Terrence Clayton - reLAx (Instrumental LP)

Terrence Clayton was the beatsmith behind your new favorite wifable rapper Raven Sorvino's "Danger." He's recently dropped his own project, an album of instrumentals, and had this message to say about it:

"reLAx is my first instrumental that is a reflection of my personal sound. The music stems from all of the influences I have had coming up in LA which lead me to develop my own sound. It was also created to give those who like to just listen and feel the music something to have for when they just want to chill and take a break from the fast pace life we live."

Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Terrence Clayton - reLAx (Instrumental LP) | BandCamp

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  • skillzdoperthanyours

    always love a good instru lp. hope this dude blows up.

  • Cali760

    Love listening to just Instrumental tracks. Keep them coming!

  • MEGANgood


  • yg
  • eag

    this dude has fire in his sounds i dont like comparing bu he has a dr dre sound in him imo

  • ad.

    Well, in my opinion, it sounds NOTHING like Dr. Dre, which is a great thing. I would rather these than a Dr. Dre instrumental. Dr. Dre, haha.

  • got on track 10
    if u want to listen


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