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Erick Sermon – Ain’t Me f. Rick Ross

blame it on Shake May 25, 2011

Interesting collab, yet not their first.

DOWNLOAD: Erick Sermon – Ain’t Me f. Rick Ross | Alt
BONUS: Ballgreezy – Like You f. Rick Ross

  • first banks

    okay okay…

  • They’ve done a track before…back when Ross was Teflon Da Don

  • LAsupreme

    yo for real WTF nigga. This is a straight stab into my hip-hop heart. That’s like seein Rakim and Wiz Khalifa collab…damn. Please tell me the oldschool ain’t sellin out too. Money drivin’ these niggaz CRAZY.

  • b sb

    LAsupreme, i feel ya homie, shit is sad.

  • Erick Sermon – Ain’t Shhh To Discuss (ft. Teflon Da Don & Noah)


    Here you go.

  • Tecboy

    Why? What was the purpose? E-double, the Green Eye Bandit?… That U son?… GTFHOWTB! @LAsupreme on Point! Like Biggie would do a collab with this cat?.. Hey SWAG, SWAG? smFh

  • WHAT!

    Wow! Nothin but a bunch of Lil B dick-ridin, faggot ass haters on this post. I personally think this song is pretty nice, even though this is pre-Deeper Than Rap Rick Ross, but still dope. Even on the first track E-Dubb & Ross collaborated on, Rozay had bars. So stop the hate. WTF?!


    Ross, on his best day, got bars..sure you lil suburb hypebeast are blind to that fact, but the legends aren’t..thats why they fuck with him..Kool G Rap, Hov, Nas..obviously they see something you hater can’t. The Ross hate needs to stop..lets hate on the cats makin these corny ass hipster anthems..wiz khalifa odd future lil b ass niggas.

  • Coolin

    This has to be old…he’s shoutin out “Trilla” and his whole flow sounds like everything off that album.

  • *Yawn* this shit is Nyquil in audible form….

  • Anthony S

    Reall, half these assholes aint ever bought an EPMD album and didnt know shit about Jane til Ross mentioned it. Now they gonna criticize a dope song. Fuck off…Budden is right the worst thing about Hip Hop is the fans. Dont pay for shit..get damn near everything for free nowadays, and still complain…wow

  • elbresley

    yo..dumb ass backpack niccas…E Dub had tracks with Rawse way before anything…back then when you guys were trippin over El-P or whatever the funck. Plus Rawse >>>>>>>>> your favorite MC backpacking.


  • james r

    LAsupreme , b sb ,& Tecboy you are all wrong . the old school is not selling out . the old school see’s what you dumb ignorant ass herbs can’t see. that ross is dope & that you guys don’t know what dope music is the old school know better then you . your are just closeminded & ignorant . you guys are not old school anyways like me. i am bean living& listening to hip hop since 1982 unlike most of you closeminded ignorant ass hatting youngsters.SUPERSLIM64 is 100# right!

  • etrain

    damn, sample never gets old…everytime i hear that shit makes me wanna pick up a bass! and i dont even play that shit

  • Tecboy

    Hey yo @james, You internet thug hungh?; mark-ass buster! You know dam well that smack you talking behind your keyboard you ain’t got half the heart you typing that bs if we were in person! IGNORANCE when you call someone that bs when you dont know what the fuk u talking about! Old school? Since 82′? You still late! Nobody ever said they hate on Ross just hate the wack ass music he puts out. Production yea ok give or take, but what is rapping about? NO SUBSTANCE! Fake cop + Fake drug lord = PERPETRATE’n ASS WANNA BE MC! GTFOH

  • i love titties

    tecboy is a faggot….my dick is tickling his mom’s throat right now

  • if i said it then its true

    i love titties you just made your self look very stupid.

    read Tecboy post again