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Tinie Tempah – Foreign Object (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake May 14, 2011

Fresh off releasing his single with Wiz Khalifa, the UK rep drops off a new mixtape w/ DJ Whoo Kidd.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Tinie Tempah – Foreign Object (Hosted by Russell Brand) [via]

  • adi Pre

    That track with Wiz was fucking horse shit, and this is coming from a UK dude.

  • polo don

    garbage , whoo kid was paid 5 stacks to host this wacktape. its something you would find on datpiss

  • lm

    hosted by russel brand?

    not downloading. clearly trying to hard to break the US, might as well have had a co-sign from kate middleton

  • adi Pre

    ^^^ Agreed. Dude said a few weeks back he’s trying to be the next HOV…ain’t downloading this shit.

  • DAN




  • yuurp

    Dude is garbage… Hopping on hot ass electronic tracks with his bland ass lyrics… And god does the “Written in the Stars” song suck dick

  • Sage

    Can I please get some more music from Dizzie Rascal and Kano, they only RELEVANT UK Hip-Hop artists?? cmon man

  • Pauly Dee

    I actually think he’s pretty okay. He can’t freestyle worth a shit, but WITS was a good song. Anyways, any good UK artists other than him?

  • xsavior

    look at you cry baby haters, hating on something you havn’t even heard yet.. thats why all these rappers talk shit about you stupid internet cats.. thinkin you know everything..

  • mc wack

    p-money… yes, skepta… yes, wiley… yes
    Tinie, tinchy, chipmunk… NO!

    thank you

  • lm

    although I’m not downloading, he isnt actually that bad.

    pass out was a HUGE track. labarynth should be bigger

  • D

    How garbage like this dude get rep over in the US, but decent UK mic-men (Kano, Wiley or any old school grime MC) don’t get no love?

  • ShakesUsedCondom

    Tinie is big for 2 reasons, what I just wrote is oddly funny, which is because his fanbase largely consists of people between the ages of 12-15. Most of his lyrics are recycled lines that he slightly alters on many of his tracks. The second, is because of the producers, which should be much bigger than he is. Shame really because Labrinth made Frisky what it is…the lyrics were sub-par. I had respect for him but his so called “UK Hip Hop” is a little misguiding.

  • MCR_1

    I’m from the UK and here Tinie is loved. Personally I think he is terrible and his shit sounds like it has been wrote by a 2 year old.

  • NJ UK

    Yeah in from UK too and to be honest we don’t have any good rappers over here that get any love from our media, some were good but get too commercial like Tinie. Lowkey is prob best uk rapper but he wont make it big he is a bit of an immortal technique style rapper

  • youngstulla

    tinie is carried by his beats…his lyrics nothing special. Disc-Overy had some serious bangers, Iimma cop. That Ellie Goulding track was fire. Idk why people hate on Tinie’s hustle so much…can’t a nigga get some shine. Y’all fag UK niggas can go bump 2004 Dizzee Rascal and D Double E tracks hatin on how Grime changed. Like Tinchy said ” we trust trynna kick doors open”. That Wiz x Tinie track kinda grew on me. This tape trash tho, can’t lie. He should stick to spittin over iShi beats, not try to freestyle other things.

  • ajamal

    Shake man you givin us UK a bad name. Atleast show GOOD UK rappers. This is like me posting Soulja Boy on a UK hip hop or grime blog.

  • kriss

    Fuckin terrible music,this IS NOT HIP HOP!!shouldnt be on here!!im from uk and if you wanna check for uk mcS then take a look at ghostpoet,n please..if you see anythin with the words N DUBZ on it,RUN A FUCKIN MILE AND QUICK…anymore shit like this on 2dopeboyz and i might do a ofwgkta on it!!(jus jokin)

  • Ringer

    Personally I like Sway, what does the UK (or at least the 2dopeboy followers from the UK) think of him?

  • redskullbeats

    search k koke if you want a real UK rapper. hes been signed by roc nation. remember who told ya.

  • syeren

    I’m from the UK, and this is the UK’s main ‘hip hop’ at the moment. As you can hear, it’s fucking whack; guy can’t even rap.

    Any UK rappers who can rap don’t get any fame, it’s kind of sad.

