Who Wants Tickets To See J. Cole & Rihanna?

blame it on Meka May 11, 2011

Residents of the dopehouse: pop chanteuse Rihanna is going on the road for her LOUD tour, and is bringing J. Cole along for the ride. Here’s your chance to win a pair of tickets to catch the entire thing, as well as meet Grown Simba in person backstage. How do you enter to win? Simple: Hit the link below, which will take you to Facebook and – if you have one (I mean, only 1/3 of the entire planet has one) – enter there. It’s not that hard, right? This is a nationwide contest as well, meaning fans in the West, North, South and East all have an opportunity to win this contest in their respective hometowns. Good luck.

HIT THE LAINK: Who Wants Tickets To See J. Cole & Rihanna?

  • robert smalls

    http://www.usershare.net/owq438onv8e9/05. A TRIBE CALLED TEF.mp3

    great song

  • ado

    Give access to my information to a random entity for some tickets?
    “Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information I’ve shared with everyone.”

    Nah, not even for J. Cole, sorry.

  • smh

    ^ if you have facebook you’re sharing that already…

  • Rezo

    @ado you’re stupid dude, where do you think all your info is stored? All your info is stored on Facebook’s server probably for as long as Facebook exists whether you delete your profile or not. Jobs have the right to do background checks on you and they can contact Facebook to get access to your profile even if it was deleted. They can see what kind of pics you were posting, what you were saying in your updates, and who you were talking to. People with no knowledge of the internet think they are so safe when really as soon as you log onto the internet you’re no longer have full privacy. You’re privacy goes down to nothing once you sign up for a social networking site, especially one like Facebook that has horrible security. Basically what I am saying is if you want the tickets just do it because it won’t jeopardize your safety anymore than you already have yourself.

  • Shake’s daughter

    Meka will be attending and throw his panties at J.Cole.
    You ugly pedophile looking nigguh.

  • ms.DrizzyCole

    rihanna though ?

  • Robbie

    For 25k a show you would go on tour with Rihanna also, fuck outta here with that hate shit. lol

  • Robbie

    This tour has 17 confirmed dates in the North America, that’s 425k for Cole, and that’s only 1 form of income for him. That doesn’t include all the other shows he has already done this year, features, appearances, and sales when his album drops. How much will you haters make this year? haha

  • T-Hale

    I wanna meet rihanna’s pussy!!!!!

  • Don’t worry about it

    @Robbie What fuck are you his accountant? Bitch quit starin at his bank account. lol

  • El oh El

    good for J. Cole! the come up, warm up, and now he’s blowin up and of course that comes with haters too xD



  • Chris

    Will Cole come to Germany too or just for the US Tour?