Jon Stewart & Bill O'Reilly Debate Common/White House F*ckery (Video)

blame it on Shake May 16, 2011

Man, I didn't get to catch this on TV (aka... I didn't want to give Fox News any extra boost in ratings). Thanks to the internet though, we get to see Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly square off on this whole Common/White House fuckery.

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  • fuckya

    FOX news is dope son

  • chuck

    Absolutely shitted on him...

  • CSS

    Ratings are determined by a sample group not by monitoring each individual watching the show at any given time.

  • really?

    @css who gives a fuck? shake just doesnt wanna support fox

  • Bird

    I love how Stewart was calm and had a more serious demeanor for this debate. And then hit Bill with a nice jab that is actually factual.

  • Jon Stewart >>>>>

    this dude needs to put out a conspiracy mixtape about Fox News.

  • Ace

    Jon Stewart is the ETHER to Fox News....if they didnt continuously ETHER themselves everyday

  • Reality

    My respect for Jon Stewart just increased 10 fold. Thank you, Mr. Stewart, for making such a strong case against Fox News perpetual propaganda machine. Well done.

  • "I can rap. I rapped on the show and I think it was pretty funny." lol

  • afoXbehindthewheel

    This was to be expected, Stewart always shits all over O'Reily, or anyone else from fox. If you dont watch TDS, Stewart is a comedian but always comes properly, most people on Fox don't stand a chance in a serious debate against him


    Stewart's argument is legit though I understand O'Rielly's critique but as Stewart argued if you expect that level from Common it must be held to all.

  • CSS

    really? Just saying so people aren't scared at looking what the crazy people are talking about because they think it will support them.

  • yee

    I don't agree with O'Reilly, but you can't say he doesn't make some valid points.

  • Bigwill

    "I got mad love for you thats a rap phrase" ROFLMAO!

  • the_villen

    boo ya!!! jon's the man!

  • PhrayzerMusic

    this might be the most pointless argument of all time..

    - Common deserves recognition as a great positive, conscious rapper
    - Jon Stewart is funny
    - Bill O'reilly is actually one of the better people of Fox News, at least he had some ammunition for this argument unlikie Hannity's dumbass

  • RichieLitt

    Reilly is just a fucking racist who thinks white people are superior. It is plain and simple to the naked eye. Fuck that piece of shit.

  • fox news is just trynna blow this up cause they hate blacks and dont wanna see obama get his second term in office, which is almost a give in with the bin laden killing.


  • ipoop


  • @Phrayzer

    O'Reilly didn't have any "ammunition", he just kept repeating that Common visited Assata in Cuba. And he had no response to whether everyone who made a song defending a convicted murderer should also face his "wrath", O'Reilly's argument was falling apart at the seams in every minute of the segment above.

  • abusaud

    I vote that next year's poetry slam that Lil John and Waka Fucka Flamer perform. And they can bring Ted Nugent so the rednecks (and/or Faux News) won't be pissed.

  • y silv

    these r two rare cases in Commons career who has been one of the most positive influences in music for years and years . . . this is the guy fox news picked they're discrediting the thousand other things he's done that have changed the world for the better

  • Quickstrike

    "You're putting yourself in a smaller and smaller box" lol. It doesn't make any sense to even debate this issue Bill knows himself he's reachin and this is fake outrage to distract from Obama killin Osama that boosted his popularity. To argue is to honor that they actually have a real point of view.

  • bobsaget

    fox news is just trynna blow this up cause they hate blacks and dont wanna see obama get his second term in office, which is almost a give in with the bin laden killing.
    mikeyfresh said this on May 16th, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    --- it's almost a "give in"? maybe you meant a given.. to many illiterate niggers are voting for this clown to not be reelected.



  • Damir

    Jon Stewart told Billy to get up.
    That's a rap phrase.
    Get up!

  • Shy

    stewart took a mean ass dump on this faggot. i mean REAL mean. like the kid had a spicy burrito with pepper jack cheese right before the show type of mean.
    stewart and colbert are those dudes.
    Colbert Nation, fuckboy.

  • marty mcfly

    I hope that turning on the TV and seeing a black president continues to eat these racists white folks up inside cause they always pointing out negative stereotypes about blacks while the negative things about their own history are facts. You people honestly believe that the bush administration gave a fuck about you. Please

  • Ringer

    Can we just establish that The Daily Show is propaganda as well? They demean the opposition using humor, appealing to leftists. FOX News does similar things. On camera, Bill O'Reilly is only slightly more oblivious to his opponents legitimate achievements as Jon Stewart. Off camera, neither is as ignorant as they appear. Of course, in this case, Bill O'Reilly has no real argument because it's just a ridiculous premise that visitors of the White House need some sort of approval. Superbowl winners go every year, and I'm pretty sure Ray Lewis killed somebody once. I kid, but you get my point.

