Focus… – Music Of The Misinterpreted (Album)

blame it on Meka May 11, 2011

The West Coast-reared producer-on-the-mic releases his latest freelease, featuring Phonte, Sha Stimuli, Rapper Big Pooh, Nottz, Raheem Davaughn, KIDA, Al Gator and more. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Focus… – Music Of The Misinterpreted (Album)

  • MARS


  • :P


  • zuCYDE

    holy shit!!!!

  • steve


  • I appreciate the support. I embrace the love and the oncoming hate. I just appreciate everyone LISTENING!!!


  • GaryG

    “Change the game” My Fav along with UH! Focus needa get dre in the llab and finish Detox the right way IMO.

  • thadialeckt

    dope shit some real hip hop right here…..favorite tracks so far are I Know feat sha stimuli and idols and role models feat kida. Focus keep doing your thing. keep growing. I’m loving the journey

  • tree of Verbal Seed

    FOCUS!!!! Tis the shit!!!

  • RuanHoll

    the one with sha stimuli one is pure hip hop
    dude got a certain style
    fresh lyrics crazy flow

  • LOL

    nice didnt expect tis today

  • sample if u undecided:
    Focus…-I Know

  • Fuck this album is sick, I can’t believe it’s free!

  • ASChana

    Focus is real Hip Hop! Not the s*** your hear on radio now days.

  • Music without Focus… is just noise

  • gerold

    Overall this is okay. I would say 3.5/5. It sounds like a throw back album in some ways but the samples are sick.. I thought some of the drums were a bit redundant like a typical boom bap (i know Focus is more creative than this) stuff. I don’t know maybe because I am feeling that ELzhi mixtape and this can’t really compete IMO. However, I will revisit it in a day or two. I also prefer when Focus in on his West Coast shit..

    You know what I get tired of hearing though songs like track 8 (What happened to the music) and others. We know the music sucks, but just shut up about it and put out dope music or find a way to bring the music people want to hear to the fore front. If you are so hell bent on bring it back work as hard as those you claim are killing it. Take Lil B as an exactly people hate this dude music, and except for a few songs I don’t feel his stuff.

    However, he had made thousands of songs and God knows how many videos, if you artist and producers complaining were putting in half as much work as Lil B you would be heard, but lets face it you guys are too busy complaining.

    Just shut and make music and stop complaining about the music, we know it sucks we don’t need to hear songs about how it sucks..

  • geroold

    BTW i love boom bap stuff but the drums were not knocking IMO and some of the drum patterns could been a less predictable.. Ok that is it for me

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss/Teddy/D. $cience/MartyMcFly” Stan fka Answer Me!

    Almost agree with @geroold’s feedback !!


  • chris

    really dope cd. thanks for the music man.

  • dangermouf

    FOCUS… Thankyou
    Everytime you drop something I know its gon be that real ish. Fuck who dont appreciate what you tryin to do, everybody of a certain age who understands what the golden age of hip hop meant to us thanks you.
    Now get back in the studio with Dre and show that prick how to release good music.


  • moon1483

    After keeping Uh! and I Know on repeat since they dropped this deserves and instant DL. Can’t wait to listen

  • Switched up

    Wtf? I had left the page up cause it was taking forever to load up the flac link to download it, come back a few hours later and its $5. Damn.

  • DG

    Been waiting for this Focus is a Beast.

  • DG

    Oh and Focus you should be charging for this you deserve to get paid for good music

  • cbanks13

    wow isnt this a pleasant surprise. a must download!

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    This guy releases music such quality for free when others disappoint with music for sale. Bravo, Focus, but get something in stores and I’ll buy it. Thanks for the download. PEace and GOD BLESS

  • Daveg

    This is incredible music. Fuck the hate acting as criticism. You can’t hate on this. All Out is my favorite track. That shit is dope. The whole projects plays jam after jam. 5/5 Perfect

  • DG

    WTF is a 3/5. Nah more like 5/5 fuck is up with all these bitch turning into critics over night the shit is fire plan and simple bitches wanna critique shit GTFOH if that’s not ya day job then shut that shit up

  • CAKE

    This dude is DOPE. I clicked the link ready to BUY the fuckin’ album and it’s free!? That is too dope..Focus is the shit!!!