Chris Faust - FAUST (Album)

After a very lengthy delay, the artist formerly known as Print drops his long-awaited sophomore project. It's about damn time too. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Faust - FAUST (Album)

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  • bobbychalkers

    Bout damn time!

  • LordMort

    Blu dropped a free album.
    Dont post it

  • LAsupreme

    that quality on the Blu - Jesus LP is mad wack. Couldn't listen to that shit...had to cut it off half way. IDK with what that nigga recorded that shit yo.

  • DK

    Finally hyped to listen to this

  • The artwork on this cover is nice - store front worthy.


  • Hang Loose

    Artwork looking nice. Can't wait to hear this.

  • Where Hiphop Went?

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Diggggggggggggggg go also check out sum real fuckin Hip-Hop from these brooklyn niggaz thank me later!

  • ad.

    Yes, yes & YES! Thank you.

  • mazoomy

    I just recently got hooked on Chris Faust when he dropped that song, So Long. I've been eagerly anticipating this project since.

  • @pros2ill

    i like this cover.. so ima give this no name a listen ok?

  • JAKethesnakebobby

    The Name is FAUST! He did that Comic Books album awhile back when he went under Print. Dude is great and the album may be a classic album

  • mazoomy

    Just listened and the album is great. Plus the artwork is amazing.

  • Sha

    this is my first time hearing dude and ive got to say he surprisingly made me an instant fan with this album same thing happened to me when i first heard QuESt...hope he keeps making music


    So fucking proud of my brother man! Kids gonna be a star you watch and see

  • @pros2ill

    never heard of this bitch b4. but the cover looks nice, so i guess ill open this book up

  • PJS192

    Took me by surprise, heard a few decent tracks from Faust so I'm looking forward to giving this a listen...

  • :P

    wow, just finally arrived at home and what do i see? Chris Faust's new album? yes please! *instant downloads*

  • very dope artwork.. gonna check this out

  • Undefeated
  • amazing, amazing project. I'm proud of this man. this should be for SALE!

  • Uknown

    From the leaks ive heard this going to be some good stuff!

  • Dirty R.E.D.D.

    I must Say I've waited for this album a long as time But it was worth the wait Print is one of the dopiest artist out rite now keep doing your thing boy


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