Pharrell’s Floating Studio (Pics)

blame it on Shake May 16, 2011

The BBC Blog just put up some shots of Pharrell’s Studio Yacht. More after the jump.

Inspiring shit.

  • Mikee $tar

    Damn me paid.

  • Mikee $tar

    * HE

  • red

    This looks like a dream. Get your money Pharrell.

  • MEGANgood


  • eag

    this is tru balling… fuck!!!

  • CS

    Is that 40 in the 4th pic? Drake and Pharrell could be dope….

  • ???????????

    where was he actually going?

  • ?

    So you see a white guy with his hair cut and you think its 40…:/ GTFOH nigga.

  • !

    Looks like he is in Italy or Spain.

  • helloworld

    Ballin out of control!

  • Lmao nigga that thumbs down on this is clearly salty and nothing more, this is what grinding is about right here…

  • justsaying

    wonder how much this cost… and where he keeps it..

  • wow.

  • Mind…exploded.

  • Jojoba

    Damn! All that NERD money!

  • Dope…..

  • Mike

    Pharrell is the B E S T! keep it up with the beats I fux with u.

  • jets


  • Code


  • nOF

    This is Cannes I believe, and I think that’s a rented yacht. Still dope though

  • Meltdown,…Some one’s being paid to much. Mind blowing set up.


  • The Dicktaker

    I’m guessing this could possibly be one of the “very low-key locations,” according to Swiss Beatz in a recent video where Kanye and Jay-Z doing work on Watch The Throne.

  • Teddy

    Dudes been on top of his game since the late 90’s so this is to be expected. First mainstream joint he was involved in was Rumpshaker.

  • geoffrey

    damn i wish i had that

    If u love video games, you’ll love Joystick Junkies! http://t.co/YF8OdMN

  • pharrell fell off

    Damn, all that and he still can’t make a halfway decent beat nowadays.

  • pharrell’s still on

    pharrell fell off you been sleeping man? skateboard p had guest production on yeezy’s album which i think it’s safe to say was successful.

  • Big Bird

    @pharrell fell off CO-SIGN. I haven’t heard a beat that he has made that i have liked since 2003-2004. Gotta respect what he’s got, but it’s too bad that the music is crappy. So much more potential, and inspiring places to record…Wasted

  • Swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion!!!

  • ItsTheLife

    @nOF Exactly. Cannes is going on so I’m sure they’re there and this is definitely a rented yacht – NOT that that takes anything away from Pharrell. I’d love to be on it kicking it too. This boat is nowhere near anything he could afford though.

    Just looked it up.. this beast is 237 feet and coast in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Diddy’s rented it too. It’s called the RM Elegant and flies a Greek Flag. #bigboystoys #nohomo

  • Yes, because we all know Pharrell works harder than a doctor that dedicates his life to saving people everyday. OH WAIT…

    It’s when we start venerating media gods and artists, over educated and hard working individuals who make the world a better place, that’s when a society goes down the drain.



  • Real Nigga

    @2Smart4U fuck outta here with that bullshit fam. people become doctors for the money too any one can become a doctor but very few people can create some of the creative chords and melodies that pharrell and chad use i know a lot of doctors who dont ive a shit about saving lifes and who prescribe certain medications that only the insurance covers admire the mans success and and try to replicate it and not reciprocate it.

  • trilltalk


  • unclesam

    @Big Bird

    If you didn’t like a beat on Hell Hath No Fury, then there’s something terribly wrong with your ears.


    that shit is wild, what else could you ask for

  • lovestoned

    Those 10 people for sure hate life. hahahahah

  • 91&^UP

    I’m on a boat!

  • HindSight

    Yo Pharrell got STUPID money. I knew homie was caked up but not “Yacht Caked”…

  • T

    this is fucking insane