  • ??????????????/

    REDSKULLBEATS…k koke is wack..a wanna b thug rapper..cmon hes not that great dude.

  • Check out STEALTH MC… uk mc under the radar right now bout to start dropping bombs…straight bars n banging beats, dude is no joke and represents the uk lovely…no co sign from Kate Middleton like Tinie,dude is coming straight from the dungeon!!…WWW.STEALTHMC.CO.UK…

  • oomzee

    should have posted skeptas community payback mixtape hosted by whoo kid. much nicer than this…

  • th3matic

    TINIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m excited to see you guys showcasing big artists from other countries, too!

  • brit

    check out kashmere, and anything J3hst and another dude called Ghost great producers. cant forget ty… uk has some good hip hop u just gotta fish out the shit before u get to the good stuff, especially when u dont like grime like me. regardless to what ppl say none of the mainstream dudes here in the uk arent hip hop they more like electro music with a little shitty rapper. dont knock the uk cos of one wack guy.


  • red

    Amazing…Tinie Tempah is already a big name and its a mixtape full of overdone remixes.
    Who advised him to do this?

  • jigantus

    tinie is not the best lyricist but is a witty ‘rapper’ that makes hot songs for the radio/club bangers. cant hate on his success though as hes doing it right now

    giggs, wiley, skepta, lowkey, gunna dee, k koke, devlin, ghetts, p money, sneakbo, wretch 32, griminal , krept & konan

    just a few other urban talents that rep the uk

  • London Gent

    Tinie has too good POP songs, Pass Out and Frisky – production is tight on those

    lyrics on all his songs could have been written by a 2 year old

    as for UK Hip Hop most of it sucks

    Dizzee and Kano were good at the start of their careers

    but shitty Jip Pop acts like N Dubz, Tinchy and Tinie embarrass us a nation

    tbh alot of the time they come up on a hype from whichever City they’re from, lyrical talent is usually sub par at best, but most of all its normally the production of their songs that lets them down, the beats SUCK!

    Hoping things change soon!

  • ace
  • dave

    Uk rap artist have weird names and usually be hella whack.only rap I fucked with from the uk was S.A.S. whn they was down with dipset.but besides that I only fuck with uk alternative rock.or my baby m.I.a.

  • dave

    But I do feel sorry for everybody dissin tinie let the guy get his shine he may not be hip hop but he has some type of talent

  • J

    Fuck all you Tinie haters, just because he a UK artist you think he is shit, that’s bullshit right there y’all obviously haven’t heard his album to be able to comment on his lyrical skills. Fucking Americans are all the same, you don’t like anybody who tries to involve themselves in your culture!

  • People hating on this guy when it’s clear he’s earned everything he’s got. People like Chipmunk representing the UK need a slap and to be told to sit the fuck back so that GOOD artists like Tinie and Tinchy can come through into the US scene. Fuck you haters, understand proper music before you start saying shit on here. You know for a FACT we’ll never see the likes of N-Dubz or Wiley come on this site… useless crap.

  • UK Hip hop isn’t that good to me. The production is great, but the rappers are kind of wack. I’m telling y’all though. The biggest thing that could happen in music right now. European production + American Rappers. Rappers need to grow some balls and try and rap over some Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, Rusko, Skrillex and a bunch of other dubstep artists. It’s obvious dubstep is going to hit America big, and that it’s going to fuse with hip hop. The question is who’s going to be the rapper to step out of the box and truly set the trend?

  • hmm

    DAN u a sell out!
    Tinie aint the best rapper in the UK but he picks good beats!

  • For all you UK guys, is Tinie popular over there? Like cream of the crop or what are we talking amongst the mainstream? Also which, if any, US rappers are big over there

  • Lived in the UK for 6 months, Tinie became big after Jay-Z signed him to that joint venture deal, he’s okay, Pass Out was a huge track in London. The other big act in UK pop is N-Dubz, and they are quite possibly the worst act in the history of music. Compared to them Tinie Tempah is Nas.



