupe and jay elec.

    What this nigga doing?

  • J.Chronic

    ^^ Gotta be suckin mAd dick to get connects like that Ghetto I swear fam, nigga gotta be suckin “MAD” dick lol

  • niglet


  • lonestar playa

    @ h so its wrong now to b real in the hip hop industry???? Fuck u! I don’t see wut 9th see in Lil B either. Dat Based 4 Ya Face beat shouldve went to someone else

  • untuckednunchucks

    ya’ll defending these 2 niggas, coming up with excuses for them like you they baby daddys or something. dumb asses.

  • Jake101

    This is the stupidest “beef” ever smh. Now Gibbs is gonna look like a homophobe and B is just gonna overwork his flow like he always does smh.

  • JAyP

    LMAOOOOOOO so true @ untuckednunchucks

  • im homophobic and wat

  • Freddie Gibbs just gave his opinion and yall dudes getting mad. I did a interview with the dude, and he spit some real shit.

  • ablacktv

    I’m so tired of everything being called “homophobic” …some shit is gay!! Just because you call it what it is, doesn’t mean you want to kill them, or can’t stay in the same room with them. If you Lil B fans agree that lubricating your asshole and letting another big black naked sweaty man, climb on your back, and penetrate your virgin hole, till the point it bleeds, while softly whispering basegod in your ear, then at his climax, bust a nut on your lips is homophobic…then I’ll glady be a homophome for calling gay shit gay shit. America is Babylon. with New York as Sodomm and Vegas Gommora….their is nothing acceptable about getting your asshole penetrated. Its mean to release excrement, shit, doo doo, not DICK!!! Your righteous minds have been diluted and you are now accepting and having “open-minds” to anything that your forced fed…and instead of admiting you may have been wrong in your support of fuckery, your pride makes your defend the undefendable …[email protected]

    ps… 9th wonder is just a lame nigga that can make beats, nothing more and nothing less…

  • -sc-

    the guy is hating on Lil B because he’s speaking out against Gay bashing. Gibbs is just another country ass ignorant American that is insecure about his own sexuality enough to be afraid of gay men. The guy needs to grow up.

  • blkg

    some of you guys are really mad at gay people…y’all got issues.

  • coonin obrien

    you lil B brainwashed fans are going to wake up one day some time in your 30’s and be ashamed you were swinging from one humans ballsack so hardcore that you worshipped him and called him based GOD. i think lil B is hilarious but i dont condone the standom of his cult (literally) following

  • And Won

    Lil’ B might not be gay but he’s still a queer.

    The album title is pretty faggy too, anything to sell a few more records, right?


  • PrettyPrincessFagSwag

    SWAG SWAG SWAG… hold up, REMIX!

    FAG… SWAG… FAG… SWAG… FAG… SWAG… Penis Over Everything!


  • “I’m so tired of everything being called “homophobic” …some shit is gay!! Just because you call it what it is, doesn’t mean you want to kill them, or can’t stay in the same room with them.”

    ^^^^^^word… same goes for racism n sexism n other nonsense..

  • KerryFigs

    While you guys are arguing that Gibbs ain’t shit or BasedGod is a bitch, I’m over here chillin’ and listening to what the hell I want. Gibbs did a splendid job on the Scottie Pippen track. BasedGod got me cooking to all of his songs.

    At the end of the day, I’m listening to both and there is no problem with that.

  • I enjoy the sounds of both Gibbs and the Based God. Gibbs is by far the better rapper, but if you’re critiquing Lil B’s skills as an MC you’re missing the point.