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Rick Ross Meets Manny Pacquiao (Video)

blame it on JES7 May 6, 2011

Ricky, meet the real boss.

  • mannys like “who duh fuck this is?”

  • The Truth

    best boxer of the last ten years, at least.
    rick ross worst rapper of the last ten years, at least

  • Jonathan

    Pacquiao is getting overrated..he will lose fights against
    counterpunchers like Marquez and
    Mayweather..he’d rather fight offensive-
    minded, no defensive-skill (usually
    washed up), easy-to-hit fighters like
    Cotto, Margarito, Mosley, Morales etc..Pacquiao
    is easy to hit and lacks defensive skills
    too, the only thing is he’s an offensive
    machine…Mayweather is on the same
    level of offensive talent as Pac but the
    thing that separates the two is that
    Mayweather also has the best defensive
    skills in the world..his reflexes are
    RIDICULOUS..combine that with the fact
    that he’s the most accurate puncher in
    boxing and Pacquiao is easy to hit and I see him beating Pacquiao when he gets
    his legal issues sorted out.

    By the way, Yuriorkis Gamboa should be
    Pacquiao’s next fight..neither have
    great defense but Yuriorkis is faster and
    has more talent in my opinion

  • Vladamir Oooogolov

    Pacquiao > ignorant ass woman beatin Mayweather

    And there’s no way Rick Ross is the worst rapper in the last 10 years. Ya’ll act like Rick Ross is the only actor in the game. You’re clownin yourself. Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Game, Jay Z, Kanye, Jeezy Illuminati, etc, etc, etc…it’s all entertainment. To say otherwise is foolish. And Ricky’s last album is better than any of the aforementioned “heavyweights” in the mainstream rap game too.

  • fggt

    Awkward culture clash there.

  • 1004

    in this video is the first time i heard officer Ricky’s “Pac Man” song (garbage)… Fashawn’s “Manny Pacquiao” song fuckin kills it, Fash does the name justice unlike this clown

  • markaveli


  • youLOSE

    “…Mayweather is on the same
    level of offensive talent as Pac”

    No he’s not. Pac would tear Mayweather apart. Oh yeah and one thing you’re leaving out in your little analysis is that Mayweather is a little bitch. Pacquiao has the heart and will of a champion, mayweather’s a punk who makes stupid excuses for ducking everyone. He hasn’t fought a good fighter at the top of his game since Corrales 10 years ago.

    He’s scared of fighting Pacquiao, period. He makes all these silly demands unprecedented in this HISTORY of boxing and then when Pac agrees to the ridiculous olympic style drug tests that no one else has to take for their fights Mayweather and his camp keep giving the runaround. He keeps talking all this shit but won’t fight Pacquiao. Undefeated record this and that pacquiao has losses blah blah…this dude’s logic is non existent. So Marciano was better than Ali cause he was undefeated?

    Anyone who respects this phaggot’s antics is a clown. Don’t get me wrong he’s one of the most talented boxers EVER, he was blessed with incredible genetics and incredible boxing skill. He is an amazing fighter, there’s no denying that. But he’s a scared bitch who ducks fighters.

    Pacquiao has fought all the best fighters there is for him to fight in the past few years. Every fight you hear how his opponent is going to give him trouble, he’s too big, too strong. But EVERY time this dude non only wins but obliterates his opponents. C’mon man pussy ass Mayweather running around for 12 rounds squeezing out decisions against guys. Who gives a fuck if he’s a counter puncher or not. Dude took 10 rounds to take out Hatton and Hatton was doing decent up until then, Pacquiao destroys him with a stone cold knockout in the 2nd round. Dude squeezes out a split decision against De La Hoya Pacquiao puts the biggest beating ever on him that he can’t even come out for the 8th.

    Mayweather’s not a true champion. Ali was a true champion, Sugar Ray Robinson was a true champion, Pacquiao is a true champion. He’s a fighter. They all wanted to fight the best, Floyd doesn’t. Floyd is a bitch and the only people that are going to consider him the greatest 20-30 years from now are black people from the hood (no racist).

    Pac man’s gonna destroy Mosley 100x worst than Floyd did tomorrow and prove once again why he’s the greatest boxer of this era.

  • JOnathan

    how is Mayweather not on the same level of offensive talent? he’s just as fast, can hit from all types of angles too and is more accurate, the only thing different is Pacquiao is more active…and you can’t tell me Ricky Hatton, Morales, Cotto, De La Hoya and Margarito were on top of their games when they fought Pacquiao..plus Mayweather fought Zab Judah on top of his game and fought Ricky Hatton on top of his game and showed he has heart after almost getting knocked out against Shane Mosley..everything else in your rant sounds like personal issues you have with Floyd, a man you don’t even know personally so I’ll leave that alone..and the people that say Margarito, De La Hoya, Clottey and Cotto will win because they’re too big are idiots for not recognizing those dudes are walking punching bags lol Pacquiao couldve very easily gave Marquez (who Mayweather demolished) a rematch, fought Paul Williams (he’s bigger than Pac and waaay better than who Pac has fought), Sergio Martinez (he’s bigger than Pac and waaay better than who Pac has fought), Andre Berto (he’s more on Pac’s level of skill than who Pac has fought) and Timothy Bradley (he’s more on Pac’s level of skill than who Pac has fought)..but no, Bob Arum is greedy and only sets Pacquiao up with the bigger names…and you trying to say Pacquiao is better for beating De La Hoya and Hatton quicker than Floyd is just telling me he finished off Mayweather’s sloppy seconds lol both of those fighters were slower and weaker by the time they fought Pacquiao he just finished off what Mayweather started…stop being biased, you obviously hate Mayweather as if he did something personally to you..I don’t hate Pacquiao, he’s just overrated

