Bad Meets Evil – I’m On Everything f. Mike Epps (prod. Mr. Porter)

blame it on Meka May 27, 2011

Nothing to say, really, outside of June 15th…

DOWNLOAD: Bad Meets Evil – I’m On Everything f. Mike Epps | Mediafire
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  • Firstfags

    first, FAGGOTS

  • Blue


  • Tyree

    Royce fell the fuck off… I won’t mention him.

  • Firstfags

    track is trash btw

  • LAsupreme

    ooooooooooohweee. This track is FIRE. Em and Royce lyrically murdered this. Fuck any nigga hatin’ on music like this. Like Jigga said ”Do you fools listen to music or just skim through it”. I think that line is appliable for any nigga hatin’ on this collabo.

  • Dave Chappelle

    Its aight.

  • WillieBeemen

    “You pushing the envelope while I’m shoving that whole post office further.”

    ‘Nuff Said
    SHADYRECORDS Lyrically >>>>>>>> everything else

  • Buck

    My anticipation for this project just dipped substantially. I don’t want to hear this bubble gum shit….

  • hmmmmm

    Wow whatya know cats actually rapping…well:p Death to the the fake. oh and big up tht Busta and LL joint

  • someguy

    i swear ive heard this song before before without eminem on it.

  • SwishasNKush

    This songs dumb, Eminem singing made me laugh so hard…CORNY lmao. I’m on surp. They ain’t on surp. They trying to jump on that wagon, gtfo you’re like a decade late! RIP DJ SCREW/PIMP C/BIG MELLO/BIG STEVE/FAT PAT/HAWK.

  • Earl

    Man this track is DOPE

    lol @ dude saying this bubble gum shit gtfoh

  • sdfds

    royce and em just being bad meets evil, all their is to it

    real fun song, porter with a really fun beat

    if you don’t like this, you’re just not a fan of these two, this is what I want.. some fun music.. they got their solo shit to be all babbler dabbler for ya’ll blowhard fags

  • Realtalk

    This shit was weak as fuck. Shit hook and beat. Em & Royce were whatever. Not terrible, not impressive.

  • Canuck

    This is really good. Nice beat, fun song. Really looking forward to this ep.

  • iDre

    starts off kinda shitty… but definitely dope towards the end

  • kellz

    the first verse from Royce had me like oh fuck this . but that last bit was pretty sick , flowin off each other

  • eminem

    ignore the trolls who wait till an eminem song comes out to surface and dislike it and talk shit. this is 200% dope

  • foolio

    yo this is fire, fuck a hater tho

  • Not Fair. Damn.

  • zipandadoublecup

    is this a play off I’m On One from Khaled? nah right idk ahh whatt hahah idk.. what the fuck am I saying shit. this song got me going bonkers. DOPE!

  • eadfaca

    who said shit beat.. get a gay dude to fuck his ass

  • real talk

    Wish the whole song was like how it ended, but pretty good nonetheless

  • Rio$

    when people write this is a “fun song” from a couple of artists who are lyrically psychotic(mostly eminem) and the title is the album is BAD MEETS EVIL then you know it’s not that good………….still waitin for this to drop tho

  • jwiii

    royce is a goofball. he just blubbering his lips and manages to be insulting towards most of the game while making it sound hot.

    me think it’s going over some of y’all heads

  • lvega

    this shit is fucking serious!!! These dudes went super in! lol

  • eminem

    you haters are RETARDED. these lines are out of this world:

    bitch it’s on again, yeah
    break that klonopin in half
    while i smoke some chronic in the cab
    with donovan mcnabb
    and i dye my hair back blonde again and laugh
    i’m the macaroni, you cheesy bitch
    i’m demonic with the kraft
    there’s a devil in my noodle, you?
    angel haired pasta,
    flows dreaded like some fucking tangle-haired rasta-
    farian, jamaican, relax man
    i’ll send a fucking axe at ya if you insist on a fucking accent

    really? really? this is a bad song? LISTEN TO THE FUCKING WORDS YOU MORONS

  • Realtalk

    and i dye my hair back blonde again and laugh
    i’m the macaroni, you cheesy bitch
    i’m demonic with the kraft
    there’s a devil in my noodle, you?
    angel haired pasta,

    LMAO if this is what gets you off. It’s not a bad song but it’s nothing worthwhile either.