  • Tom

    I remember when this dude used to live down the road from me… He made it.. ya’ll hatin

  • The Way you guys were talking about this tape, I was thinking it was going to be complete “garbage” as many have described.
    Coming from the UK myself and not being the hugest Tinie Tempah fan. I respect where/what he came from. The Tape isnt terrible its worth a listen, its a different voice but with possibly same old messages… There is a Hell of alot worse in the UK. “Dont player Hate, just play the tape.” Jon Muru

  • g



  • LM

    @ whoever said it above.

    Dubstep as a genre is shit, the day exile said he was looking to produce some I died a little inside.


  • 3mphasis

    Tinie is like Pitbull to the US, he’s pure mainstream over in the UK. However, I much prefer him b4 he blew up, check ‘Sexybeast’ out! P.s. he did a song with GAY-L-S (JLS), which may only mean something to u if u live in the U.K.!

  • Youtube these guys

    Klashnekoff, Wretch 32,Jehst are the best UK Hip Hop has to offer

  • D

    Klash-your-ras-clat-neck-off is better than most US rappers, but can’t even get on the frikkin radio! The UK scene is fucked for proper MCs

  • Mr. Andre

    You really gonna go by that name the rest of your days?

  • jhjj

    B_Lett< hilarious comment. lol.
    have u not heard jehst..falling down (album) or return of the drifter (album)? we dnt need american beats dude lol..and dubstep? er ok..u mean garage? u did realise there was dubstep before it got "popular" and people started calling it dubstep rite? kinda like we just used to call grime garage? …smh neva mind.

  • jhjj

    great uk albums to check out jehst- falling down/return of the drifter albums…
    or klashnekoff- sagas of klashnekoff

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjeBmYd_nRM -jehst alcoholic author

    i dont wanna hear nothing about tepmpz..or k koke if u aint even heard the founders of u.k hiphop i find it funny alot of these commenters are givin wack rappers from the uk ..ask them bout anything pre-2007 in the uk and there stuck..

  • Lee

    For everyone from the UK, Tinie is opening doors for UK artists worldwide and all you guys sit here complaining that hes getting exposure. Go create your own buzz before you tell people to listen to your sub par music instead.

  • david

    Lee what the fuck are you talkin about ‘Tinie’s opening doors for UK artists’ The doors have been wide open since the 80s when slick rick came out and mentioned UK in his tracks, UK hiphop artists arent going worldwide coz theyre simply nothin special, tinie tempah’s songs consist of mainstream pop-style production, hooks with lyrics for teenage girls to put as facebook statuses and features from top-10 artists at the time

  • david

    and im from england, sway used to be nice, then signed with konvict, all the heads above me saying ‘p-money, skepta, wiley, wretch 32, jhesta are dope hiphop acts’… NO! all the above are ‘grime’, grime is englands equivalent of underground hiphop, they take a beat, speed it up, spit verses as fast as they can and remove all the art from their lyrics and rhyme schemes, and with their accents it makes it almost impossible to understand, it IS that bad

  • ??????????

    david <dude jehst is not grime lol he was making hiphop before the term "grime" even came about…do ur research.

  • reallydude

    david < i suggest u actually listen to some jehst..he is not grime dont lump him with the rest

  • D

    Ok Dave

  • 360

    Im american and his album Disc-overy was hot as hell but im not downloading this album for soooooooooooooo many reasons…

  • david

    ????????????/reallydude < i've listened to him plenty of times before, i know people that listen to him so when i'm in their car a lot of the time they have artists like him on, i've never checked out a whole album but i've checked out different tracks from each and his music is boring, i put him in the 'grime' category coz when theyre listenin to jehst they switch over to p-money, ghetts/ghetto wtf hes called, shouldnt need to check out every track by an artist to see if theyre any good, heard atleast 10 by him and his flow's the only decent thing about him, akala's ok, rhyme asylum are sick, that's the only uk hiphop i like, im open minded so recommend stuff but jehst isn't a worthy recommendation

  • david

    probably why he does shows at universities at £3/4 a head

  • You know if Dizzie or Kano makes it big, then the other haters will jump right in again eh?

  • Red Herring

    He might not be the best, but he IS the first UK mainstream rapper to break into US Top 40.

    He’s opening the door for Dizzee Rascal, Devlin, Wiley, Durrty Goodz, Kano, Tinchy Stryder, Professor Green etc.