Blu – j e s u s (Album)

blame it on Meka May 17, 2011

What the hell? Blu decided to drop a free album all extra out of the blue (pun intended), and it has production from the likes of Alchemist, 9th Wonder, Madlib and more. Hell yes, please. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. n e w s h i t .
2. w h a t i f i w a s
3. o n t h e p o r c h
4. l u c k y .
5. d m v
6. b u r g a n d y
7. 4 u
8. d o o w h o p +
9. b i r d z n b ee z
10. j e s u s
11. d o t h e k n x w l e d g e

DOWNLOAD: Blu – j e s u s (Album) [via BandCamp]

  • Nick KAHL



  • mark

    needed some new blu in my life

  • Rezo

    OMG! This sound quality is worse than Charles Hamilton! Yo Blu either start mixing your shit or stop releasing the shit! How do you call yourself an artist and release half ass shit?? This dude is too damn cheap to mix and master his music. This sound quality is like -320kbps. lol

  • Rezo

    You record some shit on your computer in your room with a Fisher Price mic and then you wanna charge folks $10 for it? Fuck outta here nigga!

  • danny_

    I’ve been needing that “4U” track on my ipod since I first heard it earlier this year. God is Good!

  • Blu

    Nigga took you long enough

  • niGGA

    Yes nice Blu is da best

    And if you a BLu fan u already know my nigga Blu does not care lol

    He releases shit without notice love it

    also niggas complaining put some earphones on to listen a decent pair

    at least better quality than Godlee Barnes Lp which is getting a rerelease this summer nigga so look for that mastered version of GodLeeBarnes LP in the Summer

  • Roe

    Thank you Blu

  • :(

    hmmmmmm….big blu fan but not feeling this at all

    that blu and exile above the clouds shit was classic but this is ass

  • slim

    the shit!? atta boy blu! its a little bit rough and poppy for the old school feel. definitely dope and acceptable quality unlike that godlee barnes ish. sounds like some dismissed demos or something from before he started experimenting with the electronic beats.

  • 666

    LMAO Blu tried to charge for this and all the blogs fucked him by giving it away!

  • YungOne

    true but you think Blu really cares about the money like that? lol

  • Justin Herschel

    Classic, Classic EP!!!!!!!!! THank U Blu, and anyone please update the production credits. And Rezo ur a doosh bag. Talkin shit fuck u. The album sound is perfect. Ur an idiot.

  • Ace

    Yo @Rezo, you sounding real butthurt right now. You “Chris Boshing” 2dbz right now with your comments.

  • CSF

    Yo its not free anymore. Someone post a link for the cheap!

  • FuckOddFuture

    Real Fuckin Hip-hop Blu is the homie ,go also check out sum real fuckin Hip-Hop & go download ELZHI new mixtape Elmatic,thank me later!

  • Johnny Blaze

    this shit is horrible at least master it before putting it out

  • slim

    @CSF The hulkshare like was messed up anyways, couple track were the same song and the long songs were missing. a free-up of the bandcamp version would be appreciated though

  • mark

    now i wait for an re-release of theGODleebarnes lp

  • The songs you can listen to on Bandcamp are of lower quality (128Kb/s) because those are just samplers (also, Bandcamp streaming is so easy to rip anyone can do it). If you actually pay for the album you get access to the 320Kb/s version.

  • Love and respect Blu, but as an audio engineer, the sound quality is really bad. SMH. True story. lol

  • deeznutz

    hahaha, theres actually a website for deeznutz…hahaha

  • lilkandy

    FINALLY NEW BLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry too excited!

  • @ Dope

    Great link…clicked shit by mistake and turned out to be a good collection of beats.

    Dope ep imo, quality could be better but hey New Blu is better than No Blu.

  • lyars

    this shit aint free.

  • dorian

    Mad fuckin random

  • I just wish all the songs wasn’t 1 minute

  • FreeBlu

    What the fuck happened to it being free? I’m bumping the free version. Thanks, 2dope.

