• adi Pre


  • T

    Legendary shit!!

  • priv


  • grs

    well this was a pleasant suprise. these two def bring it lyrically

  • balls

    kanye+shrek that fool is huge

  • red

    I'm going out a limb and downloading before I've ever heard a song by them.
    Hopefully I won't regret it.

  • GR

    Looks like they try too hard, but the beats and raps are sweet.

  • http://sunnaben.tumblr.com Sunna Ben

    We already have a Kanye we don't need two more. The video is too much of everything but they have some really nice tracks, interesting to see what happens with them

  • jyb

    vote for pedro. dude kinda looks like pedro, right? they're talented though...

  • Dun

    Cool song. They look corny though. Ditch the gimmicky wardrobe.

  • fggt

    This is surprisingly ill.

  • http://nerdinja.com nerdinja

    Is that Arcade Fire on the hook? I can dig it.