  • Jest

    They’re not bandwagonning Syrup.. it’s a fucking Song Concept you moron.

    This song is beastly. Mr Porter is a force on the beat and Royce and Em kill it.


    Did this leak?


    This leak?

  • boston

    ONce again Mr porter SUCKKKKASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! WACK

  • akkk

    BEAT WAS WACK!!!!!!!!

  • Satans Psychologist

    Why is this availiable for free dl but you wanted to direct us to itunes when kendrik lamar hiii power drop? This that biased shit ya’ll be on…

  • real talk

    if you’re gonna listen to this on a friday morning and hate.. then i don’t wanna be with you on friday night

  • Letdidown

    I hope this is on the leftovers tape they do of their records (sigh) I just want sum real hip-hop that’s all i want. you know you guys can do it so why you holdin back hella Hard for?

  • the realest shit in rap

    wtf is this shit?!?!?! this is hot? this is dope? really? this reminds me of when em said that when he was “on everything” he would go and record songs like “ass like that” and dr. dre would shake his head like wtf is this.

    THIS is one of those moments. not only are they hella late (imean when LIL WAYNE isnt even on syrup anymore, i think that means is pretty much dead) but these niggaz is from DETROIT. syrup hasnt even reached up north if u ask me. so what is the point of the song? just to make sum dumbshit for the stans to go crazy over.

    sorry, we dont believe you, you need some more ppl.

  • Jizvel

    Mr. Porter ure on every dick.

  • thinking_cap

    And I’m one of the biggest Royce & Slaughterhouse fans but

    I’m embarrassed to even listen to that shit..


  • marty mcfly

    Are they serious with this bullshit? How old are these guys and they still making songs about being stupid? Two words for the Bad meets Evil project: Abort Mission

  • the realest shit in rap

    every eminem stan should feel real stupid right now.

  • Coroner

    This is a funny song you fucking haters!! I know your favorite rapper is boring and can’t make a joke, just rappin about drugs money and bitches in a boring monoton way!

    Just pay attention to the lyrics cuz their flow is fuckin ridiculous… ok you’re retarded go listen to Gucci, Soulja or Ross…

  • marty mcfly

    I know its a funny song and Id rather Em be funny cause I never took him serious anyway but does the song being funny automatically make it DOPE? NO

  • This song really is eh. The last verse going back & forth is dope, but I’m a little tired of Em either rapping fast or sounding mad on everything. This would have been the perfect BmE song about 10 years ago with their old styles.

  • Ya’ll gotta check out this dude on Return of Simba:

  • dolo

    isn’t em sober now?

  • jest

    If you’re taking the song literally.. smack yourself. I usually cringe when people say things like “you’re not getting it.. it’s going over your head” but in this case.. it definitely is.

    This EP is a comprisal of tracks that Em and Royce did just from hanging out in the studio. There’s no plot, theme, or organization to this project. It’s a bunch of one-off tracks combined into an EP. So every song on this shit is going to be a one-off concept track.

    This particular track is just about going nuts while being under the influence and both these dudes have more than enough experience being in an altered state to rock that concept. They’re not claiming to be on Syrup. The song isn’t about Syrup. It’s about being fucked up and the thoughts and ideas that come from that. Their execution of the track is on some cypher type shit. Just having fun with the concept and beat.

    Music is powerful but it doesn’t need to be taken that serious 100% of the time.

  • b green

    that was awful..

  • T’Challa

    Honestly this song is forgettable.. not terrible, but underwhelming. They need to give the “fast rapping” style a break, not on every track man..

