Mickey Factz – The Finer Things (prod. KeY Wane)

A track from Mick's archives gets unearthed for the masses to enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Mickey Factz – The Finer Things (prod. KeY Wane) | Mediafire
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  • theCount


  • belz

    Mad boring. Tedious, average, BLAH. what else is new from this dude. Remember "The Inspiration"? Wow, what happened to that stuff.

  • rey

    why all the hate everytime someone fill me in

  • rey

    someone explain the hate

  • poetic assasin

    Yall serious, this shit is insane - because he isn't shouting it's boring ?

  • danny

    i been a mickey factz fan since heaven's fallout and i've noticed that he's ran out of ways to say things. he uses the same rhymes over and over in various songs. after a while it gets old and predictable. this song and all his recent songs are no different. same flow, same rhyme schemes, same ideas.

  • Maga D

    WTF are you talking about? Mickey does not use the same rhymes/ideas over, @Danny, go ahead and name some that he re uses I'd like to know wtf you're talking about. Anyway, Mickey, this is way better than that techno shit. You're looking good again on the music side. I hope these get compiled into the Leak vol. 3, is that happening?

  • BKQ

    Not bad...not bad at all.

  • yes

    This is cool but whoever singing the chorus sucks. but overall the song is nice.


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