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Kanye West & Jamie Foxx – Gold Digger Live (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas May 15, 2011

Kanye West brought out Jamie Foxx as a surprise guest for a performance of “Gold Digger” from West’s second album, Late Registration, at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Props to HeyUGuys.

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  • Lumarvl

    Kanye West’s music is more entertaining to listen to live, and it’s pretty amazing to begin. Phenomenal artist. Wish he did college shows, priceless.

  • LordMort

    There’s no point for this video to be cut just before AOTL comes on

  • Big_E

    I wish this nigga would preform at Bonnaroo… Who the fuck wants to see Lil Wayne or Wiz live? And i doubt Eminem has a ill live show. Jay Z kilt it at Bonnaroo last year

  • LordMort

    Is onsmash the biggest hip hop blog? I mean is that the source for all other hip hop blogs?

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  • Cage

    ^^ Are you new to the English language as well? That shit made no sense, my dude…

  • bon

    LMFAO @ the 2 above me.

    In other news, Kanye live is an experience no homo. So is Em so don’t hate on what you don’t know cocksmooch.


    ^^New Em live is dope but it’s NOTHING compared to old Em live. Youtube his Up In Smoke Tour clips. Shit is fucking crazy. I want some live performances like that.