  • Royce’s first verse was ass. the rest was alright

  • go ExtraHard

    you had me at “prod. Mr. Porter”…nuff said!!!!!!!

  • dro

    HA, ALf

  • ThaTruth

    Yah SO CAll Hip hop Fans make me laugh, yah cant never figure out what you want out of yah favorite rappers. I feel like alot of fans are spoiled right now and need to stop bitching about almost every damn song. I think this song is creative and Royce’s first verse wasn’t lyrical but that shouldn’t matter at all because he still paint a picture and he stayed in character.

  • JayFee

    This shit is hot. . . these dudes just went in and had some fun. If you’ve listened to Royce and Em through the years, you knew something like this was gonna surface. That hook is off the hook too btw. All ya hatas prolly sit down when ya pee.

  • EZ


    FINALLY! someone who get’s it!!

    Song is on point 7/10, gonna cop the EP

  • Rainman666

    Flows dreaded like some fucking tangled hair rastafarian, Jamaican, relax. Hadshot at wayne?

  • mazoomy

    Since when does everyone hate Mr. Porter? WTF? Is it the new “in” thing on 2Dopeboyz?

    Anyway the track is okay. I didn’t really like intro/chorus too much, but the back and forth was great.

  • freshsup702

    Song is ok… a Royce & Em album shouldn’t even have one OK song though

  • this track is throwed. you dudes are lame dissin this.

  • daiurs dar

    for some reason i feel like this is a lil wayne diss…

  • killa

    eminems not screaming at the top of his lungs? this is dope.

  • yeah

    This is dope. Em finally got some good beats after that wack Recovery shit.

  • JRobinson

    The EP is constructed of songs they made while hanging out, with no goal in mind. Seriously, do you think the #1 selling recording artist is going to put out a free mixtape? Because if this were anyone that isn’t Top 5 Sales. Smfh

  • The king

    Haha listen to the bullshit hating on this song. Idiots sayin it’s a bad song because they talk about syrup saying it’s been done and it’s old shit. Haha em haters have to come up with a diss better then that. Bet all the guys commenting go and buy this and still talk shit.

  • yeah

    Trust Marty Mcfag to come through with the Em hate. It’s pretty much a given on every Em post.

  • I said it earlier, I’ll say it again..every1 is gonna say this bangs because they love people, Eminem put out on good album, his first’s been way downhill after that..Don’t take everyone’s opinion as being a “hater”..not everyone in the world likes the same music.

  • the realest shit in rap comes from my voicebox

    if you seriously think this is a good song then just sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. your arguement is that theres no goal in mind. the same thing can be said for souja boy, gucci mane, waka and lil b. if thats the type of music you like then by all means go ahead(lmao, seriously?) but dont sit up here and argue that this dude(hes not a nigga) is better than jay-z or even top 5. the name of the game is consistancy. em is as consistant as the stock market and carlos boozer. personally, only song i found goat-status was Stan, but thats just me. but the whiteboy from detroit is NO WHERE NEAR the top 5 or 10. deuces.

  • UK Man

    Sorry, but I hate Eminem’s voice with a passion. It’s so fucking irritating. His music’s garbage these days, though I’d only give him props for his first album. The rest’s been garbage.

  • the realest shit in rap comes from my voicebox, STFU with your ign’ant ass. I don’t believe you have even heard a hip-hop song in your life before.

    This beat and hook are sofa king iLL. lol

  • Jadakiss

    Wtf? Em has put out 3 classics (his first three albums), and the first D12 album is very good as well. Wtf is this bullshit about one good album? That’s some of funniest shit I’ve ever heard. He might have fallen off since then, but you can’t deny the greatness of the first three albums.

  • marty mcfly

    EMINEM IS TRASH PERIOD . I HAVE SPOKEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MikeDao

    I wish Em would’ve just stayed with the Relapse flow. That shit was fucking AWESOME.

  • Pauly Dee

    If you look at the “thumb ratio”, more people like this song than hate it. Sooo…yeah.

