Wale, Meek Mill & Rick Ross – Fitted Cap f. J. Cole

blame it on Meka May 16, 2011

Basically it sounds like every other song from the album. The best track on the alum is actually the Lex Luger-produced “That Way,” because it does not sound like the Lex Luger we’re familiar with. Props to Complex.

DOWNLOAD: Wale, Meek Mill  & Rick Ross – Fitted Cap f. J. Cole | Alt

BONUS: Wale, Meek Mill, Pill, Rick Ross & Teedra Moses – Self-Made (prod. Just Blaze) | Alt

  • Bossss


  • Bossss

    Ps. C’mon J.Cole. Please.

  • swagw

    meek mill killed this!!! im liking more and more

  • Protege

    how many times can they spit over the same fucking beat? J. Coles verse is mehh too. this song has nothing to offer. get at me @pros2ill

  • wat

    Wack. So wack. Wale and J.Cole are better than this. -_-

  • Loso

    whats wrong wit cole -_-

  • DAN

    Wale and J.Cole are better than this


  • FreewayRickRoss

    Rick Ross needs to give his fans some credit. No one with a half a brain cell believes he used to be some sort of Miami drug kingpin
    Rick Ross doesn’t seem to understand this though. He’s gotten to the point where he is still in denial in spite of incredible evidence that says that he was never a drug kingpin
    The fans have forgiven him yet he lies to them and talkS to them like they are dumb

  • thatrealshit


  • bcvwi

    i like this honestly. im from philly and didnt like meek mill but he’s growing on me

  • FreewayRickRoss

    The rapper Rick Ross would have his fans believe that he made millions trafficking cocaine while running with one of Miami’s violent street gangs.

    Now, records show that Ross’s own lawyer last year disputed reports that the performer has ever been affiliated with any gang. Ross’s purported hoodlum connections were explored last April

  • FreewayRickRoss

    William Leonard Roberts II born January 28 1976) better known by his stage name Rick Ross is a manufactured gangsta rapper
    He graduated high school went to college and spent a year at the historically black college Albany State University in Albany Georgia studying criminal justice
    Then trained and passed as a CO William worked as a CO for 18 months
    Had a clean record untill January 2008 on gun and marijuana charges
    Ross agreed to perform a wide range of correctional officer duties including shoot an inmate attempting to escape

  • Loso

    J. Cole = Papoose

  • FreewayRickRoss

    Do you have anybody from a Carol City gang that you have information on or basis of any knowledge that says he is affiliated with them
    Do you have anything that shows you he was affiliated with any gang
    Hernandez replied No I do not
    Zamren also got Hernandez to acknowledge that prior to the January 2008 bust Ross had never been arrested in Miami-Dade County where he lives


    SUMMER 2011

  • FreewayRickRoss


  • FreewayRickRoss

    “Specifically I was talking about DJ Khaled, if people wanna know,” Gibbs tweeted
    “[Rick Ross] makes good records, but I just can’t support no bold-faced lying on records,” Gibbs said. “I guess he’s entertaining people. It’s like a movie, like ‘Scarface.’ He can have that fake lane. I’ll stay in the real lane. We got a non-fiction lane of rap, that’s how I’m looking at it now. So you got that fiction lane over there where they’re doing all them. I do the non-fiction, the autobiography, the real sh**.”


    i dont get it… is his snapback fitted? are his jordans snapback? maybe he has some crazy fitted/snapback combination hat the world has never seen before…

  • bayarea

    this song makes no sense, a snapback is not a fitted wtf bullsht

  • jonnielluminati

    First M-Bone dies, then J. Cole associates himself with these clowns…hip hop is officially dead

  • adi Pre

    This shit is fucking awful, why the fuck did Cole even jump on this track!?

