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Grieves – On the Rocks

blame it on Shake May 6, 2011

Track four off the Seattle emcee’s upcoming Rhymesayers debut, Together/Apart, due out June 21st (pre-orders available now).

DOWNLOAD: Grieves – On the Rocks | Alt
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  • Grover

    Hated him before, this song changed my mind. Dude is actually talented.

  • obviouslygood

    Damn, this is a really dope song. I never checked for him before but will definitely do so from now on

  • 7

    don’t know how anyone could hate on grieves and budo after the quality shit they have been putting out in the past. hate when people just judge off the looks or “emo” sound. these guys really have a lot of talent, and i have great expectations for the album after hearing the first three singles.


    I like Grieves, but this sounds too much like Outasight. Actually, it also sounds like Brother Ali a lot too. But, both are great artists….so, that’s aight.

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Damn, This is dope. I’m hyped for Together/Apart.

  • doesn’t matter

    who the fuck cares “what it sounds like” – to be honest, it sounds fucking awesome. give the dude credit instead of auto-hating. kids dope, if you hate, you’re a jealous moron. this song is something you wanna bump in your car on a nice day. props to the dude Grieves. If you’re readin this, keep at it homie, i know you are because true music heads never give this stuff up, it’s their life. good shit

  • trueff

    Can’t front dude got a nice singing voice, but all the other rap shit he dropped is just some atmosphere wannabe shit, real talk..

  • who cares

    This is beautiful. I swear Grives is a beast.
    And why does EVERYONE that hates on his rappin’ say he a Slug/Atmosphere wannabe? Just cuz he’s signed to Rhymesayers? GTFO!

  • Paulisdope

    ^ It’s not because he’s on rhymesayers, it’s because he sounds like slug..

  • BigDoe

    ^lol seriously all his other shit sounds exactly like some lame slug shit

  • sssss

    this guy sucks cock. the problem is atmosphere already did this shit. so they arent breaking any new ground with it. its like asher roth. dude will never outsell, sell as much, or escape eminem’s shadow.


  • Kanye East

    ^thanks for your valuable input, cocksucker.