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Jim Jones – 848 f. Juelz Santana & Fozzie Bear

blame it on Miss_Peas May 14, 2011

Tagged up by DJ Self for now. SHAKE UPDATE: Back to the top with the explicit/tagless version.

DOWNLOAD: Jim Jones – 848 f. Juelz Santana & Waka Flocka [Tags] | Alt
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  • hfrbuyf

    yall sound like some faggots with this fozzie bear bullshit. fuck is up with having pet names for rappers, smh

  • Allstar


  • EC

    Cause they’re a bunch of lames who think they’re cool cause the run a popular blog. I can’t take any site serious who actually makes fun of what they post, this site is a joke.

  • y’all take shit way too serious haha.

  • Doc Rovers

    hahah everybodys catchin feelings left and right

  • whatever yo this shit goes in. if you wanta blog that respects the music it posts, click the name.

  • actually click this name

  • Jaws

    What are you guys talking about? His name is Fozzie Bear. Look it up.

  • DanielSwaggerousSwagsDudes

    Daniel Swaggerous –
    1st of all nothin about this song “goes in”
    n 2nd of all ur blog is fuckin WACK go post sum lil b, bump that “Im Gay” haha

  • Cage

    ^^ Hahahah jaws is a fool for that one.. Why would you niggas catch feelings over this garbage ass cat anyways?? him and jim jones are trash

  • this shit goes.
    how yall like all the mmg shit and not this.
    same shit.

  • yuurp

    Your favorite rapper named himself after Fozzie Bear and wears a chain of him! Complain to that nigga

  • Marcos

    man they (juel and jim) look old…

    fuck wacka. jim sucks. juelz, sorry but your time its over.

    old guys, switchin their styles, trying to catch a new generation of dumb people. cuz fozzie fans r dumb.

  • wow, guess he didnt like the blog then…sheesh

  • Marcos


    I love this blog! Thanks to blogs like this i discovered a whole world of amazing new music.

    I’m from Brazil but i can recgonize good music from shit like that.


  • D


  • Dontsweatdatech

    I hate the fact Miss Peas always Try to be funny or write a stupid paragraph with her opinion…foh. You a chick let Meka Shake Or Jes comment.

  • Bloodshed


  • swag2DAmax


  • lol..they have to make up name’s for rapper’s they don’t like…funny thing is they don’t touch the money the people there making fun of do, nor do they have the influence…seems like some jealousy to me…. female traits.Even if you don’t like an artist, atleast respect them for doing what you wish you could, but you can’t..so you started a blog.

  • El Oh El

    regardless if his name is Waka Flocka, Fozzie Bear, Juaquin Malphurs (yeah i looked it up), he sucks ass

  • ??????????????/

    lol at people getting all homosexually defensive over waka flocka hahahahahahahhaha…the IRONY is ….HE HAS A FOZZIE BEAR ICED OUT CHAIN..cos he gets the joke himself..he says “waka waka waka” just like fozzie bearrrrrr duhhhhhhhhh!!!!! lol..


  • “y’all take shit way too serious haha.” – Shake
    Says the one that REFUSE TO POST an artist(s) music because they called you out for posting their leak music. NO… you take things too serious.

  • illmurkahater

    yall some pussy ass haters waka ,jim and ,juelz is some of the best ever all u shit talkers should be punched in the throat u sorry sons of bitches if i see u in the street ITS OVER im tired of these suck ass internet faggots downing good music

  • thehatergotmurked

    sorry were not in the streets.. sucks for yoooou.. keep listenin to garbage ass music like this n keep yo ass in the hood hahaha

  • chronwell

    I never expect Waka to impress but other than him, Jim and juelz do what they known for!

  • Now this is what I call hip Hop! I mean 3 heavyweights in the game. This is 2dope for real! Three of the best lyricists in the game link up to drop fire! I knew visiting this site today would not dissappoint. This is a treat for real. Man everyone listen up:
    Swagger Alert!
    This track bangs heavy! I am gonna be pumping this in my Beamer! Can anyone say Waka Flocka dope boy gang!

  • professorpurp

    ^calm yourself geez

  • WTF is this shit.

    this coon ass nigga, ghetto piece of shit with horrible taste in music is a fucking fool. All 3 of this niggas sucks.Juelz was actually decent at point in ancient times. My dog can rap better than these niggas. You know what I’m sick of I’m sick of these fucking fake ass internet gangstas catching feelings like a bitch ova another nigga. Nigga you gay? You’re not gonna punch anybody in the face. This shit is horrible music for dumb ass hood niggas. Go back back to listening to your soulja boy & oj the juicemane album you coon ass nigga. This nigga said the some of the best ever lol nigga you have incredibly low standards.


    robbie maynard the III is a classic troll of this site that disappeared for a while and he still sucks at life.

  • clekush216

    its funny…you talk shit on the site yet you still visit it. do what you do but do you realize this?

  • the songs good for a party or a fast drive lol but just soloin an it..naw.

  • AntLee06

    This is straight up noise pollution… Grown ass men making bullspit like this makes me sad…

  • AMP

    I want to cosign WTF is this shit but I would have used different words than he did.
    I’ll show no respect to music as stupid as this. If you like this type of music, something is wrong with you.
    Shake/Meka/Peas/JES can and should post what they want, quit crying there’s hundreds of other blogs you can check and leave comments on.
    Its clear you’re looking for attention if you gotta come to a blog you don’t like and feel the need to leave negative comments.

  • TheMostUniqueRegularDude

    Fuck this wack shit!! Support True Hip Hop!

  • KerryFigs

    This would be better for MMG. But nonetheless, good to see Jim and Juelz on some tracks.