Yelawolf – Kill My Nightmare

blame it on Shake May 13, 2011

In light (or dark?) of Friday the 13th, Yelawolf lets loose a new one.

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  • truthspitta

    Yelawolf > Old Eminem

  • disgustya

    this is mad wack holy shit

    yelawolf fucking sucks

  • dirtysixchambers

    i’m a huge catfish billy fan but not really feelin this. but i understand the concept behind this.

  • @truthspitta you honestly can’t think that

  • mark

    i think yelawolf > relapse & recovery eminem
    not slim shady lp or marshall mathers lp eminem

  • SuperSaiyanTruthSpitta


    Maybe a bit extreme but he’s definately better than Eminem on recovery only because Eminem sold out on recovery

  • who cares

    I ain’t gon’ lie this is pretty crazy, but when I saw this I expected something a litle different, something a little more. I still fucks wit it though

  • Asada

    I was waiting for Tyler to hop on this haha

  • AMP

    “Derp dee derp dee derpty derp”

    That’s what Yelawolf sounds like to me.

  • charles manson

    shit gave me the chills around 138 maark. yela is the truth.

  • Threepeat

    When will all you sheep realize that Yelawolf fucking sucks? I can’t imagine wanting to listen to this more than once. (And now that I’ve heard it, can’t imagine wanted to listen to it even once.)

  • TheRealAge

    check out my first ever diss song!! delivery and lyrics on point!

  • sean1

    what is this garbage
    i’m drunk and it still blows

  • Hang Loose

    I gave this kid a chance just to find out I wasn’t missing anything. I can see why people like him but I don’t think he’s anything too special. At least not with this song.

    If there are any other songs in which he sounds better and rhymes over a nice beat (not melody like here) please let me know. I really would like to check just in case I am missing on some dope shit. I would also love to know why this kid is so popular, other than the fact he’s caucasian.

  • yela

    Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp Derp dee derp dee derpty derp

  • fuckyouyela

    yelawolf: you fucking suck. i give you a chance at impressing me every time you leak something. but every single time – you fucking suck. fuck your music.

  • listen2goodmuzik

    I believe Yelawolf is dope because he doesn’t sound like anyone else.

    He doesn’t have the best flow, deepest lyrics, or best all around lyrical talent, but Yelawolf is unique which is why people like him.

  • charger

    Yelawolf goes hard. hop off.

  • fuckyouyela

    people like him cause people are douches. fuck his “uniqueness” i want something that doesnt make my eardrums bleed shit and piss everywhere. if i wanted that i’d turn on kesha. bitch.

  • marty mcfly

    I dont even know any of Yelawolfs songs except Pop The Trunk and I hate to say this cause the same thing pissed me off when people said it about J coles Disgusting BUT I dont thing people get what he just did. Its not a rap song its him harmonizing over a classical score or something as if its the last song during the credits of a friday the 13th film. Could have been tighter but at least he took a risk with his music instead the safe 3 sixteen formula of every rap song.

  • catfish billy


  • TheMostUniqueRegularDude

    @marty new track yo…hows the delivery? haha

  • incredible

    this whigga sucks

  • T

    Ugh he makes white rappers look bad. This sounds terrible.

  • marty mcfly

    TheMostUnique , being that you went over one of my favorite beats ever im automatically gonna hold you to a high standard but I really wasnt feeling it because im not into the whole battle rap thing between rappers unless they really gonna go in. Also I hope you not just rappin to get my opinion because im just one person but I think you really need to work on your craft. Try rhyming about the most difficult subject you can think of or the most unusual topic , no matter how crazy it sounds because it forces your mind to do things you normally wouldnt do. I have my own taste in music so im judging your delivery off what I like , when at the end of the day you have to make your delivery how you like it. All I can say is everybody thinks rappin is easy and they can do it but thats not true. Look how rappers like Fabolous can ride any beat perfectly every time or how Lupe has enough breathe control to spit a whole verse in one breathe like the last verse on Intruder Alert. It was cool but you could tighten up on bars a little more and at the same time relax on delivery a little more so your timing is better. Good luck

  • red

    Cosign Sean1. I’m buzzing and this still sounds like doo doo. I’d rather listen to Soulja Boy.

  • Kurupted

    Yela sounds like fuckin eminem on this shit, they’re voices are almost identical on this
    Good Song
    A solid gucci verse could make this a classic song though

  • Nice track.

    Wouldn’t mind Yelawolf doing some more dark shit.

  • Iodine

    Yelawolf is a certified track killer, and not in any sort of good way. Fucker ruined a big boi song

  • thinking_cap

    I bought a Jason Voorhees window silhouette last night.

  • james r

    Iodine , yelawolf made song with big boi dopper. you just bad taste music & you are hater .yelawolf makes a track better ,hater . anybody who hates on yelawolf is the sheep .
    T, mac miller makes white rappers look bad. yelawolf made southeren white rappers look dope . also yelawolf is not all white . yelawolf is part white/part native american

  • yeah

    Why all the Yelawolf hate??? Wtf??? This is a good track. Just cause he’s not rapping about the hood, drugs, money or whatever. Or cause he’s not spitting hard throughout the whole song. It doesn’t mean it’s bad, just different.

