• LordMort


    I thought this was an actual album btw

  • gill

    ^^ It is.

  • James

    It is an actual album. Downloaded my copy first thing, feel bad for getting it for free cos it's so dope!

  • bzo

    Dont know much bout ol boy but that gangsta Gibbs feature did it for me. Thumbs up like my name Mac miller

  • Rapodel

    One of the more dope album cover I've seen in a minute. It's not some wanna-be rapper/model trying to glamour-shot/mean mug on the cover.

  • Alex

    NZ's finest! This is some real dope music. Go get it!

  • Harry

    Album is dope.... Congrats DDallas!

  • 412

    pretty fuckin good

  • Thisisvelkro

    DOPE <!

  • kaka

    This mixtape is suppperrr Dope..

  • nelson

    best mixtape out this year!!!

  • timmwith2ms

    This dude came from left field. Lookin' out in the future. Good stuff from the Kiwi