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Uncle Imani (of The Pharycyde) – L.A. Blazers f. Luckyiam (of Living Legends) & Blu

blame it on Shake May 19, 2011

Dope (literally). Shouts to Aires on the heads up.

DOWNLOAD: Uncle Imani – L.A. Blazers f. Luckyiam & Blu | Alt

  • T

    Always nice to hear something with Blu.

  • tb

    cant put it on my ipod. this is a 2dope 1st

  • Pharcyde, Living Legends, and Blu

    ah fuck this is dope as hell wow

  • 91&^UP


  • @tb weird. it’s on my ipod right now.

  • NitoIVThePeople

    Shit’s not workin’ son! Re-up.

  • nito

    this is unhearble(literally)

  • G’s ^

    the stream doesn’t work but the links work fine.

  • yuurp

    should’ve been called “LA Bakers”

  • tb

    an error comes up saying it can’t play on my ipod when i try and sync it. it plays in my itunes fine though. dope ass track im bummed

  • qwest905

    damn such a dope song but it seems like it’s cut off

  • ?uestion_Marc

    @qwest yeah i was thinking the same thing. i feel like there should be more to the song. i thought my computer messed up when it just stopped like that.

  • Aires1der

    Good looks Shake… it originally came from Imani’s Facebook … to put in ur iPod play it on iTunes then convert file to mp4… should go on ur iPod then… yupppppp.

    All the way live Las Vegas Philippines ….

  • realtalk

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  • GR


    Are you guys like some bitch hesitant texting an ex? It’s not taboo if you post a video that mentions and supports Odd Future.

  • Dr. Louis “”Johnny” Larson

    dope u mean literally

  • From the Hell

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  • RIKO


  • M

    the sound quality is terrible, as soon as I hear something at 128kbps, its unbearable. this isn’t fucking 2001. why even release something if it sounds so vacant and watered down

  • That Dude

    produced by Simeon Viltz of The Primeridian. Don’t Sleep!: