(2)Dope Radio (5.7.11)

Many thanks to everyone who tuned in to (2)Dope Radio yesterday, and an extra shout out to everyone who came through. Don’t forget, (2)Dope Radio, Saturdays from 4pm-6pm EST (1pm-3pm PST).

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  • http://corebydesign.com philly bluntz

    you be killin em

  • T

    where are the Tyler posts on this hip hop blog?

    rise above it and inject some objectivity into this shit

    this kid is killing it

    still a 'fucking loser' though....



  • SunZofMan

    y'all dudes need to step yo radio game up..i couldnt get past two minutes with all that noise..seriously!!!

  • justsayin

    too much talking and not enough music phaggots wtf

  • LongLungz

    POST THAT BIG SEAN I DO IT!!!!!!!!!!


Skillz - "2015 Rap Up"

The Mad one returns with a 2015 installment of his year-end series.

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