Grieves – Bloody Poetry (Video)

Off the Seattle emcee’s upcoming Rhymesayers debut, Together/Apart, due out June 21st.

DOWNLOAD: Grieves – Bloody Poetry (prod. Budo)

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  • Jason

    Man, I saw these guys on Atmosphere's Family Tour in Tucson...never heard of them up until that point...they were not sleep on show is crazy!

  • RadioHasan

    why does this remind me of Dessa?

  • Berp Willie

    not a big fan of the song or video

  • jones

    Greives is sick, much underrated

  • Spiderhouse

    This 'emo rap' shit is weak. When it's not misogynistic garbage cloaked as break-up songs, it's pseudo-poetic 'Dear Diary' bullshit like this. And the hook? Try puberty, kid...and while you're at it, take that faggy ring out of your lip, cut your hair, get the fuck off my lawn, and go buy a Gang Starr record.

  • BeatsYo

    Regardless of what you think of Grieves. Budo is the fucken man. His production work is 2nd to none.

  • who cares

    Love the song, been listenin' to it almost non stop since it dropped, but not a big fan of the video :/
    Oh we,,
    @Spiderhouse why you gettin' so mad at this cat? I'll take him over that Drake, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, etc. bullshit. Dude is nice

  • G

    hating on this music shows your insecurity... U should empty yourself of that type of thinking and stop trying to take aim at those who express their emotions... Tupac was the ultimate "emo-rapper" few see that...


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