SBTRKT – Wildfire (rmx) f. Yukimi Nagano (of Little Dragon) & Drake

blame it on Shake May 20, 2011

Drake adds his own flare to SBTRKT’s latest single with the lovely Yukimi Nagano (of Little Dragon*). Look for the original to land on the London producer’s upcoming self-titled album, dropping June 28th. Shouts to OVO.

DOWNLOAD: SBTRKT – Wildfire (rmx) f. Yukimi (of Little Dragon) & Drake | Alt

*Anyone else stoked about the next Little Dragon album? I know I am. Same goes for Complex.

  • T-Dot

    Drake > than ur favorite rapper

    hate it or love it…. you can’t handle the truth can u?

  • Black Jesus

    Yo I haven’t seen a Drake track out in a MINUTE (not a feature, an actual track).

    Anyone else feel like he has degraded as an artist since signing with Young Money?

  • braindead

    after the fail that thank me later was. im kinda hype for take care now. drake kinda droppin heat lately. i think its da syrup.

  • GR


    How was thank me later a fail? What the fuck are people sipping?

    This isn’t better than thank me later, but it’s a nice indie break.

  • bblockbitch

    drake is shit

  • DK


  • calloway12

    See, this is why this nigga is dope, not not on some dickriding shit. Some stuff is hating in the comments and some shit good criticism, he saw so many people saying his verses sounded the same so now he’s reinventing himself and his flow and it sounds hot. A lot of rappers don’t even take the initiative to do that. Showing a lack of dighdf care abt getting better and or a way of showing butt hurt stuborness over true constructive criticism. So all in all, Thumbs up drizzy. Can’t believe LESS niggas stan for him on here and MORE for dudes that don’t care about expanding sound/flow wise *cough* curren$y *cough wiz* Guess u need a crowd full of guys, a cool name for ur “crew” and a don’t give a fuck abt anything “gimmick” to be acceptable within todays “hip hop heads” very nice.

  • braindead

    @gr fail as in tml was a huge disappointment imo.

  • PJ

    shake your a fucking clown

  • rockett

    Doesn’t this flow kind of jack Big Sean a lil’ all he needs is the “BOI !” adlibs. Still Dope though.

  • rockett

    Btw, anybody notice that “OVO XO” shoutout… XO= The Weeknd.

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    Bitch in the photo look like that girl out the Ring fuckin Samara nigga

  • bzo

    Did homeboy say spitta’s flow don’t change? Listen to pilot talk the. Listen to covert coup you fuckboy. Probably just cant understand the meaning. JETS FOOL

  • +++

    The original was better. So is “Dreams Money Can Buy”. I think Drake’s style is just too mainstream to mix with Little Dragon.

  • kidadonis

    @rockett Actually, I was thinking that Drake was snatching another flow from Big Sean. Sad thing is, Drake takes them and gets shine, Sean moves to another and now sound disjointed.

    Song is nice.

  • holla if ya swalla

    lol this shit was a pleasant surprise

  • dubcyde

    This is a nice track, SBRTKT is on a hot streak, Living Like I Do is a fantastic tune

  • jubei208

    I like this. I’ll check out the original since I think it could do without Drake. I like Little Dragon’s self-titled debut and other album’s Yukimi Nagano has worked on. Koop – Koop Islands, Koop – Waltz With Koop, Hird – Moving On

    She has a lovely voice that goes great with most of the Jazz music she has been on.

  • yugang

    Funny i came across this cause my boy put me on to little dragon like 2 weeks ago and i’ve been bumping that shit heavy besides the usual hip hop shit i play everyday. Definitely look forward to little dragons’s new album.

  • drew

    little dragon dope been rockin wit em for a bit, yukimi like the asian sade thats wifey. they gonna be a ucla jazz fest if u in LA!

  • And Won

    I’ve been listening to Little Dragon since their first album. Hipster co-signs, a Big Boi collabo, and a Gorillaz song later they are finally catching on. Good.

  • thefuckbrah

    when the fuck did this blog start posting dubstep?

  • Satan, Satan, Satan

    I’d agree with the people saying that Drake sounds a lot like Big Sean on this. def jacking his flow again

  • the first couple of bars are sus…