  • marty mcfly

    I have been around rappers for alot of years and ive seen a few white ones and im not trying to offend any white people cause thats not where im coming from but I think to be a good white rapper you cant just learn how to rap but you have to learn the style of music and influences in hop hop. Like listen to where the samples in hip hop came from and old R&B and oldschool hip hop and find the right rhythm. Its like if a black person whats to be a great rock n roll singer then they gotta learn why the guitar is so important to that style of music. I dont know , just some shit I was thinking.

  • marty mcfly

    Oh that comment was @ James r , I can tell the white rappers that grew up listening to alot of oldschool soul and R&B cause they just sound a little more experienced when they rap. Like Slug and Joe Scudda

  • TheMostUniqueRegularDude

    @marty i usually do rap on deep and complex subjects…this was just a diss song and i couldnt think of any other diss beat haha…but i just like gettin your opinion cuz your honest…to many people out there are pure dickriders or pure haters

  • marty mcfly

    @TheMostUnique , WORD. I’ll also say that you can rhyme about anything it doesnt have to be deep or complex subject matter. I just meant rhyme about a bunch of different stuff cause it only makes you more skilled as a MC. The reason I think its hard to judge a diss song is cause 9 times outta ten its gonna sound good because its coming from the place of aggression and thats always gonna sound cool in hip hop , to me anyway. You sound good though cause I hear you kinda getting more comfortable on the beat so you just gotta keep making songs and you’ll be dope.

  • j

    In a world that can feel like a fuckin’ cage, I just sit inside it
    Instead of tryna escape I became crazy and started smilin’
    Took a knife to the back when i turned around to help somebody close
    But I bled just enough to live.. half man, half ghost”

    Co-sign Marty Mcfly about people missing the point, this is fuckin’ ill

  • thewilywon

    Niggas is still racist as fuck. . . smh

  • saywhat


    and we all know the real reason ya’ll haters is hating on this shit

  • olugbam

    Daddy’s Lambo, I Wish Remix, That’s what we on now, Pop The Trunk, Box Chevy, Good to Go, Love Is not Enough, F.U.,

    Have fun with those.

  • amirhossssein

    this track is dope!
    im from Iran do you know where is Iran? bet ya you dont!
    its a third world country in midle east with an internet as slow as fuck 1kb/s download speed and im a huge yelawolf fan! i’ve heard so many other mc’s works but yelawolf has somthing outstanding!
    i have so many other fav artists but yela is…..

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss/Teddy/D. $cience/MartyMcFly” Stan fka Answer Me!

    “but i just like gettin your opinion cuz your honest…to many people out there are pure dickriders or pure haters”

    Hey hey hey … check my screen name!

  • Freeze

    yo this is the first time ive actually liked a marty mcfly comment lol WORD!
    but i do agree w wut ur sayin about tryin sumthin different..
    i feel like this song wuld b gettin alot more love if there was a lil bass in it tho, thats prolly why no1s feelin it, i personally think its doppe.

    but anywho- the breakdown at the end of One Love on Elzhi’s ELmatic WOOOOO!!
    id listen to that over ANY rap song ANY day!

  • ignoranus

    lol im gettin kinda sick of yela but ill fuck with this, it sounds like a good intro to something

  • Jest

    Lol. If Kanye did this track there’d be half as much hate. Yela is dope and I’m glad to see him experimenting with different concepts in his music. Motherfuckers never want a rapper to grow and expand though. Just want the same shit day in, day out.

  • TheMostUniqueRegularDude

    @marty o i got you. thanks man ill keep working. this was the first ever diss song i made so its not somethin i do all the time ha…but ill keep practicing yo

  • youdontknowhiphop

    if your under 18 dont post on 2dopeboyz if your comenting on a song that got leaked and the artist decided he didnt want to release the song and it leaks anyways so you decide you want to judge it like its his video.. dont post on 2dopeboyz

  • Coroner

    Yelawolf… he got style that you can respect… no fake ass gimick! Just real shit!

  • Crooks N Banks

    so. much. haters. get lost you fuckboys, yela IS THE FUTURE of shady records (along wit slaughterhouse) AND SHADY RECORDS IS THE FUTURE OF HIP HOP U FAGBOYS. jesus christ fuckings. so many simple-minded fuckboys hatin, go be fuckfaced fucks, you ignorant fucks.

  • b

    yelawolf is the fuckin shit. his rhymes are the illest. what talent do u have (all u shit talkers) thats why ur talkin about him. u know u listen to his music. evrytime i introduce his music to someone they say..oh its wack..then the next time i see them …they r jammin yelas music… funny aint it…hes the dopest in the game right now…and here to stay. His music is an epidemic yo. get used to it. dont compare him to people…he sounds like nobody. he sounds like yelawolf. game over!

  • catfishbilly

    sounds like em’ is influencing his music sounded like something em would do only worse lol

  • dfgrfg

    i think this went over 90s of the people who listened’s heads…
    lol ppl ask wats a good yela track?..THIS…did u actully understand wat he was rappin about????!!!!! dude wasnt rappin about jason and camp crystal (smh u prob dnt know wat im even talkin about)

  • dfgrfg

    *90% of the people who…*