  • Hibachi_Heat

    I swear that this and the segment on The Daily Show are some of the funniest "political" videos I've seen in a while.

    Honestly, of all the rappers to complain about... COMMON?!?! Really?! This shit is hilarious and there is very little that FOX can say to cloak the fact that they're all ignorant, racist bastards.

  • Bluuuuuuuu

    Blu just dropped a brand new album. REAL TALK. Post the link 2DopeBoyZ so the Blu fans know!!


  • solo.w

    @bobsaget hi umm.. quote: it’s almost a “give in”? maybe you meant a given.. to many illiterate niggers are voting for this clown to not be reelected. I believe it should be 'too many' not 'to many' correct? no? but whatever... easy with the use of nigger it's not classy (only reason I called ya out my dude!)

  • Oak

    I like the point Stewart made about banning the use of actual assault rifles instead of throwing a hissy fit over a song. I've always loved Jon Stewart's show, but I have even more respect for him for standing up for Common like this.

  • OF


  • Belve

    I for one think Jon Stewart missed a trick on this one... The comment about assault rifles was the trail that O'Reilly dared not tread. The NRA would have had cause to rip into him and that would have gone against one of the Fox News biggest supporter groups.

    Also he equated being invited to the White House as validation for Common's beliefs - Why not attack back using the invitation to Eazy-E who was an admitted drug pusher turned business man. Better yet defend the Prez's right to allow people/artist to have minority beliefs and yet still be a great part of this country.

    While I applaud him for going on the show and having the debate, it really was about a trivial matter. The gang at Fox News needs to be told in no uncertain terms, If you are for America as a whole, You have to accept that everyone does not share the same beliefs, experiences or fears.

  • thewilywon


  • ad.

    I believe there is a simple explanation for why Common was chose. He's from Chicago, also Obama's "home". As well as Obama simply liking Common as an artist.

  • AnDuSaYcHiCiTy

    I have become a viewer of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart because of this. O'Reilly raised some really good points actually until Stewart countered with the Bono, Springsteen, and Dylan argument. BOOYAH! Ethered. Was he indirectly saying that Fox is racist? I think so.

  • T-Joey

    fool TDS is not propaganda like fox. 1 they take shots at obama all the time. alllll the time. they also take shots and MSNBC all the time. not as much as they take shots at fox, but that's cuz fox is so fucking ridiculous you have to call them out on their bull shit. and if you need evidence of Jon taking a shot at Obama just watch the video again, he takes one at him in there. but you probably didn't catch it.

  • An Educated Black Man

    Please stop posting political news on this site cause it just brings out the stupidity in all involved with this website. Fox News is not by any means "fair and balanced" but they are the closest station to non-biased news. The Daily Show is entertainment more than it is news.

  • T-Joey

    Jon may have gone after the assault rifle deal a tad bit more, but Bill pre tapes then edits it. so it may have gotten edited out.

  • StickYourFootInYourMouth

    — it’s almost a “give in”? maybe you meant a given.. to many illiterate niggers are voting for this clown to not be reelected.
    bobsaget said this on May 16th, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    TOO many illiterate white people looking to get another C average political dumbass in office.

  • SS

    The Daily Show is entertainment more than it is news.


    The fucked up thing is that The Daily Show is closer to real news than Fox News programming is. And it's a comedy show.

  • IllicitMC

    Thanks for posting this Shake, you made it waaay easier for me to find!

  • Maga D

    O reilly did have a point though. Eventhough Common is the most positive rapper, or one of the most, he did go to Cuba (A country the USA has no affiliation whatsoever with) to visit Assata Shakur (An accused cop killer, bank robber, and kinapper). Think what you want about innocence/guilt of Shakur, but why would Obama want to associate with that? I mean, you know it's just asking for trouble. But hey, if Eazy E can do it? (No spellcheck)

  • ^^^^^ the US has no relations with Cuba over bullshit from the 60s. get over it....time for the US to lift that embargo and trade with Cuba

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Too many people believe that Jon Stewart is simply a brain dead comedian, the man is extremely intelligent while also being entertaining and witty.

  • The Truth

    An Educated Black Man is in fact a white republican..

    Don't be fooled..."ignorance is bliss"

  • and someone called fox news the "most unbiased news" or some shit like that
    Fox News considers i think 75% of it's programming "opinion"...

  • Jon Stewart has been the man, im glad he's getting more recognition, dude def deserves it, entertaining and insightful

  • Julian

    White people need to stop being racist.