  • Loso

    lmao rick ross tryna be big sean talking about snap backs at least say it right bro there aint no such thing as a hybrid snap back and fitted

  • KC_Mafioso

    Meek Mill >

    This track is still horrible tho…

  • CK

    Uh oh COLE wtf u doing.. dude used to warrant instant downloads but I passed on Cole’s last 2 songs

    cole world no snuggie

  • El Oh El

    lmao i was looking at the tracklist on wiki and lex luger only produced one track. How come all the beats sound like he did em wtf :|

  • colewintersnowballs

    j cole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this reminds me of his sons lights please same concept

  • unclesam

    Wow, what the hell is happening to J. Cole, really? He even got outshined by Meek Mill on this. Dude’s falling off for real. He needs to step his game up ASAP.

  • chuck

    Fuck that Fitted Cap shit… but that Self-MAde beat and song…fuckin dope!!! Just Blaze killed that shit…

  • marty mcfly

    This song sucks , im so tired of the lex luger style of beats and as far as the topic and the verse from j cole…GTFOH wit that bullshit.

  • lopt

    j.cole is falling off because jay-z is not puting him out thats why all the rappers are flocking to rick ross cuz he takes care of his artist.. t.i didnt put meek mill out, wale whole fucking label bulshitted his album, wateva pill was doing wasnt working before,

  • D

    this is wack. j cole be fuckin up. but then again, even rakim from 88 couldn’t save this track…

  • I hope Jermaine Cole realizes his album better be classic material… after hearing this. IT’S MANDATORY NOW.

    NYC/BROOKLYN is going to have his way with this one now there’s
    a lot of NEGATIVE criticism upon cole now LOL.

  • creme

    cole didn’t go hard at all on this track..Wal marts Giving Back After Laying Off Over 35,000 People.. $1,400 Gift card – I Grab 3 of Them..Lmao

  • @CZurcherPA

    Cole’s verse was alright, these types of beats are set up for him to get deep on.
    I know he goes on this site, so im hoping he gets back to that Warm UP/Before Im gone type music, thats who will buy his music

  • realtalkmusic

    Yeah, no lie Meek Mill be going lately…lotta energy in his flow.

    I also don’t understand why they fuck with those budget ass wannabe luger beats…why not just get the beats from luger?

    Also, that just blaze track is nasty….at least meek mill, Ricky, and the beat..

    Last but not least….J Cole is fucking wack. I was already borderline but this nigga turrrble. He can rhyme, but so can a million underground niggas along the east coast. He’s on this ross track because he wanted to know what a radio hit sounded like.

  • unclesam


    Yeah, but look at other rappers, look at Kendrick, look at the whole Black Hippy, look at KRIT, look at Spitta, look at Dom Kennedy, they all do their thing on their own, they didn’t need a co-sign or any help from Jigga or whoever.

    J. Cole needs to take care of himself, and that’s why he needs to first of all do better songs and second make more songs because he rarely drops anything, he had a lot of buzz around the time FNL dropped but then he didn’t release shit after that. He’s making all the wrong moves like going on a tour while you still have momentum and should drop music.

    He should hit the studio and make a dope mixtape to create some buzz for his album because at this rate no one is going to buy it.

  • worldsocole

    “Old bitter ass sit around in middle-class homes with computers on hatin on the newest song.”

  • Rezo

    Man, you dudes are about as smart as a short bus special education kid. Did you hear the beat? Did you hear the concept of the song? Did you hear how Cole was rapping? He didnt “go hard” on purpose, a real MC is not gonna really go in on a song like this. This is the kind of song Meek Mill goes hard on because it’s the ONLY kind of song he can make. That was a let me get my feature money and give you this throw away verse by Cole. Still laughing at all of you saying Cole is garbage because of this. If you were him would you even CARE to kill this beat with a dope verse? Fuck outta here!

  • marty mcfly

    The other song is fire though.

  • marty mcfly

    @Rezo , yeah if I was Cole I would kill everything or not be on it cause this idea about throw away verses and songs aint dope.

