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Lil Wayne – Young Money f. Gudda Gudda

blame it on Shake May 24, 2011

In typical Wayne fashion, a track hits the internet without a home.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Young Money f. Gudda Gudda | Alt
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  • I respect Wayne for working so hard. He’s gotta a bigger catalog then anyone, and a lot of his songs are dope. Always comes thru wit punchlines and dope beats.

  • Who likes spiders? What the fuck is he talking about? Spiderman maybe. What a strange way for Lil Wayne to yet again try to describe how he is the shit.

  • Kapn Cole

    wayne…is weird as shit..lol..but he go hard..Best Buy went Bankrupt so they working with Apple to give away these $1,000 giftcards for ANYTHING Apple at their store!! I use 2 emails & got 2..lol – http://ow.ly/51XCK

  • if i said it then its true

    lil wayne has no idea about running a label, if he wants to be anything like cash money was, he has to work on his artists. stop putting out your albums take a break and work with all your artists. but these peoploe love the limelight and all the attention.

  • Johnny Blaze

    Is he drinking orange juice out of a Smart Water bottle?

  • dave

    Yup that’s oj out of a smart water bottle.he must have liqour secretly mixed in it lol cuz if he make it obvious he drinkin or smokin back to the bing lol.but yeah as much as I hate this guys music I gotta respect the work ethic and that’s all.

  • Yup

    This sounds like the last 100 Lil Wayne songs I heard. Anybody remember how different Carter 2 was from everything else out there? And then Carter 3, even though I wasnt a huge fan, definitely went in a new direction as well (Lollypop, A Milli, Phone Home, etc). But the zone hes been in lately just seems to be recycling the same shit over and over. Disappointing.

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    This was actually some good Wayne. Clearly not as good as he used to be but I can’t complain about this.

  • Wayne murked this shit with that last verse. if u listen to both verses from he its shows u that hes the only rapper the will say and think of the shit he be sayin I also love these collabos with Gudda cause he always go ham when its just him and wayne rappin

  • Nitto

    I wonder if people actually listen before they thumbs down this shit, Wayne goes in on this


    ‘im in a cherry tone 6, with a cherry tone bitch, and she got very strong lips, she got baritone lips, so i tell her carry on bitch’ you cant deny that

  • IZM


    Why were u impressed by that? Those are the worst multi’s Ive ever seen- he rhymed “cherry tone” with “cherry tone”, and then “bitch”, “lips”, “lips”, and “bitch”; all in the span of a single sentence. Not to mention “baritone” is a male voice, so thats kind of an awkward claim to make in the first place. Naw dude, that shit was just weird, not good.

  • @IZM

    maybe baritone the instrument… lol

  • IZM

    ^doesnt have lips lol

  • IZM is a lyrics analyst! I like that yo, enough of these rappers stringing together a bunch of bull ish. Real heads are watching, and listening and will call you on your sheeit.


    Click the name

  • theBroKing

    this is off guddaville 3 shake, might want to add that in

  • Kalifornia Icon

    wack as nigga .

  • Simple as it was, the baritone part was to imply she blows…


    IZM doesn’t know what a pun is. He is also probably autistic.

  • Jumbo

    Id say the instrument “baritone” is more likely, but its still a horrible pun. Weak as hell, and it just highlights how much he’s fallen off.


    This sounds like its from 2008, he raps about syrup and his voice doesnt sound like a chipmunk

  • Kurbstomp

    honestly this shit is fire and i’m not even a big weezy fan

  • goharder
  • Ervin Mitchell

    lol ya’ll niggas are haters…this song is hard as fuck…wayne smashed…and if you dont like it why comment?????? HATERS….all this negativity aint necessary….i swear these so called “REAL” hip hop fans are some salty ass fags….get a life lame ass niggas

  • sleep da jet

    he sayin spiders eat shit cuz they eat flies and ppl like spiders so ppl like shit bt they like him too

  • zachary wilton

    man what the hell are you talking about ERVIN MITCHELL (2 above). this song anit “hard as fuck” and why comment. comment because you want people to know this song sucks and this site is about commenting. and negativity anit necessary, bull shit, THIS anit nagativity this is just trying to let people know that this song sucks. just to let you know this anit real hip hop and real hip hop sounds alot better than this and we anit “salty ass fags” you are and you calling us “lame ass niggas” well your wrong because real hip hop sounds betta so you’da lame ass nigga because you listen to fake ass shit soyou gata life.