Future Joyner – Listen To Me (FreEP)

blame it on JES7 May 17, 2011

Future Joyner just released his FreEP titled Listen To Me which features the likes of The Audible Doctor, Apollo Brown, Frank Dukes and Cyrus the Great on the boards. Tracklisting and download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Future Joyner – Listen To Me FreEP

  • PeaceD

    Bout time…he got on here! In my opinion, this is a Hood CLASSIC

  • Shouts to Kas and to Future Joyner, this is good music right here. very dope

  • TheOfficialJFlow

    future is the truth… get familiar!!

  • SMW


  • KikiRenee

    This is dope.. Future is about to blow up ya’ll i’d say he is the dopest local rapper but he’s better then that. Better then ALOT of rappers that are already out there

  • Glover

    Dope and well put together. Easily Top Album Out Mass so far this year. Shouts to Kas and Future. See yall at unity fest.

  • these is dope

  • thatdude

    real hip hop creepin on you…

  • jpthewatcher

    10 dislikes? are you fukkin kidding me!? his dude is a monster.. this mixtape has got to be in my top 10 best MIXTAPES of all time. WORD UP!.. who ever is disliking this kid has obviously gotta be some sort of dummy & dont know or appreciate hip hop for that matter… jump off of a bridge.. this is actually the first time ive heard of him & i did some research. he just dropped a video.check it out its pretty dope. youtube search “future joyner listen to me”… BIG UPS TO FUTURE JOYNER.. #big fan

  • Moses

    Whats with the album cover, is this dude pissed off at someone?

  • haha

    the sad thing is…his picture is the only way to get people to listen to this guy

  • SneakySteve

    I personally think it’s an ILL concept..but hey I guess everyone can’t dig it.

  • J Dot

    This tape is a masterpiece. Period.



  • yesss

    Fucking with it. Keep it up!

  • yugang

    Man!! glad i clicked on the commont about this! the first impression on this guy is pleasant as fuck. This shit is dope!