  • BounceB

    Yall gotta realize Cole n Wale r friends u think J.Cole not gon jump on a song wit his buddy Wale no matter the beat or context…the sad part is that Cole n Wale r so dope but i feel like dey degrading themselves imo….

  • DB Coopert

    ok yall are trippin alittle too hard now its only a feature. yall expecting him to be 2pac or something. give him a break.

  • T

    Cole just did this for Wale

    How can anyone even drop sick lines on a Lex Luger beat?

    shit is so wack!

  • unclesam


    Actually, it’s on these verses that he HAS to come hard because this isn’t just Jermaine’s standard listeners but people who listen to Rozay, people who listen to Pill, people who listen to Meek Mill, people who listen to Wale, they’re all going to hear Cole spit and if that ain’t hot, do you think they’ll go on to 2dopeboyz and see Cole’s newest song and click on it or just skip it? It obviously leans more towards the latter option, right?

    When Cole’s featured he needs to come raw, like he did on A Star Is Born. He needs to show his lyrical ability and his flow, not do some lazy work.

  • marty mcfly

    On a 2nd listen Cole didnt do that bad but I think he would have been better off putting that verse on the Self Made song instead cause that beat is more his lane.

  • blacknannyfromtomandjerry

    j.cole > mc hammer.

  • BounceB

    but on another note Wale bodied that self made joint sheesh…..

  • Umm. . . Unknown

    @unclesam He Went Hard On A Star Is Born Because He Had Something To Prove. On Some Rozay Song, He’s Proven Already. Plus, This Verse Is More Directed Towards Rozay’s Audience So He’s Doing The Right Job. Yes Or No ? Yeah.

  • Meek Mill is a problem!

  • KC_Mafioso

    That Way (Produced by Lex Luger) >>>>>>>>

    Anywayz…where is that nigga NYC/BROOKLYN at?????? lol

  • mark

    this song would be better without ross on the hook, he sounds bored
    hope coles sounds better on the mmg track with curren$y

  • Snagz

    Fans want Cole to give his best verse on a Rick Ross song called “Fitted Cap”? You young boys really don’t know, you will understand one day. haha

  • buddy

    All you clowns who talking shit about J Cole being wack because of one verse are closet rappers who wish you were in his spot!!! Fuck off, sell your beat up pro tools set up and get a GED!

  • TrueHopTunes

    It’s not the fact that J. Cole’s verse was wack, its the fact that Cole is associating himself with a fake wack rapper like Rick Ross who is a disgrace to hip hop and black people.
    But if Cole wants the industry to support him, he has to do things like that. Jay-Z messes with Ross so naturally Cole pretty much has no choice but to associate himself with all the industry clowns Jay-Z does in order for his album to be released properly.
    I would be surprised to see him collaborate with Lil Wayne next. (But I pray to god that doesn’t happen!)
    *Follow @ ma_THT

  • realtalkmusic

    Cole stans will make an excuse for anything. You want him to give his best verse on this? You can’t give a ill verse on a lex lugar beat…excuse me, wayne kills all luger beats. Yall acting like this nigga on the throne, he aint got the luxury to take flows off!!

  • Jax

    I thought J. Cole did good. Its just that this track in general is trash. I don’t know what to say about Wale. Helf the time I can’t understand what he be saying.

  • ms.DrizzyCole

    i only like J cole’s part *shrugs* no download

  • ac

    he means his Jordan’s are snapback

  • wobble

    LOL @unclesam insinuating that Rick Ross and Meek Mill fans would listen to Jermaine if he was spitting something in depth.
    If anything they’re probably thinking DERP DIZ DUDE RITE HERE IZ JUZ AZ DUMMY AZ I IZ DIZ SHIH IZ FLAMEZ NIGGA IM GONNA GO HAM IN DA WHIP WID DIZ PLAYIN AT 1:30AM. #swag #drinkingnuvo #bigfacedhundred

    I also don’t think that Rick Ross fans even know about 2Dopeboyz. They probably sit around downloading the garbage that sits on Datpiff’s homepage.

