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Kev – Tattoo (Video)

blame it on Shake May 27, 2011

While I never met the man personally, I’m well aware of the impact he had on the folks that loved him. Rest in Peace Adam Stokes.

  • WOW!!!

    hahhaahaah its disgusting and pathetic how obvious it is by now that shake gives head to this kev guy on a regular basis…wtf….dude is NOT an EMCEE and NOT DOPE….he has no business being posted on this blog EVER and deep down inside SHAKE knows that yet he continues to post this disgrace to hip hops bullshit tracks cuz they suck each other off in reality…DISGUST

  • this site is sleeping on tons of shit, and is turning into a pop rap blog… it’s a damn shame…

    they stumbled on that new t3 video.. that was a surprise

    guess i should start my own blog or something

  • jake101

    @Wow Uhhh someone died…Hope you don’t make a song after your mom dies b/c I can only imagine what people would have to say about shake after that smh

  • hal a. tosis

    this shit is dope. super deep and meaningful. real rap. RIP Stokes

  • hiphophead1

    Damn… some harsh words! I for one don’t know shake OR kev, but enjoy this blog, and enjoyed the video. That dude was puttin a lot out there, which is hard to do. RESPECT