  • dirtysixchambers

    i found a mediafire link. not sure if it’s the same one that was posted that was messed up or not though…

  • Justin Herschel

    anyone have a link to the 320 version

  • DaBoss

    damnnnnnnnnnn quality is iffy, but new blu in shitty quality is still better than 99.9% of bullshit out now. Leggo.

  • fuckya

    i love blu, but this is kinda shatty

  • CLICK MY NAME to download this for free!

  • real talk

    Even though its Blu, no way can I justify droppin 10$ on an LP where 6/11 tracks are less than 2 minutes. Fuck outta here

  • username

    Alternate Cover please.. anyone?

  • quit your fuckin bitching he dropped this shit outta completly fuckin no where, no promotion, no nothin, if you like blu and respect him you can pay the 10$ or just fuckin download it for free, if you dont like the quality then just delete it and go on with your life not shits gonnna change when you come in here and complain about the quality or about 2 mintue songs, even though those songs are pretty much 2 staright minutes of rapping.. you guys get the fuck outta here

  • I

    @JustinHerschel your out of luck cause no one is gonna have the 320 version. there probably is no 320 version out there if there was Blu would have released it.

  • I


  • MoodMuzik

    Any person that pays $10 for this should remove Blu’s dick from their anus. The songs are all like 2 minutes or less and it sounds awful. I have very good speakers and I am telling you this is shit quality. He threw this out their for the SHEEP that support this rapper even though he puts no money into his craft. Stop supporting this man and maybe he will release better quality music. Once again if you actually paid $10 for a this so-called album you’re the SHEEP that I am talking about.

  • $10?
    Fuck that nigga, he needs Exile or someone cause he ain’t doin so well on his own.


    this shit is tight tho….if you have 10 support a good artist.

  • mark

    @MoodMuzik the $10 version is 320kbps, so purchase it and play it on your very good speakers

  • @MoodMuzik^wow your such a faggot get over it, some people like the raw sound with just dope ass rhymes, and your comment about if anyone pays 10$ for this they should remove blus dick from their anus? are you kidding me? broke ass bitch actin like 10$ is gonna save your damn life, faggot ill buy 2 cheeseburgers for 10$ and throw one away, this dude has sick fuckin lyrics who cares if he just throws this together and puts it out, its still better than 90% of the other music coming out, so how bout you go get a fuckin job so you can take that ten dollar bill off your pedastool

  • Eric

    @JaRule Exile is dope but these producers are also dope “Alchemist, 9th Wonder, Madlib and more” so i’m pretty sure this project will be fireee

    and @mark the 10 version is 320kbps? nice thanks for the info

  • Realtalk

    This shit ain’t that good.

    This nigga Blu is basically making me think Below the Heavens is going to be his best project. Nothing else is that great.

  • Aj

    Can anyone confirm the 320 Kbps sounds like normal music before I buy

  • JustSaying

    @Aj how about you play the tracks yourself and if they sound good to you than buy it.

  • WhiteOwls & AK-47

    ^ @YONKERS i like that oldschool sound too, and the doo wop samples, and shit. Thats all cool and fine, hell i’m not even a Blu fan but i respect it. (Now I’ll Get To The Point) 10$ is a waste of money bro…go buy your burgers and throw them away. 10$ can get me 45 Spicy Chicken Nuggets from Wendy’s….10$ can get be a dime bag, or can be used for gas or on a pill or 2. It’s funny people like you just throw money away. Shit, this is 2011. You prolly leave every light on in the house and take 2 hour showers!

  • Aj

    I can only stream them at 128 Kbps though. I need to buy it to have access to the 320 version.

  • rez

    People cant handle it when an artist does something different.


  • JustSaying

    @Aj than buy it or wait for the 320 version to leak

  • yeah this is 2011, i wont argue with the wendys chicken nuggets cause those are the shit, but 10 dollars worth of gas is like what i drive to work in 2 days not counting everywhere i drive outside of that, 10 dollars for a dime bag? of shwag yeah, but thats even more of a waste of money than anything on your list. im not really gonna go throw away a burger,im not some super rich dude who just throws around money, i work a regular 9-5 job nothin special, im just making the point that an artist throws together an album with dope fuckin rhymes, a great production list, with out saying a word about it, and people are still gonna complain about him wanting 10, fuckin, dollars.