  • GEE

    All I gotta say is DAMN

  • poebro

    I feel like every time Em puts something out, people complain about it and how they’re tired of him sounding like that…It makes no sense, he keeps changing his flow for his fans, and yet they keep bitching about it. Well W/e, Everything but the first verse was dope, and I understand the concept of this song, and why it came out when the “Hangover: Part 2” did.

  • robert
  • ans

    ^cosign the realest shit in rap

  • stevie is gay

    how can the same person say that everyone has their own styles, likes, dislikes, and preference when it comes to music, but in the same post say that eminem doesn’t fall anywhere near the top 10 rappers. that makes no sense. maybe he’s not in your top 10, but in a lot of others, he is. if you haven’t liked his music since the 90s, don’t listen to it, and certainly don’t comment on it. because his fans don’t care

  • JJmoney44

    “All these little young kids aint got no direction
    Shit, these lil kids is on everything
    Syrup. Painkillers. Cigarette. Weed. Hennessy. Vodka. hahaha ha”
    -This is how the rap starts..first two verses are em and royce rippin on the rap styles of people like lil wayne. Waynes always fucked up and he’s got his shit raps to show for it. Bad meets Evil imitates that shit for first part of song, then after royce says “classic”, they spit hard, and thats what the albums gonna be like. Sober clear thinking shit. Shady’s back but don’t expect him to be rappin about drugs anymore. If you think eminem is on anything right now your crazy. Dudes in the studio all day. Can’t wait til it drops.

  • the realest shit in rap.

    the point is to be made bcuz hes garbage. and if sum dumbass eminem stan says that hes the greatest, best believe ima hop in and speak the truth. OBIVIOUSLY thats why 2dope put up a “like” and “dislike” button. not to mention thats what makes the c-section so popular is these debates. but just like in every debate or battle there is a winner and a loser. and if you find this song to be good then your a loser. its not that complicated.

    and i’ll say it again, em is no where near jay-z. period. when you make songs like “ass like that” and this shit “on everything”. you you stock drops. what does em even talk about? killing his girlfriend and mother? overdosing on drugs? his lyrical content gets a C- at best. and when it comes to actual lyrics, im sorry. “snoop dogg with a boob job” and “smoking chronic in a cab with donovan mcnabb” is NOT goat-status. these are facts *peter griffin serious voice

  • Tay

    Dudes is crazy, I’ll admit I didn’t feel Royce first verse but by halfway point in was diggin it. The back & forth was crazy and the hook is just ok. Im just hoping the rest on the album is MURDER but this was a nice fun track. Plus I actually even heard first right after seeing the Hangover 2.
    O and to the people saying Em had one great album (his 1st one) is retarded. Now if you would have said Marshall Mathers LP then I wouldn’t pay no mind but come on, we all are privileged to have an opinion but I think some people abuse that privilege.

  • Jest

    @The realest shit in rap

    You couldn’t be more wrong. First of all, most debates NEVER have a winner because people don’t move from their positions. One can only say whether one particular argument was made in a more efficient manner.

    And I have no idea why you’re bringing Jay into this because Jay’s been rapping about the same content that he HASN’T been living for years. He’s scared to grow and change as an artist. While he may be good at what he’s doing, I can’t say he’s the GOAT when he’s stagnant.

    You point out Ass Like that and I’m On Everything as if they’re bad songs but the lyricism displayed in those songs is still better than most of Jay’s catalog. The content is what you disapprove of and that’s because your personal taste places more value on “serious” topics. Sometimes mother fuckers want to clown around and NOT be so serious all the time and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Fact is, if Em and Jay did another collab TODAY, Em would STILL shit all over Jay’s verses.

  • ismail abu-bekr

    bangin track!

