Theo Martins - I Can't Stop (Puffy Time)

Thursday's With Theo Episode 2: Taking Trips

Before making a trip to the Far East for his Asia tour, Theo drops this dubstep-inspired track.

DOWNLOAD: Theo Martins - I Can't Stop (Puffy Time) | BandCamp

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  • The Thumbs down was me. I dont like Theo Martins. At all. And this is probably the best song I've heard from him.

  • JJ

    Dude jacks a famous song from Flux Pavilion, adds some shitty bars and calls it "his" "dubstep inspired track." And he has an entire mixtape full of this bullshit. Really Theo?

  • Jamla

    That was pretty epic. Wow.

  • tamwiza

    JJ are you really serious? Everyone makes remixes, add verses etc to songs/beats that already out. Matter fact that's been going on since the start of hip-hop, rhyming over other people's records. You act like every rapper this side of 50 cent hasn't done the exact same thing.


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