Wonderlove: A Tribute Mix to Stevie Wonder (Mixed by DJ Rhettmatic)

blame it on Shake May 10, 2011

To help celebrate his birthday, DJ Rhettmatic decided to put together a mix of Stevie Wonder jams to share with us. Definitely needed something like this in my life right about now.

I was thinking of doing a mix on James Brown, but I realized that no one can do a James Brown mix better than my brother & fellow Beat Junkie, J.Rocc, so scratch that. I thought of doing one on Ghostface Killah, but I already did one a few years ago for the Ghostface Killah doll. Strike number 2! Last but not least, there’s the legendary Stevie Wonder. I know that Dj Spinna & Bobbitto Garcia aka Cucumber Slice are the masters when it comes to Stevie’s catalogue, but I actually made a mix that was a birthday gift for a good friend and was a big Stevie Wonder fan. I listened to the mix again a few weeks ago and I actually like how the mix came out. So I thought to myself, why not share it with people and also celebrate Stevie’s birthday….I just added an intro to the mix, and what you have now, is “Wonderlove”.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Wonderlove: A Tribute Mix to Stevie Wonder (Mixed by DJ Rhettmatic) | Sendspace

  • dunk


  • Julian

    Alternate link por favor?

  • ^^ refresh

  • Pep2022

    Good look Shake this seems dope1

  • lion

    dif link … please

  • Pep2022

    Any chance we can get a link with the songs split up?

  • There’s one for Ghostface?

  • nvm just got the link

  • cjai

    reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally want split up songs. all songs are good but i want to repeat some over again.

  • Jahluvsu

    Very nice, split them up!!!

  • dc

    can a better dj make this mix and longer….. please

  • crizzle

    we need splits! this is dope though man, I love stevie

  • lonestar playa

    Man fuck a splits! Yall should b able to put dis classic in the deck and ride to it! A REAL mixtape

  • sdfgfd

    You are beautiful and deserve better life?
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  • Who thumbs down a Stevie Wonder mix?!?! You must not have a soul.

    For people who want it split, read up on how to create your own CUE file from scratch. All you need is notepad and the know how.

  • Thank you to Randall from….thank you to Shake & Meka for posting the mix up on 2dopeboyz….and thank you to everyone who actually enjoyed the mix…..I apologize if you don’t like the mix because it’s not split. I made the mix intended like listening to an old school cassette mixtape….nonstop. Regardless, if you did actually listened to the mix, I thank you for even taking the time to listen to it. Happy Birthday to the legendary Stevie Wonder (May 13). Peace….

  • What kind of a**holes ask for a split mix? It’s a mix!! Mixes shouldn’t be split. No doubt Drake and Lil B fans. I’ve bet those people who posted that stupid sh*t don’t even know who Rhettmatic is. Go back to your crap rap you skinny pants wearing fags.

    Thanks for link Shake. Ever since mixcrate changed it’s design downloading from the site is horrendous. It keeps cutting off midway through a download. Now I can add this mix to my archives.

  • Bob Costas

    dope, dont need to download cause I have all these albums, still a great mix – stevie is the best!

  • whoever clicked dislike on this is a moron, You can tell’em ciphe said so..fuck you in advance

  • Abstract

    I love

  • Honey Dip

    Mixcrate is the truth!

  • Please,,,,,

    Can I get a different link?

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