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Pac Div – Fallin’ (Video)

blame it on Shake May 23, 2011

Directed by Directed by Clement & Co.

Second official video off Pac Div’s Mania!.

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  • grapedrank


  • love me some pac div. that last girl >>>

    not the biggest fan of choosing to do a video for this song, but oh well.

  • danny_


  • trueff

    love this shit. kinda remind of some new-school Pharcyde type ish.

  • whomarkets

    Why not take me high or anti freeze?

  • Koffee

    if i was a girl i would let all them kats bang me in a heart beat ya dig

  • Dsizzle

    Aw shit

  • The Kid

    @whomarkets there is an anti-freeze video

  • TheBeardedDevil

    Fuck, Marry, Kill??

  • Dorian

    Likewise’s chick was the baddest.

  • Milhouse

    What’s good with the Kendrick Lamar update that was supposed to come today?

  • Astro

    this song is hard lmaooo be-young was feeining over that girl kissin her all crazy and shit lmaooo

  • @Milhouse, Shake said in another post that its not even that “big” of news, yet they still feel the need to hype shit up and then leave us all hangin.. thats some shit

  • Jedi Jordan

    hell ya that sounds like some pharcyde shit, that shit is doooooope, is swiff d on the production?

  • miketysonchandlerbing

    videos for take me high and anti-freeze been out forever and dudes are requesting that shit?

  • these guys are definitely great for hip hop. not to diss other groups, but i feel they take their craft more seriously which leads to them continuously releasing good music

  • Jimmy

    its funny, when i first heard these guys, it was on a mixtape and they were basically clowin on main stream hiphop, that sort of thing, but now they make the same generic bullshit they used to say they weren’t

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  • Derrty D

    B-Young had a bad biddy in this one

  • 1500orNOTHIN!!

    that beat was produced by Marz of 1500 or NOTHIN!!

  • Fucking liars

    2dbz don’t fucking say something is coming Monday if it’s not

  • ^ you know they’re just butthurt everyone was talkin shit to them today so now they think they gonna get back at us by not tellin us anything today…. grown men on some 4th grade bullshit

  • Musikfiend

    1st chick>>>>>>>. Last chick was bad too though.

  • the sample makes the song

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  • dave

    Yeah this is deff inspired by some Pharcyde shit but still nonetheless dope video.never really liked the song until I seen this vid.

  • Sammy Swords

    Like’s chick was ill

  • JAyP

    Jimmy when did they ever diss mainstream?

  • steven

    i fuckin love this shit right here. the DIV is dope


  • jroc3rd

    likes girl was gorgeous, big mibbs girl was cute as a button, and b youngs bitch was a whore.