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Vintage: Cypress Hill – I Ain’t Going Out Like That (SNL Performance) (Video)

blame it on JES7 May 23, 2011

This is the performance that got them banned from ever appearing on SNL again, mainly due to DJ Muggs lighting up a spliff live on air and trashing the stage / breaking instruments. Kind of silly if you ask me, you know damn near the entire SNL cast were getting lit backstage – as a matter of fact, it’s public record. Bobo’s drum solos were crazy though.

  • t

    i bet wiz wouldnt have the balls to do it lol

  • Benny Blanco from Da Brix

    Long live the ’90s. Rage against the Machine got banned too for performing Bullet in ya Head even with the support of the cast members. Fuck SNL, they died with the ’90s too.

  • hahaha nice cypress hill classic

  • HAHAHA dont miss breal.tv weekdays at 4:20 PDT

  • Mr. West

    looks like they went out like that.

  • Tto

    ha, i remember this…got it recorded on some grainy vcr tape somewhere.

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  • Deter

    This whole album is ill. SNL was good in the 90’s, but this new cast isn’t bad…if they can make bitch-made Kanye whine on a track, they’re alright in my book.


    CYPRESS HILL >>>>>>

  • c

    real hip hop

  • deeznutz805

    lol @ B-Real’s reaction to dude reckin the drums….”are you fuckin serious?”

  • Damn!!! who is that white girl at the beginnning