• yugang

    Damn this is dope! One-2 stays dropping bangers. Tena Jones killed the hook! Man with all these cuts i've heard that does not make the final cut to the history/destiny ep sounding this good, i can only imagine how dope the ep is gonna be.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jacken_88 Jacken_88

    Wow, only 1 comment.....what a fucking shame cause this song is good!

  • http://abgohard.tumblr.com ABGOHARD

    beat dope, real spit too

  • http://SportsHop.tumblr.com Lil’ Nello

    Another dope real spit track from One-2 & Komplex with another dope beat! He always spits some of the most real & truthful lyrics & got agree about Tena Jones killing the hook as well!

  • Roliver`

    Dude is hella generic

  • killamic

    ^^^Shut up and enjoy the music. FYI he isnt all that generic go peep his other songs immigrant and god speed son.

  • http://belowtheheavensmusic.com BelowTheHeavens

    ^^generic?? this dude can speak about 4 different languages if i'm not mistaken