  • Quetzalcoatl

    So is it national hip hop week and national police week in the same week? Lol wow

  • The Truth

    Anyone who thinks he is being racist is stupid. You dumb niggers put it on yourselves by doing drugs and stealing things that you did not earn. Shut the fuck up and get a job instead of ranting on a hip-hop website from a fucking Best Buy computer.

  • apoclyps

    Assata Shakur was convicted of killing a cop after a highway shootout that left a cop dead as well as a the driver of the car she was in. Shakur was shot and lost the use of her left arm and was proven to have no gunshot residue on her hands but was considered guilty simply for being in the car when the shooutout took place. I'm gunna side with Common and say she's innocent.

  • Real Talk

    wow Im so glad Jon Stewart chose to fight against this ridiculous amount of propaganda fox news is trying to spread to the world. In essence the argument is a black man should not be allowed into the white for a "poetry slam". Regardless of the fact that he "supports cop killers". Fox news is racist and so is Bill O'Reilly. Its evident. If you think other wise go educate yourself.

  • this muthafucker

    Anyone who thinks he is being racist is stupid. You dumb niggers put it on yourselves by doing drugs and stealing things that you did not earn. Shut the fuck up and get a job instead of ranting on a hip-hop website from a fucking Best Buy computer.

    The Truth said this on May 17th, 2011 at 4:55 am

    ^^^way to defend bill o'reilly on not being a racist by making a racist comment about blacks on this very site, Asshole smh

  • eml

    These comments have once again reinforced my belief that half of the U.S. population is mentally retarded.

  • blackman

    Anyone who thinks he is being racist is stupid. You dumb niggers put it on yourselves by doing drugs and stealing things that you did not earn. Shut the fuck up and get a job

    100% correct

    all these rappers talk about guns drugs killing people and when they get arrested they say fuck the police.

    black people need to grow up


    MAD PROPS TO Jon Stewart

  • Dorian

    The machine is gonna take him out next week.

  • airyeezy

    "— it’s almost a “give in”? maybe you meant a given.. to many illiterate niggers are voting for this clown to not be reelected."

    oh you mean Too many? yeah there are too many illiterate hating fuck heads here.

    Jon killed him plain and simple haha

  • Jon

    After watching 5 mins of foxnews it was clear there was a biased toasted obama and they pick at every little thing his administration does to discredit him. Who cares who he was associated with (ex. His pastor) we all have people in our lives be it relatives or friends that do or say things we don't approve of or agree with it doesn't make anyone a bad person. Also o'reilly kept saying she's a cop killer for obvious dramatic appeal to paint a dark image of this woman and commons support of her but the truth is read any document, site, or even her own book and it's clear the facts support her innocense. Am I to believe the same justice system that wrongly accused rubin Carter for a crime? Or a government that set up FBI agency to discredit and destroy the black panther party because they were to organized and intelligent? And assays shakur was accussed of multiple crimes and beat them all except finally they were able to pin that murder on her. Not to mention they had to dismiss a jury from that case for saying comments like " if she's black she's guilty". Smh common deserved an invite because he's an intelligent positive role model for all people and just because you may not agree with his view on assata it doesn't mean his career needs to be spit on by a network seeking to degrade anything the Obama administration does

  • LB


  • LB

    WTF IS UP Jon Stewart. I support this nigga now like i support mayer.

  • Julian

    I'm Cuban. But I still think white people need to stop being racist.

  • artsnobs

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  • lovestoned

    he just made bill o'reilly his bitch.

  • thatrealshit

    with all the support for stewart on this site it makes me wonder how all these ass backwards, subconsciously racist republicans come out of the woodwork every year to vote in elections. do they own computers? do they watch tv? just makes me wonder how many weirdos there doin who knows wat in this country

  • lovestoned

    7 people who doesn't like this hates life. very miserable

  • HA!

    "I didn’t get to catch this on TV (aka… I didn’t want to give Fox News any extra boost in ratings)." After a genius comment like that I can see why you don't watch FOX. Because your facts are based on what someone else said. What an idiot!

  • sub

    BOOYAAHHH!!!! lmao

  • sub

    if bill did kill himself i wouldnt be mad

  • FukFauxNews


    Vote for Jon Stewart

  • Frank

    Jon Stewart is a comedian but Bill O'Reilly is a joke

  • FauxNewsIsTheDevil

    Vote for Jon Stewart!!!! Don't let fuck ass Bill O'Reilly & Faux News Win

  • Shot Ball

    bill oreilly always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong...god dammit...Wal marts Giving Back After Laying Off Over 35,000 People.. $1,400 Gift card - I Grab 3 of Them..Lmao http://goo.gl/g4zvo

  • RED

    Man I wish 'Pac was alive so he could Ether O'Reilly. That would be interesting to see.

