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Stalley – Chevys & Space Ships

blame it on JES7 May 23, 2011

The MMG card-carrying affiliate lets loose another freebie for Maybach Mondays. That beat is dumb hard. Here’s to hoping that Stalley don’t get jerked by MMG; inshallah.

DOWNLOAD: Stalley – Chevys & Space Ships
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  • poetic assasin

    Just let the man do what he does best — this shit is soo gritty- fa real, just give him the push and let him rap –

  • Dead link

  • LyricEater

    inshallah indeed.

  • Anthony S

    Stalley’s getting better (flow wise). Shows lots of potential. Shouts to Ross for not just signing cats to lock em up contractually in case they blow ,and doing nothing to help there careers (ala Jay-z’s bitch ass), but giving them there own (chance to) shine!

  • The Count

    uses same Stevie Wonder sample (“Rocket Love”) that Terrace Martin used in “Thirsty.” still can’t knock the beat, well done. Stalley’s doing it.

  • T

    @The Count: He also used a reggae song sample. “People are you reaaaaady?”


    216/330/440 in this bitch

  • marty mcfly

    This dude raps over the same beat every time , his mixtape sounded like the same beat just rearranged on every song.

  • realtalkmusic

    ^^Haha, u ain’t lyin.


    keep on droppin nice shit Stalley, you had my vote since Address..

    PS, that MMG soundbite goes well with Stalley’s style.

  • illicitly ill

    @The Count I was gonna say the same shit, that song goes hard. This one does too though, really just hoping Stalley doesn’t get corrupted by Ricky’s whack ass.

  • Stalley is the best up and coming artist in the game hands down. I’m looking forward to seeing him a second time at fountain square in Cincinnati this summer! Hope Rashad is there too!

  • stalley on mmg??? ehhh

  • and stalley aint really all that but ross is being smart getting all the up n coming rap artists from different areas with different fan bases

  • Shy

    Ppl sleeping on the kid Stall

  • flyguy818

    as much as i hate to say it (cuz i cant stand rick ross) he did a fuggin great job gettin cats on MMG, stalley, wale and meek r some sick rappers. JETSxMMG and get high

  • srtapped_doobie

    hope rick ross doesn’t f up stalleys aspiring career. makin moves and is sick on the mic…and this is out here in the uk


    Stalley is the first OHIO hip-hop artist that’s pure. Fuck a cudi, fuck bone thugs, fuck ray cash, fuck mgk, fuck these lames. Except hi-tek, Stalley is golden

  • skratch

    why are 2dopeboyz CONSTANTLY hating on Rick Ross and MMG?

  • A really nice smooth dope ride out joint from Stalley!

  • dave

    The smart thing ross did was get diff artist from diff areas and styles.but I think he did that so it wouldn’t tarnish his sound but just compliment each others.cuz if you had 4 artists frm miami on a track they be talkin bout the same sht all day.chevys,trappin and etc.but have people from diff hoods tlk bout they lifestyle makes it much more appealin.so gotta appauld rick ross for havin a good ear and lettin thm shine.

  • Maya

    surpised at this signing.