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Big K.R.I.T., Big Sant & STS In The Studio (Video)

blame it on Meka May 23, 2011

Directed by 3 Little Digs

During some down time, the three aspiring super-artists get together to shoot the breeze about the things that currently make their lives a little more complete each day. The fact K.R.I.T. has a furniture fetish is vintage.

  • Has anyone heard what ever happened to that “Live From The Underground” track?

  • SwishasNKush

    ^ nope bro don’t know OR what happened to “Yeah Dats Me”

  • Jonesy Stark

    Them joints need to drop, folk. Or maybe they’ll be on his official Def Jam debut.

    STS had me rollin’ on this though. Naga came out of leftfield with his answers. Sant a damn fool, folk.

  • lm

    co$$ drops lead single off beforeI awoke:


  • ghostofpimpc

    that niggas teeth is in jail.

  • Word up


    this song is on some real shit i hate this fake ass hiphop nowadays

  • tb


  • T

    Furniture dawwwwg lmao

  • its monday and you guys are just gonna kee posting a bunch of bull and make eeeeeeeeeeeeeveryone wait on kendrick…. sooo gay guys.

    and also where the hell is that boldy james tape?

  • dressers and gotdamn couches….