Blu – Doin’ Something f. Pac Div, U-N-I, J*DaVeY, TiRon & Ayomari

blame it on Meka May 13, 2011

Remember when Blu had a live performance of this during a show over a year ago? At long last the audio of the massive “New West” posse cut from NoYork! is released, courtesy of PacDivDaily. Applaud them please.

DOWNLOAD: Blu – Doin’ Something f. Pac Div, U-N-I, J*DaVeY, TiRon & Ayomari | MF
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  • first

  • danny_

    NoYork! coming to a store near you. .


    YES!! New Blu, Plus TiRon & Pac Div on the track. Greatest Friday The 13th ever, no homo at all

    Click the Name

  • T

    A nigga gotta live. NoYork!

  • NiggaGot2Live

    NoYork niggas appreciate nigga Blu needs to give us a release date ya dig

  • dave

    This is the best collab known to man period

  • d.

    good lord…

  • kofstar


  • This shit is fucking whack.

  • zFree

    i thought this was leaked as keepitgoin ft. U-god? Reclaimed the beat i guess…

    Still dope either way.

  • Maga D

    This is Keepitgoing with U-God on a different beat with some features, not hating because the features are cold, but shit. NOYORK!

  • I love Blu, but TiRon had the best verse…

  • Deter

    Aside from Black Hippy….New West = puppy nuts compared to the OG West.

  • this is indeed the version that will be on the album. just to clarify with y’all.

    *gives NoYork! seventh spin haha

  • ta’riiq swanson

    OMG Shake I’m so jealous! You’re my idol & I love the Lakers & lip rings on men (no homo of couse!)

  • 883

    You’re so cool Shake

  • i wish i got baseball money

    holy shit that’s a great lineup…

  • mcbreezy

    cosign 883

  • mark

    can anyone give me the order in which the guys went in, i can’t recognizw one voice from the other

  • TheMostUniqueRegularDude

    @marty mcfly NEW track…marty where you at yo?? hows the delivery? haha forreal tho?

  • wiff!

    i hate you shake… if you can get it someone else has it.

  • camacho

    tiron and thurz have the best verses

  • ziplockp

    yeah tiron killed this.

  • unclesam

    New West >>> Old West. Okay, we don’t have Cube, Del, Souls of Mischief, Pac and the good ‘ol Snoop anymore but other than them the west was pretty average or even weak when you compare the old west coast to the old east coast.

  • PRalines

    WHATTT this has like every one of my favorite West coast artists.

  • 1

    phat kat killed this already…phat kat>

  • BluNiggas


  • Don’t worry about it

    These New West niggas are really like mos of the Old West…not going anywhere outside of their immediate radius.

  • IWantThisAlbumSoBad.

  • dorian

    @unclesam: “The old west coast” was hardly weak, they might’ve had few artists compared to the east but they made a HUGE impact on hip hop.

  • Unda

    Yes, thats a great line up, but this is wack, sorry Blu. Im really ur fan but this dispointed me. You need somethin better to come strong with this album man. NoYork maybe will disapoint a lot fans i guess