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Get Busy Committee – Pay Me In A** (Video)

blame it on Meka May 4, 2011

Greatest. Song Title. Ever. Oh, and did I mention this shit is hella-NSFW too?

DOWNLOAD: Get Busy Committee – Pay Me In Ass (prod. Scoop DeVille) | Mediafire
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  • Just Saying

    The other day you said that song “Consensual Rape” or whatever was the Greatest. Song Title. Ever.

    make up your fucking mind

  • swagswaqswaq


  • whatupsucka

    @Just Saying, Meka didn’t say that about Consensual Rape. KNOWxONE did.



  • getalife

    all you faggit Odd Future fans get the fuck off here, everyone knows OF are sick as fuck, but all you dickriders need to get off all these blogs. GBC is dope, sick video

  • Just Saying

    @whatupsucka oh I swear it was Meka ok good looks

    OF is tight but they have some of the worst fans ever. TYLER THE CREATOR HAS A PROBLEM WITH 2DOPEBOYZ cause they wouldn’t post his music BUT you guys don’t have a problem with them so get off Tyler’s dick. You take the time out of your day to visit this site and post in the c-section? I bet you bitches actually like 2dopeboyz


    Odd Future is overrated rubbish

    ok they arent bad, but all that stanning is faaaaar from justified.


    and I fuck with this song..

  • red

    I wish there was more bass this song could be something serious.

  • DemThoz

    This video sucks. It Looks like it was shot by a 5th grader that just wants to hang out with Dlist celebs.

  • jaun

    this song sucks, and who drinks bud lights in a music video. he must’ve paid the dude at the liquor store with his ass and the dude was like thats only worth bud light.

  • cheezin

    im weak HAHAHAH

  • lol

    this sucks ass

  • drew

    People that drink Bud Light drink Bud Light in a video… You bitches want them poppin bottles like every other cliche video?
    GBC is dope and are doing something different…

  • SD

    Terrible video.

  • alik

    waste of time

  • jwiii

    GBC is the funnest hip-hop group out. Too bad they’re being slept on.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Dope video, Scoop did his thing on this beat. Anybody know when their next project’s dropping?

  • Unxpekted

    greatest video ever… pause at 2:24. Shit looks like my VCU nights

  • frenchie

    RYU AND SCOOP. MOST UNDERRATED. this is the shit. FYI, Ryu will EAT your favorite rapper for breakfast. go to school dummies.

  • fggt

    This would fit the Hangover 2 soundtrack.

  • Ryu

    So Slumped out, if i do say so myself. much love 2dopeboyz- theArggh

  • Ryu

    P.S. this video was shot by a 5th grader who hangs out with D lister’s, but this is actually a documentary of 1 night in Las Vegas, so i guess it’s ok.

  • BigDoe

    Lol, what a deep song… NOT this shit sux ass

  • FU


  • Gavin


    You fuckin serious? Ryu is easily the weakest dude in the Demigodz. Ryu ain’t even the best in the S.O.B.

  • wmpbat

    This deserves to be slept on

  • Garcia

    Garbage. Its sad 2dbz even posts bullshit vids like this

  • gose

    no apathy verse? fuck

  • Dope song. Ridiculous beat.

    Was waiting for Apathy to come in on the 3rd verse and absolutely MURDER this track…so that was disappointing…oh well.

    Whole lotta people in that video, pretty sure I seen Kendrick Lamar too…lol.

  • Mike

    wiz, wayne, drke, Odd Future, BoB etc…