Pacquiao vs. Mosley

blame it on Shake May 7, 2011

Stupid question, who y’all got? Also, if you can’t catch the fight anywhere, my man Andreas Hale over at TheWellVersed will be giving a live play-by-play report from ringside.

  • Truth


  • facemask

    Didn’t know Pacman was 30 inches years old. Oh and he’s definitely #WINNING

  • godleeeee

    MMG pacman over 100 soulsssssssssss

  • banx


  • Y3K

    The only question is when

  • banx

    Ima say 6th round

  • Beast Mode


  • i don´t give a fuck, i want that dre em “die hard” cdq/full joint!!

  • dloe

    how do u buy this ish on comcast or is it xfinity now????

  • BayBoy85

    who got a link for the live feed stream of this?

  • jetlifeballer

    im back and forth on this, but i got pacquiao in 7 or 8

  • anyone got a link?

  • U Cnt See Me!!!!

    Hey shake, What about them lakers??? Lmfaoo.

    Pac Man wins it

  • B. Emerson 909

    Stupid question?..this won’t be an easy fight for Pacquiao..
    Shane can still put up a good ass fight..Pacquiao isn’t exactly the youngest in the game either

  • Sugar Shame Mosely

    This fight is a straight shit fight do not pay for it Moselys last 2 fights were just terrible watching him bounce up and down not doin nothing. Should be mayweather in that ring with pacquiao

  • Braniak

    Everyone knows Pac gonna win oh yeah and the Lakers will win 2torrow.

  • M. Pass


  • Paulisdope

    Pac got this shit.

    @Suger Shame Mosely, I completely agree, his last two fights were bad and Floyd should just get in the ring with Pacman instead of being scared to lose his perfect record.

  • Paiva

    this fight isn’t that interesting. It would be great to see Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr. but Pacquiao is scared to fight because of strict drug testing. That either means he’s on some shit or he only fights easy fights that he knows he can win. You look a lot better when you face someone on a lower level. But if he fought Mayweather he would get his ass whooped (imo)

  • youLOSE

    ^ Fuck you talking about? His camp agreed to random testing up until 14 days out. Mayweather didn’t sign off. Dude is scared, dude has been scared, dude has been ducking the best fighters in or around his weight class for the last 9 years.

  • Sugar Shane gonna shock the world!



    WE WANT FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!

    WE WANT FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!

    WE WANT FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!

    WE WANT FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!

    WE WANT FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!

  • 12345

    lol if anyones scared its mayweather. He wants to keep his precious record and of course he;s too pussy to fight manny.

  • jezzy

    really!? u people must not know how much of a great fighter mayweather is… may > pac man

  • masta-g

    Pac Man eat Suger and LL

  • youLOSE

    ^ It doesn’t matter how “great” or talented he is. He is one of the all time most gifted boxers ever, but guess what? He’s a bitch. He doesn’t wanna fight the best, he wants to preserve his overrated perfect record just so he can keep talking trash and making outlandish claims. How you gonna say you’re the best but duck pacquiao? Shit how you gonna duck cotto, duck margarito, duck williams and fight guys never at their peak or fight guys that aren’t even among the top for the past 8, 9 years?

    Gayweather with his amazing defense and all got rocked by Mosley in the 2nd and couldn’t get him down. Mosley was running from Pac the whole fight after Pacquiao knocked his ass down in the 3rd, something Gayweather COULDN’T do.

    Pacquiao wasn’t even at his best tonight and made this guy look like an amateur. Mosley more or less acknowledged that Pac has more power than Mayweather as well.

  • k1ll3r7

    Manny Pacquiao won via unanimous decision 119-108, 120-108 and 120-107

  • D39
  • yuurp

    Round 10 was fucking epicshit

  • Jr

    Mosley need to retire now,

    Manny Pacquiao 53-3-2 (38 KOs) vs Timothy Bradley 27-0-0 (11 KOs) should be next Pacquiao did say 3 more fights the he done..

  • PhrayzerMusic

    pacauio agreed to test after 24 days before, but declined 14 days before. he has 2 reasons; one was because its against his religion and 2 because he has bad blood and it will make him weak during the fight.. drugs stay in the system for about 30 days or a little less.. he could deffinitely roid through all his training and then stop in time for the 24 day test to come up negative.
    So clearly he is on something and isnt going to fight without using it throughout training. But im not saying Floyd shouldnt fight him because of it.
    the only way Floyd & Pac fight is if something happens that pushes floyd over the edge to make him just fight pacquaio with the steriods and beat him anyways…
    he deffinitely can but why take the chance of losing to a cheater when your undefeated, rich as fuck and known as one of the greatest ever…?

