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Jay Electronica Live In London (Video)

blame it on Meka May 11, 2011

I still find it interesting that Jay Electronica will virtually disappear off the face of the Earth, yet when he does make an appearance he’s still able to galvanize the masses, such as this random appearance during London’s De La Soul, Black Star and Rakim concert. Props to Sumit.

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  • danny_

    Drop something already. .

  • marty mcfly

    Mos def = Master Yoda

    Talib Kewli = Obi Wan Kenobi

    Jay Elec = Luke Skywalker

  • red

    @ Danny

    How did I know someone was going to use this post to tell JayE what to do.

  • that mic that Mos uses is fucking swag (although i hate using that word). also, i think Jay got thinner? pause.

  • Omar

    I was at this SC SP concert last night, that shit crazy the house went nuts for De La. They def stole the show… you could tell their act was alot tighter than Blackstar…

  • A.I.

    Omar, I totally agree with you… Even Rakim did his thing… People didn’t come to see Black Star perform Slick Rick songs and Reggae tunes…

  • JustThe93rd

    A.I and Omar I was there too, whilst Black Star did rock it the whole playing reggae songs randomly was off putting. They shoulda played thieves in the night or some of the other songs. Still dope tho, agree on De La though, they absolutely stole the show.

  • Omar

    @A.I.and 93rd missed Rakim.. got in a bit late but he’s at the Jazz cafe in June… i’m def going and Black milk is at the Koko in late may.. so many good shows to go to i’mma b broke!

  • LordMort

    whats the first song that de la soul performs???

  • LordMort

    what’s the first song that de la soul performs??