  • if you hate on blu you hate real hip hop. ja rule and real talk can go blow wayne or jigga or some otha bitch ass fake rap perp. MAdlib Knxwledge alchemist and himself all drop sickening beats on this…what is not to love?!?

  • Realtalk

    @BLUferDAZE-lol nigga you sound like those mainstream fags that say Lil Wayne can do no wrong and love everything that he drops. Ironically you bitching about them at the same time.

    It’s not good cause it’s not good. Niggas wanna act like they haven’t dropped their fair share of wack/average beats. The project ain’t that good just cause Blu ain’t that amazing. I think Below the Heavens was a fluke at this rate.

  • LordMort

    keep Keeping REAL in y0 moms basement CHURCH

  • ac slater

    ill gladly pay for this when he mixes it. but ill just stream it for free now.

  • Robbie

    Shit is wack son, fuck off this niggas nuts

  • real talk

    Sorry, and I know $10 isn’t a lot in the grand scheme, but as a broke ass college student who needs to pay bills and rent I’m not going out of my way to pay for this shit. I have supported mad artists over the past year (Curren$y, Saigon, The Roots, Nas & Damien to name a few) who I felt deserved my money for putting out quality products. I’m not shelling out the same amount of money for something that is that short. Shit, I donated for Return of 4Eva and that shit was free from the start. Don’t preach to me about how I should spend my money.

  • risen357

    track 8 ft. planet asia & . . . ?
    and where can i find the actual production credits?

  • I thought Salvation was free (Jesus). Im not paying for this i need a free link


    this album is so sick, blu is an incredible artist

  • I be Blu, you be you, we be we, Scooby Doo


    uhh meka it aint free!!!

  • joe

    meh, goblin > jesus

  • Album is fucking dope, fuck the haters, too stupid to get down with such a poet

  • Anthony S

    Ur my boy Blu.. 20 niggas on here deserve to be Lil B’s rape monkeys. Amazing…he shoulda charged for this from jump street.

  • fasho

    this shit aint free.

    lyars said this on May 17th, 2011 at 1:59 pm


    and fuck blu for chargin’ 10 fuckin dollars for a halfass album! c’mon son, at least mix and master yo shit, better yet put that shit for free.

  • Anthony S

    Goblin over Jesus= go fuck your mother, your sister your preacher than put a bullet in your self. Odd Future is a joke gone 2 far..2 even compare Blu with them makes no sense. Hey golfWang idiot..hows it feel knowing the best mc’s in your crew are the RNB singer (Frank Ocean) and a nigga that is in exile in a foreign land (Earl Sweatshirt).. you 2k babies are what everthing negative about hip-hop stems from. 1978 hoe…peace!

  • Stupid ass niggas

    Nigga this shit ain’t free wtf is meka talking about.

    @joe gtfo

  • fugg

    have you guys even listened to Goblin? wtf. don’t criticize something you’ve never heard. Just a bunch of old ass bitches on this site who can’t try anything new. fuck you

  • allergic2wakness

    gotta keep it real with all the blu fanatics throwing tantrums.. these left over throw away beats is doodoo & the rhymes are mediocre at best.

  • Adfghb

    Blu is a god

  • Undefeated

    check out my beattape (FREE)

  • Justin Herschel

    all production credits are on the bandcamp page just click each track for production info: Madlib nailed it with the title track-J e s u s=AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • +++

    Yes, I have listened to Goblin, and honestly, that intrumental track towards the end was surprisingly cohesive. Having said that, the entire rest of the album was almost unlistenable. Pseudo-lyrical shock rap over shitty Fruity Loop beats. Blu is an artist, Tyler is a gimmick.