  • empure


  • youLOSE

    Phrayzer – WTF are you talking about he agreed to the 14 day testing last May get your facts straight. After he did Floyd started bitching about an even purse. He has an excuse for everything. If you respect this dude’s character as a fighter than you’re a clown. Boxing skill aside, he’s a pussy and he’ll always be remembered as one of the greatest fighters who was too much of a coward to step up when it really mattered.

    His resume is pathetic. He should have lost by decision to castillo their first fight and since then he’s never taken any truly tough fights. The guy barely beat an old De La Hoya, Pac man made him look like he never fought before.

    Floyd’s a pussy. The sad thing is, is that he is one of the most talented boxers of all time. His defense and boxing IQ is unparalleled in boxing. But who gives a shit if you’re a coward who makes countless excuses for giving everyone the fight that the whole world wants to see.

    But even if they do fight Pacquiao likely wins. Floyd has never fought a faster, stronger, better fighter than pacquiao. How Floyd almost getting knocked out by Mosley in the 2nd round? If it was a younger Mosley he doesn’t gas in later rounds and probably destroys him.

    Floyd’s a clown. Anyone who claims to be the best but won’t fight the best is a coward, period.

  • PhrayzerMusic

    @youLOSE you just contradicted yourself like 4 times.. he’s soo talented (unparalleled) but his resume is pathetic and he is barely better then an old de la hoya and mosley? confusing youself.. and everything your saying is based on opinion, he deffinitely won that castillo fight no question fuck were you watching. oh and the de la hoya fight, was basically just for show (like tonights fight was) and they respected eachother to much to do anything, de la hoya scored on 13% of his punches to Floyd’s 67… thats domination if you ask me.
    And i wouldnt call Floyd a clown or pussy, but i agree hes being a bit of a coward, i mean its clear pac is on some type of roids.. but as good as Floyd isss he should just fight him anyways. but i dont really blame him i guess.
    41 and 0 is a fact. the only fact that really matters

  • youLOSE

    His resume is pathetic in the sense that there was always someone better for him to fight, yet he never took the tough fight. Just look over his boxing resume, it doesn’t look that great. I don’t see how this has direct correlation with talent. I think he still would have beat paul williams and miguel cotto but the fact is he was too scared to put his perfect record in jeopardy.

    41-0 doesn’t mean shit if you’re fighting guys that aren’t at the top. Rocky Marciano is 49-0, that’s a fact. Is he better than Sugar ray leonard? Robinson? Ali? Pacquiao? C’mon man putting as much stock into an undefeated record the way Mayweather does is dumb.

    and LOL @ it being “clear” that pac is on some type of roids. Skeptical people are skeptical.

  • aha

    Dam shit was boring BOXING is dead bruhs
    MMA > Boxing

  • Blizit From Brooklyn

    Shit Fight man, Mosley looked for a pay day that was the truth, Noway he cared or tried hard to win, Was a much better fight before it on the undercard, Getting sick of Manny just cruising every fight too, Wheres Floyd FFS

  • D

    Mosley lady > the fight

  • benny lava

    mma is gay rolling around on the ground bullshit… real men throw punches not sissy kicks and gay ass wrestling.

  • Dred

    @ benny lava you sound like ur trying to repress ur own dark homosexual thoughts. only a closet gay would take mma completely out of context and find something homoerotic about it then share it w/ everyone. do you tho man if thats who u are embrace it, don’t go bishop eddy long and act like it offends you. be free, benny lava, be free!

  • blackadon

    benny lava is right…i tuned into that shit just cuz of the hype and these niggaz were huggin each other on the floor for the whole damn fight..

    boxing got more class while mostly meathead “bros” watch that mma shit

  • The Great Shark

    Terrible fighter as expected. Pacroid couldn’t even KO grandpa Mosley. But what do you expect from a cherry picker.

  • yuurp

    Yall are all fucking retarded. They said Pacquiao’s leg cramped up in the fourth round and he still dominated Mosley the next 8 rounds.. That combination he landed on Mosley in the 3rd was nice and i laughed so hard when i saw Mosleys expression on the ground. He looked blown as shit and like he was pissed to even be in the ring with Pacquiao lmao. And its a known fact that Pacquiao has the heavy hands of a Heavyweight even though he’s only 5’6″. He is big boned! Look it up. That’s why he can move up weight classes and dominate so easily. Not steriods. He agreed to testing and all of Mayweather’s demands. He’s just a pussy.

  • missellepr

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    shake where are your lakers post this yr?

  • dave

    Watch shake post a pic of mosley lady soon lol.she a bad chick tho



    WE WANT FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!



  • NutsAreBiggerThanYours

    If only Pacman fought a decade ago when De La Hoya, Mosley, Trinidad, etc were in their prime

  • Hiphopjudge

    If you dont like MMA ur a Closet Fag…