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Carmine – Dirty Fingerprints

blame it on Shake May 6, 2011

Over Kendrick Lamar’s HiiiPower.

DOWNLOAD: Carmine – Dirty Fingerprints | Alt

  • secondbest21

    he sounds like he reads his verses. i hate that…

  • Dat808Dude

    I feel it, its just Kendrick murdered that beat. Like talk about kicking a dead horse, that beat already was chopped up and made into glue.

  • trueff

    Why in the world would someone even think about rapping on this beat? I agree with @dat808dude Kendrick slaughtered this shit, you can’t kill something thats already dead hahaha

  • milly

    all’s good was piff.. he’s not bad. the beat works
    carmine >> mac miller
    but let it breathe damnn

  • fggt

    Gears Of War.

  • dres

    i think its nice

  • nice too izle

  • cali trees

    nice & i Agree Carmine >>> Mac Miller
    easily and MGK whos wack

  • champ

    dude comes hard, shits nice. #xxlfreshman2012

  • @zachsmokescrack

    yea that shits fucin nice.. i need more of his music

  • kit

    lol mac miller Fans are the ones giving this a thumbs downs

  • Joe Smith

    Hey Shake, what do you think of the new, to use your expression, “album” by Tyler, The Creator? haha

    I like the blog, but I enjoy how every rapper you’ve tried to put on has yet to put an album out and Tyler has a major label deal with an album coming out this Tuesday.

    To use a RapRadar-ism, you played yourself.

  • Snagz

    Stop acting like Kendrick is untouchable, the dude is mad overrated. He is good, but there is many dudes in the game that are better and much more accomplished. Kendrick is a new dude, there is NOTHING he does at this point that is untouchable. I would also like to add that he has top 3 worst rap voices of all time, kind of takes away from his music in my opinion.

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  • Corey

    Ima a Kendrick fan this it’s dope it’s not wack at all
    At least he came hard y’all are doing major dickrideing
    Talk about let the beat breath didn’t Kendrick hop on 6 ft 7 the next day it dropped he did this shit came out like 3 weeks ago

  • this hb fam, shouts

  • cheezin

    why so many thumbs down? this shit is nice, i mean not KDOT nice, but nice.

  • Snagz

    @Joe Smith “Goblin” sucks and Tyler sounds like a combination of a robot and a lung cancer sufferer. His album and his voice are awful.



    shut up meg..



  • Shoutouts to carmine SWAG!

  • newspects

    yeah hes nice but i 2nd the first commenter he needs to clean up his flow a bit its like he

  • Dorian

    He handled it well. Only thing is the monotonous tone, he has to work on that.

  • Lifter

    First comment posted were the exact words i was gonna use. This kid sounds dull, boring, & as if he doesn’t even want to rap.

    @Joe Smith…. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  • Larry Hoover

    This shit is really dope. Carmine has a smooth sound and crazy lyrics, dude can spit. No question

  • youknow

    carmine version > kdot

    damn i wish he made this full length. Honestly I feel like kdot is sooo over hyped and i think the production is only thing that made me feel hi power. Most time his voice is just so damn annoying unless he is actually ripping the beat. Must suck to have tha voice and be trying to rap no choice but to come hard.

  • Tearbear90s

    it was cool he really didnt let the beat breathe his delivery sounded like he was reading off a paper & had no emotion.
    you cant go on and dig upa instro was killed & dont body it more then the person who killed it in the first place
    the reason kendrick be getting annoying is cause he puts to much emotion into his work.
    but this youngin carmine had some bars he just has to work on his delivery
    the thing is i know a group of talented emcees that are way nicer then most these artists getting buzz
    & its ridiculous how people sleep on them
    they called Team Captains.
    listen to them i guarantee you will feel them
    & if you dont feel them then i must not knowing anything bout GOOD music.
    thank you for taking time out your day to check them out

    there youtube page is

    here’s a cypher they kicked


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgQTRYgF7zg&sns=tw our first video thank u for the love..were working hard over here…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6SA0T9r99c&feature=player_profilepage

    Pleassssseeee check outtt this kid Diezie. Born in Africa Liberia. Real hop hip People Please jus listen!! thanks.

  • TC no worie

    Carmine, Do you use Melatonin for sleep or for something else? Sorry to sound rude I had to ask…