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Lloyd Banks – Full Throttle Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Meka May 9, 2011

Let’s be honest here: if Lloyd Banks wasn’t a part of G-Unit and just your everyday indie spitter, folks would clamoring to call him one of the greatest underground rappers of all time. Hell, even I might have done so. Regardless of his affiliation, The PLK is still a very dope emcee, and this Funk Flex freestyle on his television show is proof of that.

However, it still pales in comparison to the absolute damage he did on Hot 97 all those years back…

  • tvr

    honestly i dont get the hype behind this dude and him being a “lyricist”, maybe he’s a good writer but he is almost unlistenable to me his flow is all over the place and his voice is almost as bad as gucci mane even tony yayo is more listenable then banks.

    also do you actually believe any mainstream rappers actually freestyle genuinely of the top of the dome? you must be retarded if you do ALL this shit is pre written supernatural is the only guy ive heard who is a real genuine freestyler


    Banks flow is crazy and Yayo more listenable than Banks? Boy, your ears must be broken. Banks got that NY grimey hip-hop flow. It’s emotive yet smooth. I guess having a voice like Jay-Z has become the standard, Banks might be new on the ears.

  • for the first time I have to co-sign Meka liek honestly if he wasnt apart of G-unit niggas would b praisin banks as one of the best o do it and thats the god honest truth weather he be indie or even on Def Jam but Banks flow is gritty thats wut I like about it say wut u want about his voice but all that combine he just brings that real NY feel to a track

  • J.O

    nice save by putting that last part! lol.. yea compared to “them days” he aint that nice. I kinda believe the opposite tho.. Had he NOT been on G-Unit folks wouldnt even check for him, he wouldnt have sold 80 percent of what he did, hell he might not of never put out a album! Ima huge Banks fan back in the mixtape days and he was def.top tier in the NYC area but now TO ME he sounds like alot of regular NY spitters… IMO

  • If it was up to me I’d want pick the producers to a G-Unit reunion. I wonder what they would sound like over some Bangladesh tracks.

  • i dunno never got the fascination

  • tvr

    grimy flow? na grimy, gravelly voice yeah but if you cant rap eloquently there is no point of being a rapper :/ but thats just me banks has never put out a genuinely good album (e.g. 8/10) im dumbfounded by the people that rate this dude, maybe its just the old g-unit closet fans…

  • fuckinproblemo

    banks only need dope beats, 90% of rappers can’t fuck with him right now. i wish he could have ross type beats..

  • Banks is my dude but fuck… Banks stays with that LV sweater lol I always see him with that same ass one.

  • Ace

    Co-sign at Meka



  • jwiii

    You say banks aon’t put out a good album, he ain’t put out a bad one. His album > most ny cats > most cats in the game.

    Fuck an album when he releases quality “eloquent” music for free. Peep RADIO or 80s Baby.

  • Banks is the PLK, Top 5 real talk

  • X29

    Cosign dude who said Banks needs Ross type beats. Ross is wack but he pick good beats, while Banks is nice but the beats he picks are usually shitty quality. Thats my only problem with Banks is the low-q beats he uses, if it wasnt for that, I’d have Banks playing all day at my house.

  • Crooks N Banks

    ^^ you are COMPLETELY wrong, banks has THE BEST beat selection in the game. you must be listenin to some off-tracks here n there, banks ALWAYS picks grimey beats, what do you want, those shitty mainstream beats with the fast snare drums? get real, banks’ beats are WAY more artistic than ROSS! i mean ROSS? hes not even in the top 30 of rappers who come fractionally close to the beat-selection level of banks. fuckin swag-drought kids. get real. mercy! beg.