  • ms.DrizzyCole

    NYC / BROOKLYN gonna have a field day with this one lmaoo

  • Meek destroyed the just blaze beat!

  • Kurupted

    Cole going backwards he releasing bullshit like 1 of the dudes above me said I passed on his last 3 songs disgusting, this one n the one that got leaked recently

    Cole just drop the single and fuck my ears like only u can

  • Phillys Finest

    is it just me or is Rick Ross ruining most of these tracks?

    dumbass choruses and annoying voice ruins verses by Meek and Wale

    Meek should have stayed with Grand Hustle and Wale should have gone independent

  • TheDayIfellinLovewithHipHop

    Meek Mill did his thing. J. cole not fina come out with no genius lines. He gotta save it for the album. Its gonna be a good summer with some classics. “Old bitter ass sit around in middle class, Hating on the newest songs”

  • that wale verse were strictly for sneakerheads. u didnt understand if u dont kno sneakers.

  • INKr3d

    well as far as my nigga luga,(kuz i do personally kno him) if they wanna keep using the same format of a beat, then by all means put more money in lex pockets. But as far as the flow, Ross is gonna have to quit wit the bs. Let Wale, N Millz and the rest of MMG do what they do. N J cole’s verse was very dissapointing. I hope he dont pull a drizzy and the damm album sound like a mixtape. Kuz if ColeWorld aint bringin the same fire that The come up, the warm up, and friday night lights brought, ima be highly pissed!!!!!! (n shoutout to all the real sneakerheads!!!!!!!)

  • afoXbehindthewheel

    Yeah, its obvious the J.Cole verse was on this because he was looking out for his nigga Wale. That said, its still not my favorite Cole verse, even though it may be the one tolerable one i’ve heard on a Luthor beat so far. I still dont think Wale fits in on MMG, not when you think about his earlier shit (Mixtape about nothing/Back to the feature/etc) but I respect the move because it gets him some more play at least.

    Still looking for the J.Cole album, and im hoping the next Wale album isn’t full of Luthor (esque) beats and doing southern bangers.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    MMG taking over

  • TrueHopTunes

    J. Cole should have to deliver a dope verse for this. I mean who actually gives good verses to a Lex Lugar beat? Lil’ Wayne? lmfao PLEASE!

  • TrueHopTunes


  • That Self-Made joint minus Rawse making that annoying ass noise is mad dope! Just really killed it with that beat he made for it!

  • V

    Why does every Rick Ross song sound the same? Even that fucking joint with weezy sounds identical.. SMH

  • ColeWorldNoBlankie

    Niggas gotta understand that j.cole does actually go hard on feature songs only if he has something to prove,look at “In the mirror” remix, he outshined Wiz,and Wale on it, Look at “Looking For Trouble”, he outshined Ye and the rest.

  • I actually liked this song.

    J Cole is so overrated its not even funny. If it wasn’t for the Roc Nation cosign most of ya’ll would NOT give a damn.

    Dude is extra average with non-special bars. No real charisma or appeal to him. Hes BORING. His livest song was actually pretty medicore. Either “higher” or “who dat”

    Higher was aight…”who dat” was just SUPER corny…worst chorus ever. Dude is just NOT that good. Just keep it real and see it for what it is.

  • keepitbuck

    @ i a actually liked this song
    you sound VERY STUPID let me guess young money sent you here?

  • gbaby201193

    Have u ppl 4got wat hip hop is??? Its always not about a story about a struggle. Sometimes its about feeling good. This is a song about style so stfu!!! This is not suppose 2 be super lupe lyrical. The ppl on this website hates on everything an artist puts out. I understand u want some tupac style rapping but this 2011 listen 2 it or make ya own music. Hatin ass people. As long as yall hate these rappers gona have something 2 talk about.

  • XMan

    these niggas is lyrical over whatever beats and they provin it …. quit hatin fags!