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The Undergods (Canibus & Keith Murray) – The Guilty Will Pay f. Crooked I & Erick Sermon

blame it on JES7 May 21, 2011

This shit is despicably filthy. Break-necking music, it’s almost not fair for all you suckers MCs. In Gods We Trust out May 31st. Props to yk2. UPDATE: Apparently this was already released, however this is my first time hearing this and I’m sure there are others who have not heard it yet either. If you already heard it, then K.I.M.

DOWNLOAD: The Undergods – The Guilty Will Pay f. Crooked I & Erick Sermon
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  • A$tro

    no homo but whats good with niggas lips and canibus verse was nice niggas boutta start callin me gay for that tho smh

  • jeff van gundy

    Canibus should just fucking kill himself

  • Max Green

    Didn’t this leak a couple years ago?

  • BMS

    This is off a 2 year old EP….

  • And now it’s on an LP.

  • And Won


  • Anunikke

    At least not post a track of the EP that dropped in 09…

  • T

    That nigga’s lips!!! LMFAO!!!

  • Ali

    i got excited when i seen this thinkin PART 2 from the new album + Erick Sermon verse included, reading “despicably filthy. Break-necking music, it’s almost not fair for all you suckers MCs” got me even more hyped, then i click play n its Die Big Time from 09, what a dissapointment, 2dope smokin That White through half a straw tonight

  • Nuff

    uggh that can i bitch nigga again!

  • JTLien

    look like one of them old three6mafia album covers

  • damnnnnnn AMAZINGGG……that sample sound like Bob Marleys “I Shot the Sheriff” anyone know the official sample?

  • smh

    shits old as fuck


  • Kurupted

    Them 2 dope boys be smoking they own supply

    They trying to win like Charlie sheen but obviously failed

  • Slaugherhouse

    This track is dope, Eric Sermon on the beat! Canibus sounds Hungry and the audio quality is nice

  • Royce Da 5’9″


  • raycool

    nice track….haters kill urself

  • sean

    boring shits weak to me.

  • sean

    BUT Crooked I verse was nice though

  • BlaQ Gzus [Oak]

    Am I the only one who thinks Canibus is corny as fuck?

  • hip hop needs art

    whats up with hip-hop album art nowadays….. simply trash…..

  • heard this shit so long ago. i remember my first blog

  • created619

    yeah, old and it’s an ok track. idk how a 2dbz blogger can say “haven’t heard it yet” lol. but never mind, you’re one of the other 6dbz. you should have to text shake your posts before you publish them. not to mention i highly doubt a 2011 bis & crooked track would happen. remember that bis/dzk eminem diss?? and especially now that slaughter’s officially on shady. shady artists back up em more than his hype-man (shady artist also though lol). shit… as royce stated, “we liked you before the army, now we aint a fan of your shit”. sorry, didn’t mean to be a smart ass, but come on now, it’s not like this an underground rap blog, this shit’s like top 5! and in fact, the first time i heard this song was on 2dbz!! wow. lol. anyway…
    crooked > keith > bis

  • Donnie

    Just listened to the whole album, sounds like it was mixed by a 2 year old, they must have had a 200 dolla budget! lyrics are on point but it’s hard to enjoy such bad quality mixes

  • duh winning

    they added erick sermon whos always str8 but the original had bob marley sample, i guess they couldnt get the clearance so they used some lame random reggae singer

  • duh winning

    damn sermon didnt even spit tho, y even mention him

  • laja

    That E Sermon production sounds dated as hell.. damn. Shouts to Bis tho.