  • word, im dyin for the mastered version of GodLeeBarnesLP… that shit would be illy if it was listenable, LOL

  • come on son

    dude is a younger jay electronica…hella overrated

  • skeeter

    production credits

    1. new shit – blu
    2. what if i was – nathan
    3. on the porch – nathan
    4. lucky – blu
    5. dmv – blu
    6. burgandy – Hazekiah
    7. 4 u – knxwledge
    8. doo whop + – alchemist
    9. birdz n beez – 9th wonder
    10. jesus – Madlib
    11. do the knxwledge – knxwledge

  • 9


  • Maga D

    All of you sound like spoiled rich bitches. “The sound quality, the sound quality, I can’t listen” stfu. I’ve been a HUGE fan of GodleebarnesLP, just turn down the Bass & it sound right. This one’s quality is a little better, so quit bitchin about a project that one of your favorite rappers put out for YOU. C’mon Son! fuckin ridiculous.

  • Dolo808

    people fucking hating. Like if you cant peep Blu’s swag than avoid his music. If you need some super high quality sounding shit to feel cool in your car go get a DJ Khaled song. Shit is chill as hell. Blu>
    And all those bitching about 10$, WTF world do you live in? Youll spend 10$ at subways but cant on music, then go around bumping songs that you stole that only consist of some lame rapper talking about how money aint a thing. Sad irony

  • aha

    @Maga D
    Word son real fans know wats up

    BLU >

  • jesus

    ever since odd future blew up in every post there is some fuck face who always brings the hate on 2dbz……..and this is dope too i just got my copy of the below the heavens cd that got re released.

  • GRAM

    some new Blu., hellyeah. as long as i can hear the words im good.

  • Fuck..OFWGKTA

    Blu fell off…..Fuck Odd Future. No talent suburban skate rats.

  • c

    im in tears right now im still bumping below the heavens

  • nutsarebiggerthanyours

    blu didn’t fall off, wtf?

  • Shy



    you faggots are pathetic.

  • dan99

    blu, can’t wait to listen to some new blu shit. hopefully it ain’t disappointing.

  • rt11011

    track 7illi. got this for free99. #NoYork

  • I made myself a little tracklist w/ production credits. You can use it, if you want to. Just click on my name.

  • Aaron

    That’s Planet Asia on that doo whip track over that alchemist production … for the record…

  • mike

    it actually isn’t that bad, it just isn’t mixed, but i’m sure it hasn’t stopped any of us from downloading before [ex. Open beat tape, GodLeeBarnesLP…pretty much everything after myfavcolo(u)r]

  • Van City

    like dope n all but how do u charge for something so terribly mixed? invest in mixing before I invest in your terrible quality (but good) music

  • Imhotep

    Blu is low key the man. I have downloaded his whooolllee discography for free, so I dont mind shellin out 10 bucks to support a great artist. Its on principle.

  • BonitaAppleBum

    Doo Whop

  • Lix

    LMAO (Of Joy), This Is Smooth. GoodShit BLU.

  • Justin Herschel

    best ep of the year!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank U Blu & All the producers on the project big up to Madlib though that jesus track=BEEN ON REPEAT ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you can fucking like odd future AND like blu. it’s not that hard.

    but still, goblin > jesus.

  • e-pro
    320 kbps version, I bought it, I advise everyone else to.

  • BishopJuce

    How do people sitting on the internet doing nothing get the nerve to critique someone that is doing their thing and making a living doing it??

    Blu is a fucking artist. Good sound quality or bad sound quality: dudes got heart. I’m a fan for life.

  • LosAngeles

    I still have 2 Brand new unopened copies of Below the Heavens

  • @BishopJuce

    This guy hit it right on the head. So did a few of the others….

    Blu is releasing his music how he wants it. You’re SUPPOSE TO HEAR IT LIKE THIS YOU IDIOT. Embrace it for what it is. Expression.

    Blu doesn’t owe you anything, and for you to complain about it is just ridiculous. I Hate that.

    B-L-U, keep doing it fam.

  • Ken

    They updated the bandcamp page and it no longer states 9th as a producer. “birdznbeez” has Nathan listed. Still copped.

  • jstgld


    Shieet, lemme get one, they’re going for like $70 on ebay not about to pay that much.