  • The king

    Marty mcfly and realest voice are fuckin jokes. Comment on every em post on here and bitch about how awful he is but still manage to listen to every song that comes out by him. Closet stand, worse than closet fags although they are that too. Keep jay out of this, he’s embarassed to have you two as fans. Go hate some more on shit you know nothing about. Bitch made both of you.

  • marty mcfly

    Lmao at how mad I got you bitches. After Ems first album he destroyed his own flow because the people that helped him write his first album moved on. All his other albums sold cause of Dre beats and features and that fact that people were hoping to get the first album back. @ Jest you saying Jay talking about the life he doesnt live anymore , What songs are you talking about cause all his shit sounds up to date to me. Em still got skills but from a musical stand point he sounds like hes trying so hard to be dope while his first album sounds like effortless genius.

  • marty mcfly

    Quick story just cause I feel like it , I actually met Em before back in 99. I was working at a record store in San jose California called Star Records and Em came to meet some fans and talk about the album and this lady started saying how his mouth was so filthy so he said he would work on it. As she was walking away he mooned her. It was funny as fuck but anyway , it was people that helped Em structure his first album so thats one reason why it sounded so crazy but after that he changed it and I just lost interest.

  • The king

    Idiot he worked with mark and Jeff bass on his second album too, nobody wants to read about your shit story. Everybody already knows you fiend for a new em song to come out. I’m sure you’re gonna cry on the next post too. If you don’t like the new shit listen to his old shit and quit your bitching, nobody cares what you have to say Marty.

  • marty mcfly

    HA you still mad? At the end of the day it doesnt matter if I dont like Ems new shit cause everybody got their own taste in music. Whatever people like about Em , hes good at it and I realize that. Its people who tell me that Jay cant flow and all his albums are about selling drugs which sounds ridiculous to me. So if you like Em thats fine with me just dont be acting like hes the greatest when he makes shit like this though.

  • tito

    Damn i thought this was gonna be some new ACTION BRONSON!

  • ?uest love

    @marty whatever shut the fuck up! everytime i go to read comments i see yo hatin’ ass hold this cock and no im not mad cause i t whatever at the end of the day

  • ?uest love

    and why you liein’ lmao you never emt em and i live in l.a i think he would of came to los angeles before wack as san jose haha you a clown

  • marty mcfly

    Action Bronson last song Time for some action > Bad Meets Evil

  • ohhhshyt

    HUGE LOL @ at all those who said this track suck! go back listen to drake and lil wayne, yall just dont know who are royce da 5’9 and eminem!

  • I played this at the club last night. It was big hit! People where laughing and sing the hook all night. Its just a fun record. Thats good nowadays with all the Lil Wayne, Rick Ross crap out there talk money. hoes and jewlery. Thumbs up for me!

  • benny lava

    damn lots of faggot ass drake and lil wayne fans on 2dopeboyz.

  • the truest

    This track is tuff as hell… Both first verses were ehhhh ems was better betta of course but after that they both went in on the track.. Its a good song with a beat that bangs when driving down the street. Its a good summer track cuz ima be on “syrup, painkillers, ciggarettes, weed, henny and vodka on Summer

  • Allroms

    full album:
    Its real look at shared by Allroms

  • SxPcK

    Thanks for the link..the EP is solid!


    wtf im checking that link out i dont believe this

  • TOrrent911

    [06.04] Bad Meets Evil: Hell The Sequel ( 1 2 3)
    just hit rrt forums this mite be def real !

  • LupeFaco

    my god this is amazing abum
    1st track jus killed my speakers!!!

  • lilkandy

    First track (Welcome 2 Hell) is my shit so far both EM & ROYCE OBLITERATE IT!

  • dddddsssssd
    1st track heres it on hulkshare to prove tis real
    i converted the m4a to mp3 on google
    type in
    online media convert

  • rUANHOLL44

    Eminem – Above the law

  • kalledemos

    lol @ some of yall, the title cover should indicate that this isn’t serious. smh it quite pitifull yall lack of media knowledge; the cover is a play on hangover part 2, can’t see how anyone hasn’t said that yet