• hypebeast=homo
  • http://Www.twitter.com/tystarr Tyz

    Big props to Wordspit and the band. They killed it like only they could!!

  • Megan

    The best performance I saw all day! Super talented and great energy!! Loved it <3

  • ki

    Wordspit really put it down for hip hop in a big way. Felt like I was at a professional concert or something.

  • mike

    Dopest concert I've been to ever!! I didn't know these guys and they grabbed the audience!!

  • http://Facebook.com/melissasmiles PrettyEyes(:

    This was one of the best performances I saw that day. I'm glad i stayed for his show and got the chance to meet him, I'm his new biggest fan (: I love you Wordspit <3. You da illesttttt :D

  • http://www.dirtysoufyankee.com DirtySoufYankee

    i counted 6 dope boyz and 1 dope girl in this video. :o) LOVE IT!

  • Simplymodest_

    wow!!! Cocoa looked amazing, Jordan always gives me goosebumps with his violin. AND TEAM ILLEST.... hhmmm I love it!!!

  • wordspit

    We beat out five hundred but who is counting

  • Janaiye

    Wordspit is awesome the performance was outstanding love the music they always bring it X-D

  • Yoh

    Mad i missed this but this is nothing but proof on why spit is the ILLEST

  • Yimi