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eLZhi & Will Sessions: ELmatic BTS (Video)

blame it on Shake May 16, 2011

A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of eLZhi’s latest offering.

  • WR

    Tape is so fucking ill…if you can tell me a better rapper than El right now, you are bullshitting.

  • jay

    i thought he was just gonna rap on all the illmatic beats that live instrumentation was incredible elmatic is dope



  • blah

    if i don’t see instrumentals for this project, i’m tearing a fetus out of somebody’s stomach and eating it before uploading the vid on yt. i wanna see at least one instro from this shit pop up.

  • WR

    Shit came out in 94 son if you’re gonna hate at least get the date right.

  • jayarra

    @WR i agree 100 percent and @DASHBOARD i understand where ur coming from but ur fucking ignorant by saying that. how u gunna judge before ya listen? real real real really tho?

  • ???????????

    lol @ppl hating but dont even know when the album came out

    i was suprised at how good the tape was cos ive heard countless ppl try n rap over illmatic beats..this was dope how he switched up all the songs beat wize n gave a nice flip on the subjects of the songs..dope project and so far best mixtape of 2011…

  • yeah

    You’re just ignorant. Not even giving it a listen, and not even knowing Illmatic dropped in 94, not 93.

  • olugbam

    on top of ridiculously good lyrics, them replaying the beats live did it for me. i forget which song but like there is this 2 minute improv stretch of music and its just brings so much new life to illmatic. it’s like when jay did that tenth anniversary live performance of reasonable doubt with a band playing it. so fucking good.

    also elzhi rap’s his fucking ass off. ive never really listened to his shit before and my fuck i have been sleeping on him. he got himself a new fan.

  • lm

    That wasn’t improv on lifes a bitch, that was q cover of the sample the track used.
    Incredible though

  • olugbam

    i meant on one love i think