  • youLOSE

    I do hate Mayweather and it’s because he’s acting like a bitch and is ducking Pacquiao, yet talking shit about how he’s the best. Guess what if you’re the best then FIGHT the best. They are 1 A and 1 B right now and the only reason the fight hasn’t happened is because of Gayweather. Are you honestly trying to tell me he’s not ducking Pacquiao? Anybody with an ounce of sanity can see that he is. He agreed to that 14 day within the fight random bullshit but Mayweather still doesn’t wanna do the fight. Mosley only had to do the testing 18 days out.

    LOL c’mon man biased? Dude they fucking fought Pacquiao a year and a half after facing mayweather. Of course that counts for something but c’mon don’t tell me that warrants a big enough discrepancy for what happened in the fights. Pacquiao destroyed these guys way, way, WAYYYYYYYYY harder than Floyd did.

    Brah…Pacquiao’s resume > Floyd’s. He always fighting older and smaller dudes. And Floyd didn’t duck Paul Williams? I agree that Pacquiao may not have fought all these boxers at the absolute peak of their career, but with that said…he DESTROYED them and beat them as bad as they could possibly be beaten. I mean c’mon his fights against these guys haven’t even been CLOSE. And while they weren’t all in their peak they were all the biggest names out and still among the best.

    Who has Floyd fought in the last 10 years? A bunch of bums. Zab Judah? C’mon man he took the Zab Judah fight RIGHT AFTER he lost to Baldomir who’s nothing special as a fighter imo. His last good wins were Corrales and Castillo. How you gonna tell me Floyd fights people at the top of their game? He’s done nothing but played duck duck goose for the 2nd half of his career. He barely beat De La Hoya who was past his prime, and Hatton might have been undefeated when he fought Floyd but in the grand scheme of things he still wasn’t shit.

    So for you to say Pacquiao is overrated and the basis of your argument for that is who he’s been fighting and them not being @ their best then LOL I don’t know what to say, considering his resume is better than Floyd’s.

    Gayweather ducked Cotto, ducked Margarito, ducked williams, ducked Mosley til he was old, and is now ducking Pacquiao. Pacquiao is willing to fight the best, who right now is Mayweather, but Mayweather is not willing to fight the best, who right now is Pacquiao. To be great you gotta fight people who are great man. Floyd’s gonna go down as one of the most talented and skilled boxers ever but he’ll never be considered a champion with the likes of Leonard, Ali, and eventually Pacquiao.

    Dude ain’t a warrior, he’s not a fighter, he’s a business man with tremendous boxing talent. He’s flamboyant but in an ignorant way. See Ali was confident and did a lot of talking but he FOUGHT. He fought anyone, he fought George Foreman when he was the best because that’s what boxing should be about. Clowns like Mayweather are why boxing won’t reach the level it was at back in the day.

    If you can’t see that Mayweather is a huge ducker, then man smh. It’s obvious to anyone that follows boxing enough that isn’t biased towards him. Like Shane Mosley Jr. said man, he scared. He don’t want a blemish on his perfect record, he knows Pacquiao is gonna give him trouble. C’mon man Floyd wouldn’t knock pack out, Pacquiao hasn’t touched the mat in ages. Mayweather runs around and counter punches, Pacquiao’s punch output is going to quintuple mayweather’s and he’s gonna take the decision.

    And btw Floyd has never fought anyone with the combination of Speed AND Power that Pacquiao possesses. Then you factor in how awkwardly he throws them, you factor in that he’s a warrior in the ring, who FIGHTS….he’s gonna beat him, and mayweather knows this. Why else won’t he fight Pacquiao? He gives all these bullshit excuses talking about how he lost to Morales, that was in 05 when Manny wasn’t anywhere near the level he’s at now. Mayweather ain’t a champion, he’s the P4P best ducker.

  • seemenow

    the boss rick ross, ha ha ha ha ha. this guy is the biggest joke, fuck off, with that shit william the biggest fake.

  • jack johnson

    rick ross is a dirty word fuck him

    and @jonathan saying pacquiao will only fight offensive fighters and will lose to counter punchers, you realize mosley IS a counter puncher right?

    and @youLOSE don’t forget Calzhage :D also an undefeated fighter, but no legend

  • smh

    pacquiao should have knocked officer ricky out. what a clown