Amber Rose Covers KING (Video)

Wiz' plaything graces the cover of XXL's Black Men Magazine equivalent. Check down bottom for the actual cover.

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  • ??????????/

    she fine, but i sure aint buyin king ppl actually still buy the source n all that? or just for like plane or 4 hour long train journeys?

  • Stan

    I don't see really what's attractive about her.. I mean, I'd smash.. but that doesn't mean that I think she's hot. I just want to be eskimo brothers with Kanye.

  • hit thumbs up for da real bitchez

  • still best rite now!!

    and my boners goin "up, up, up, up....."

  • Solozaur

    She's ok! What she needs to be hot is some hair!

  • SonictheHogans

    Got Damnnn.....

  • New Guy

    The [Photoshop] is strong with this one.


    pussy probably stinks

  • PAUSE @ 00:59... bitch looks retarded lmfaooooo

  • marty mcfly

    Cassandra from the Alien Nation film need to let her hair grow now. Its been like 4 years.

  • Ghettospokesman

    ^lol at the gay boys complainin cos she aint got no hair.

  • YATTi

    I don't see anything sexy about a bald headed shit. I need something to pull when I'm hitting from the back. I don't need to rub her bald heads while pounding the back.

  • yuurp

    She'd prolly be perfect (physically and aesthetically) if she had long hair. I'd still bust a load right on top of that pale ass skull of hers though don't get me wrong.

  • Sky

    It just feels weird like even if she had a little hair that would be ok...but she dont have ANY hair..

  • ??????????

    ^^she does. maby ur blind?

  • LordMort

    why is he bald

  • sayWORD

    Who cares? Her body's hot as hell. Look at that fat ass kitty cat!

  • lioness

    mashonda cover>amber cover

  • Soji_1

    Meh..ive seen MUCH better...she has no hair, not attractive...nice booty though. Beat it up Wiz.

  • madawg

    Amber rose if fucking NASTY, tennis ball head GROUPIE.... don't know what your thinking Wiz.. you must have smoked a few to many of em coco-joints bra..

  • Clap!!!

    Yes please.

  • zbMrOG

    we've seen the bald look, i mean shhh she can at least grow it out once n change it up...throw a wig on her cause that body ashame to waste

  • HEAT!!!!

    AYE!!! PAUSE AT :25...her face is all discolored like damn some1 been playn patty cake tooo fuckn much.....SN: GOOOO HEAT 4-1 OFF TO THE FINALS MIA/CHI!!!!


    G.I. JANE H0 H0 H0

  • Jimmy Johnson

    Amber Id like to fuck you baby. Love you

  • What's the music in the background folks??

  • LB

    wait 20 yrs and we'll see if these comments stay. look at pam grier. damn i still love me some pam though.

  • Man even king is playing odd future shit in the video.

  • THCxWade

    you niggas are silly. She has what it takes. Bald or Not. shes still a bad bitch. if any of you slobs saw her in real life you jiz in your pants.


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