Kahlee & Uptown Swuite - The Seed (Album)

With features from Torae, Tassho Pearce and a few others, The Seed (Kahlee x Uptown Swuite x Adikt1) releasetheir debut full length.

DOWNLOAD: The Seed - The Seed LP

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  • yugang

    pretty sad that no one cares to comment, cause uptown swuite of the seed is pretty talented and the music is good.

  • pandas blow blurple

    these guys are pretty constant in putting out quality music and uptown has been on feature after feature and for the most part outshined on every feature he has been on. wheres the love damn!! keep killing it. people will catch on eventually. i think because the seed doesnt fit into the new age box of hip hop artists as far as content sound and style goes, they get overlooked unfortunately. applaud the seed. one of the last groups we have left not conforming to the new fads and running on their own terms.

  • rizzle


  • lib

    seen Uptown Swuite live, hear his jams on the airwaves from time to time - love his flow... keep it up guys #keeprollingrealmusic


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