Media Gasface Presents: A Night In Alphabet City pt.4 (Video)

"Shit Iz Real" from Enta da Stage

Attention everybody who tries to capture footage of a show: this is the way you do it. So the next time you decide to whip out a camera instead of enjoying the show like a normal person make sure you grab a homeboy, tell him/her to stand on another side of the room and record while you record from the other side. Then, go home and edit that shit to at least make it look 5% as cinematic as what MGF has done with this.

Or, just don't record shit at all and enjoy the show. I mean, that's the reason you're there right?

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  • WOW! NO COMMENTS.. sad day for hip-hop.. respect to the GOD BuckShot!!

  • Tecboy

    Cause I believe they're in tremendous Aw of how Buck is rockin' da spot! Jaws wide shut!


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