  • steven

    sorry o'reily.
    i know i am waisting my time,
    but just to let of some steam, suck my black penis!
    your full of shit, stewart i go with you and i have to say,
    what common said, is right. there are so many inocent on death row.
    come on eeven you have to see that! sorry dude i dislike you even more after that!

  • james dean

    John Stewart just killed that whole debate.....also he got to the real question...if all these other guys can go to the White House then why does Fox have a problem with Common and not Bono or Bob Dylan?

  • I see people are more worried about spelling than political issues on this site lol. I'm a college graduate, I just rather save the proper spelling for important shit.

  • Megacherv

    That is f**king...beautiful...I'm British so haven't seen much of Jon Stewart at all, but Jesus Christ is he a fantastic debater. He tore apart Bill "The tide is God" O'Reilly's arguments and did it with what seemed to be outbursts yet seemed more mature and composed than Bill ever was in that interview (even the 'booyah')

  • Nothing worse than an idiot calling someone else an idiot

    “I didn’t get to catch this on TV (aka… I didn’t want to give Fox News any extra boost in ratings).” After a genius comment like that I can see why you don’t watch FOX. Because your facts are based on what someone else said. What an idiot!

    HA! said this on May 17th, 2011 at 11:08 am

    ^^^^wait.....are u suggesting that fox news keeps people well-informed using nothing but facts all the time and anyone who gets their info from somewhere else is ill-informed?? please clarify yourself cause u sound like a fucking moron if thats the case lol

  • B-Line

    The O'Riley Factor is the one enclave of Fox News that is consistent in the attack of our Hip-Hop culture. He repededly attacks our music and our artist for personal gain and to appeal to the White anti-Rap scared shitless old white ladies that feel anytime they see a black guy he's gonna rape them. If you remember the whole Ludacris and PEPSI situation that went down this should be no different. Bill made LUDA look like a GANGSTA rapper and we all know he is far from that. Personally Fox News appeals to an audience that thrives on fear and racial undertones. Obama will never be there president so I believe HE needs to come to grips with that and Rule with an Iron Fist instead of a Cooking Glove

  • The Truth

    Let's face it, the 98% of black people that go out and vote don't know shit about politics. They just hear from their drug dealer about which political figure is the most lenient on issues such as rape, drug possession, and welfare. Stupid fucking monkeys.
    That being said, the best news that you can get is provided to you by a good education. Go to a technical college or some shit instead of eating up and believing in news from either of these guys, you dumb niggers. The world doesn't work in a way that grants you the capability of forcing fucking bananas down your throat, so just make something of yourselves instead of having us honest taxpayers pay for your fucking time in prison.

  • marty mcfly

    @ The Truth , Who has brought more destruction to the world since the beginning of time? Whites or blacks... Every race and culture on the planet earth has something negative to say about white people and its not because you run the world cause you dont.

  • The Truth

    I'm not even white. Thanks for trying, though.

  • marty mcfly

    I dont care what you are cause your a faggot anyway. My real life >>> your future

  • The Truth

    You cared enough to respond with such a blind, arrogant remark. I'll give you some time to wrap that thought around your stupid, niggerish brain.

  • DKJ

    Jon Stewart is my hero.

  • rt101

    O'Reilly and fox got pwnd !!hah

  • mc604

    I take my fitted off to Mr.Jon Stewart, Well done sir.

  • Uknown

    Stewart slaughtered him

  • aConcernedKidInLumbeeTown

    There was a lot of hate throughout this blog deal. And I'm not one to normally comment or post anything on these online forums because a lot of the time I figure even if I have an opinion on the issue at hand there's probably a pretty good chance that I don't know all the facts because I'm not involved in the situation directly. So putting aside my opinions of this debate and what really goes on between the different networks and the different TV pundits, I just wanted to say that I feel sorry for the people of our country. I think that it is impossible for anyone to fully understand what is going on in our society and that this uncertainty breeds fear. And that fear blinds us, creating a vicious circle of blame that continually keeps us from progressing forward as human beings. Not to be too pessimistic but it's really just a huge waste of time...

  • Fausta

    Jon Stewart is the fucking man

  • And you know whats sad. Almost all the people that watch fox news are middle aged republicans who already hate rap. So them blowing this out of proportion doesn't help. I'm glad Stewart was defending Common though. He had some valid points.

  • mikemaz

    this is probably the best video on the common/white house debate