Audra The Rapper – Sweet N Sour Cypher f. Nitty Scott, MC & ESSO (Video)

I'll admit: I thought she snapped on her rendition of "Tupac Back," but because it was a part of the "A Milli Syndrome" it caught flak. I'm still waiting on something that showcases her true talent and establishes an identity, however.

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  • CobraKai

    nitty scott>
    she actually killed it...

  • yugang

    ^^^like she aint never killed a verse and this is 1st time shes done so, c'mon son! jk.
    Everyone after scotty was just ok

  • :P

    <3 Nitty Scott, MC

  • basick

    yo nitty is so pretty son

  • Phil

    NITTY DESTROYED IT. As usual. Damn sis.

  • pr0b

    aside from nitty i thought audra did well ... now if she can just get off them pop/down south beats ..and actaully jump on some maybach music .. we can see what she sound like on some musical laid back shit.

  • Killthatnoize

    This shit was wack! Bias!! But nitty is pretty, does anyone know if she has a phatty?

  • Grrrr


  • M-Select

    throw a beat on, beatbox, sumn.... nitty gr, mi rep!