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Diddy – Looking For Love f. Usher (Video)

blame it on Meka May 25, 2011

The irony in this song title. These two wouldn’t even know what love is if Johnny Gill gyrated in their face with it.

[||] at that entire thought, idea and visual.

Anyways, IAMSWAG is still trying to push his Last Train To Paris project, and here’s another set of visuals from them.

  • Juice101

    you forgot to say no homo

  • MJD

    Grant Hill & Jared Dudley do not approve of this post

  • calvin brett

    the video is hot and the though its obvious that usher carried the song i dont think it rly matters. The point of the track/video is to convey certain vibe and i think the way the video was shot/even diddys contributions to the song definitely get that accross.

    That being said though the actual meening is shallow why should it be deep? Everybody except gays like bitches money

  • ihatehaters

    wow, talk about being a fucking hater lol. just becasue u dont like their style or music, doesnt mean they are monsters incapable of love. this is the perfect example of a no talent blogger, bitter cus he cant make it in the industry. the real irony is, after all the diddy bashing, as soon as he pushes a couple dollars in your face to hawk the very album u hated, u took it like a cheap hoe and promoted the hell out of it for him lol. so congrats, for having no integrity and helping to establish the very artists u hate on everyday lol.

  • Shake

    @ihatehaters You’re a whore. STFU. $$ over here ho!

  • ihatehaters

    a couple dollars for adspace isnt real money haha, u cant even buy the bar out with that. thats not even one bottle of ace of spades lol. holla at me when ur stock portfolio is looking right and you’re ready to play with the big boys outside. u can keep ur diddy money lol.

  • pettso

    diddy gets the best beats

  • emil

    Meka, will always be a hater. Such a bitch.

  • Diddy,……sigh

  • Realtalk

    Damn Meka step your hip hop knowledge up. Ain’t more damn Diddy. This is Swag ft Usher

  • jd

    He should have changed his name to OLDASSGUMP

  • Musikfiend

    Wonder how much Diddy (SWAG) paid Ross to write his verses??