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  • http://gtsb.com Memo

    Mothafuckin Pimp Shit!

    G.T.S.B. Google That Shit Bitches!

  • T

    When was he in the DMV area??????

  • Jizzles

    Does Nicolay look a lot like Dirk Nowitzki or is it just me?

  • http://brightlightsfordimpeople.blogspot.com/ a nigga

    @ T I'm wonderin the same shit... Dunno how I missed this show. Anyway, that video is 2 Dope. See what I... Nevermind.

  • http://dudegot.com bobby rocwell


  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Billy

    funny i didnt know that song was big in america

  • marty mcfly

    This song is that classic PIMP SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a

    only person i haven't seen perform live that i NEED to see, shit was hilarious

  • Mark Morrison

    @Billy.....IT WAS MADE IN AMERICA FOOL! smdmfh buster.

  • http://hiphopisbled.blogspot.com Sean Juan

    This shit is too damn funny.

  • willmofo

    I started not to even watch this video considering I'll be seeing them perform 2 days from now, lol. Now I'm even more excited!!!!!!!!!

  • pillsbury dopeboy